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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Kounday is something like Niaz (if you know what it is). I don't know how to describe it in english. I was curious because it is something Islamic and we can't even perform ablution.
  2. Salam! As it is 22 Rajab tonight, can women make or eat Kounday during menstruation?
  3. Not neccessarily. Women can lead just like men. Being Iman and Prophet is something else. It was more easy for men in Arab culture to spread Islam. As women were more conserve there. But in everyday life where women can't lead?! Workplace, homes, schools or Government?!
  4. According to me, men express their love less often then women. And men are more rigid in their opinion then women. But ofcourse it can vary from person to person. I think men and women or maybe third gender all have same traits. Its all about stereotypes.
  5. lol. I don't know why I find this funny and stupid. You don't even know anything about anything. You are just here feeding your own thoughts thinking that you are spreading Islam. Go live in your own world. And please come up with some logic. You didn't even have any answer for my question so you decided you write this. You were totally irrelevant. And yeah yeah leave please.
  6. AOA brother! Hope you will be doing well. First of all .. my question was never about Western music. I was never specific about genre. I don't why you are repeating that. And if I was ever specific about then it was about K-pop. Korea is not in West. Right?! When 2 scholars have different opinions about something after reading the same past, that is where my doubt starts from. If someone is saying that lyrics should be considered by reading them. And other is saying everything related to music is haram, and ofcourse first one is not that less knowlegeble, then how can I believe one. Music is involved every where in our life. Our national anthem have a specific beat, rhythem and instrumental sounds behind. Military songs are same exact as anyother song out there. (Isn't it the case about lyrics here). Aren't children taught ABC letters with the help of music. Many people learn periodic table with the help of music. Then if a song is promoting self love, then how could it be haram. Right now my favorite song is about children wasting their parents money to show off and breaking their parents spine. How can this be haram?!
  7. I am a Muslim girl. Who lives in a Muslim country. Can I serve my country as a fighter pilot?!
  8. Why is it so? Biologically?
  9. Assalam-o-Alaikum! In everyday life we narrate and follow many hadiths which are taken from Siha-e-Sitta (or Sunni's accurate books of hadiths). While we say that they are self made and false. Why is it so?
  10. The singers I am talking about are not involved. Seungri and others are not that famous right now. Infact Seungri's bandmates are out for military enlistment so they are not even making any music at this time. (Btw .... They already had that badboy image before too) He was never that 2yr kinda innocent. Just like all Muslims are not terrorists.... (And who are, are not Muslims) Btw .... This thread was related to music not singers.
  11. My parents follow Ayatollah Sistani. So as do I.
  12. If we follow one, do we have to follow them in every single aspect?! Or can we follow one regarding one issue and others regarding other issues? I really don't know anything about it.
  13. Assalam-o-Alaikum! There is the confusion. I don't know who to follow. I actually want to research on Ayatollahs.
  14. Assalam-o-Alaikum brother! I definitely didn't posted on this forum to promote them as this is a religious site and it would not look appropriate. But when people judge someone I really lose my temper. Especially when people judged me here on my previous comments. And judged some unknown people, to them, as weird and feminine. In the end I didn't get a satisfactory answer here. There is a lot of confusion. I would look for it somewhere else. Have a nice day. Thanks everyone. I really really appreciate it.
  15. Salam. Can I assume that it is mushtahab?! Not Farz neither prohibited.
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