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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks for taking time for this question. But sorrry I didn't asked it before, it just came into my mind that can I wear any stone like Topaz, Alexandrite, Emerald and Sapphire etc.? I would appreciate your reply. Jazak Allah!
  2. Salam! Thanks for your reply. But I have heard that wearing stones not based on your birth month can have negative effects on you while wearing the right one can bring you some blessings (?) My mom also kinda believes in that. But one thing 'bout this western philosophy that confuses me is that Diamond is also a birth stone (April, maybe). But then why they uses it to propose etc. Every single girl there wears diamond ring (who are taken). Idk, why I wrote above thing, anyways.. are you sure they will not have any negative effects on me if I wear one? Cas my mom doesn't let me wear one as she says these are kinda crucial years of my life so I shouldn't take a risk. Jazak Allah!
  3. Salam! Can anyone wear Ruby/Turquoise (Aqeeq/Feroza) rings regardless of their "birth month" or is it the opposite? Jazak Allah.
  4. Jazak Allah for your answer. But for me it is difficult to fall asleep immediately. It can take me upto 2-3 hr to sleep or more if I'm not tired. (Dunno the reason, maybe it's common)
  5. Salam! Can we pray Namaz e hajat more than once for the same purpose? And how often should we perform it to be effective? Daily? After some days? Or just once is enough? And do we need permission for it like some wazifas? Jazak Allah
  6. Can someone please explain me the method of Namaz-e-Hajat? Jazak Allah
  7. Salam! I'm a student. For me it is easier to study at night and after sehri. I usually sleep around 10-11. It is difficult for me to pray Zuhr Asr. So can I pray there qaza daily after iftar, untill ramadhan ends? Jazak Allah
  8. Salam! Can someone give me any wazifa for my desire? I actually want to get admission in some college but alot of hurdles are getting my way. My exams got cancel due to covid, this will decrease my aggregate and merit is soo high. My heart isn't at rest due to it. Jazak Allah
  9. Thanks for your reply. Actually there are blood spots on mattress so.. I assume that they will not go after pouring water as well. So can I just leave them as they are dried and aren't making my clothes najis?
  10. BTS


    Thanks for your reply. But does that ruling applies same on "cats" too. Can I adopt them? I really like pets soo..
  11. Salam. Can we adopt a dog as a pet, inside our home? Not for protection cause or somethin' but if we keep it away from prayer area, would it be allowed?
  12. Salam. I know that menstrual blood is najis. But I've got blood on my mattress due to leakage. Now of course I can't wash my mattress. What should I do? I've changed the sheets and blood is dried so najasat isn't spreading. So should I leave it just like that or what should I do? I don't know if the question makes sense but I can't explain it any better. Sorry.
  13. Kounday is something like Niaz (if you know what it is). I don't know how to describe it in english. I was curious because it is something Islamic and we can't even perform ablution.
  14. Salam! As it is 22 Rajab tonight, can women make or eat Kounday during menstruation?
  15. Not neccessarily. Women can lead just like men. Being Iman and Prophet is something else. It was more easy for men in Arab culture to spread Islam. As women were more conserve there. But in everyday life where women can't lead?! Workplace, homes, schools or Government?!
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