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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. https://muslimdonorsuk.wixsite.com/moduk
  2. https://www.almahdi.edu/organ-donation-and-Islam/
  3. British Muslims and Organ Donation Awareness of the Shia Imam Hussain blood campaign
  4. Good point! as there are pockets of Asian communities scattered around the United Kingdom.
  5. Depending on the organ, many factors are considered: * Blood type * Body size (height, weight) * With kidneys, a genetic match to avoid risk of rejection (this is where an ethnic group needs to work together, Blacks, Asians etc, as it's very difficult to get a match from another ethnicity) * The severity of the patient's medical condition * The distance between the donor's hospital and the patient's hospital * The patient's waiting time * Whether the patient is available
  6. https://www.facebook.com/DunyaNewsUK/videos/371274473471208/
  7. Thank you very much, much appreciated جزاك الله خيرا
  8. "Around the world, organ transplantation has been conducted successfully for over 60 years. In Iran, good progress in organ transplantation has been made in recent decades, including organ transplantation from a living or cadaveric source and the presence of transplant centers." Kiani, M., Abbasi, M., Ahmadi, M. & Salehi, B. (2018). Organ Transplantation in Iran; Current State and Challenges with a View on Ethical Consideration. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 7(3). doi: 10.3390/jcm7030045
  9. Dear brothers and sisters, I am looking into the NHS, Muslims and Organ Donation as a doctoral research. Please feel free to discuss your views and get your families and friends engaged. Let's make a change.
  10. According to the late Ayatullah al-Khu’I, donating some of the organs (whether minor or major) after the death is permissible provided you have expressed your intention clearly in your will. Ayatullah Nasir Makarim also holds the same opinion. Ayatullah Khamenei allows this provided the body does not look like a mutilated body — so donating internal organs would be permissible but cutting off the external organs would amount to mutilation of the corpse which is not permissible. However, Ayatullahs Sistani and Jawad Tabrizi do not recognize the validity of such a will at all; and, therefore, donating an organ after death is not permissible in their views. Source: https://www.al-Islam.org/articles/Islamic-views-organ-donation-transplantation-Sayyid-Muhammad-Rizvi I am interested in speaking to the Shia community; if there are any patients, families of patients, families of donors, if anyone is on the register for donation, healthcare professionals, Imams, scholars ... I would be very interested in discussing your views on this issue.
  11. Assalamu Alaikum everyone, I am interested in the views of the Muslim communities in the United Kingdom towards organ donation, please feel free to discuss.
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