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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. When my mom used to say "yai kapray chotey ho gai ap ko". I actually thought that the clothes decreased in size. Instead of believing that it was actually me who got bigger I thought the clothes got smaller and I believed this till I was 10.
  2. The vedio is full of manipulation and lies and I am positive he did not mean to say what is being attributed to him, but I do think he should have been more careful with his words. From what I have seen Pakistanis are prone to ghuluw, so much so that it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate Imami beliefs and ghuluw. People believe what those on the pulpit tell them to believe. So it's their responsibility to teach only what is found in the authentic teachings of the Prophet and Imams.
  3. Can you please guide me a little on how to do that?
  4. Does someone know where I can find a hard copy of the English translation of Quran by Ali Quli Qarai in Pakistan?
  5. Do you want to date or marry this man? Also, if you are not that emotionally involved with this man I think it would be better to let him go and look for Shia spouse.
  6. السلام عليكم In dhur and asar prayers I have to recite the Qir'at like a whisper? But mostly I can't hear my own voice. Can I instead recite the Surahs in a low voice instead of a whisper? I sent this question to the office of Ayatollah Sistani and this is the reply I received : "You should recite it clearly and articulately. Do not raise your voice; otherwise your prayers get void" I don't get it. Should I keep on reciting in a voice which I can't hear to or should I raise it just enough for me to hear. What is more important i) hearing your own voice ii) reciting in a low whisper For dhur and asr prayers?
  7. I completely agree with the statements that non-genetic factors play a crucial role in this situation. If people for these apparently "low IQ" areas are provided with the same quality of education and the same environment as the "high IQ countries" I think the results of these studies would be very different.
  8. There's a group within the Shia's which calls out on prophet's and imam's. Such groups are also found among the sunni's. Do you accuse them of shirk? And please stop with the grave worship nonsense. No one worships graves. We pray to Allah and ask the intercession of His dear ones. Also, visiting graves is recommend in Islam
  9. There's a line in Urdu that says اپنے مذہب کو چھوڑو نہیں اور دوسرے کے مذہب کو چھیڑو نہیں Which basically means that everyone keeps their beliefs and practices to themselves and other's beliefs and practices are none of their business And I think that is the only way for muslims to co-exist peacefully.
  10. Partition was definitely for the benefit of Muslims but it couldn't be achieved the way it was supposed to be. Many Muslim majority states couldn't join Pakistan. Kashmir issue still remains unresolved. There was no land link between east and west pakistan. Also Pakistan did not end up becoming what it's Founders and the muslims who made sacrifices for it had envisioned.
  11. The Sunni practices of praising Abu Sufyan(la) and Muawiya(la) and calling them "radiAllah" are quite problematic. Not only do they praise and revere them they are ready to declare someone who rightfully curses them a kafir. So as long as Sunnis do not correct these awfully misguided practices unity can't be achieved
  12. Ismailis don't really have a concept of mehram/ namehram. And covering up is not necessary for their women. So this is not a sin according to them.
  13. There is a difference. There is nothing(in my knowledge) that suggests Al-Jamia was revealed. It could be a book of one of the Imams (عليه السلام) or the Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)). It could be a collection of prophetic narrations. Or seeing as Imams were inheritors of the knowledge of all Prophets, it could be a compilation of their books maybe
  14. Wa'alikum Assalam Brother the thing is Jibrael (عليه السلام) informed about those events to the Prophet((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)), who was a recipient of divine revelation. I know this matter might not be of great importance but it is a bit unsettling for me especially because it is in one of our most authentic narrations.
  15. I am only talking about this part of the hadith. Only the Mushaf of Fatima (sa).
  16. I am talking about 3. Even if the Mushaf is not about Shari'a, it still sounds like a revealed book to me.
  17. As-salāmu ʿalaykum I came across this hadith about Mushaf Fatima(sa) https://thaqalayn.net/hadith/1/4/40/5 And I am a little confused about it. Doesn’t this make it a revealed book?
  18. According to Iman Khan reciting Ziyarat e Ashura ''ignited flames of sectarianism''. But the chant of ''shia kafir'' in a rally consisting of thousands did not do that
  19. I am not very knowledgeable in hadith. But Hadith Manzila and Hadith Ghadir especially sound pretty explicit to me
  20. Is there any islamic basis for blasphemy laws such as those in pakistan?
  21. Salam Are any hadith books (shia) that are graded or contain reliable narrations only available in english?
  22. Allahuma sale Ala Muhammadw wale Muhammad Wa ajjil farajahum Wa ahlik aduwahum min al jinni wal ins Rabana la tuzigh kaloobana baada iz hadaye tana wa hab lana min la dunka rahma innaka antal Wahhab
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