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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you very much for the recommendation! I downloaded it and a few pages in I already felt like I'm going to like this book very much. @layla313 , I felt the exact same way as you with the questions the book begins with. And kept staring at the poem it starts with by Sheikh Bahai, a simple and powerful phrasing of the meaning of my existence and why I should read this book. What part are you up to now? I'm into the second chapter, and appreciate how complex questions (that can be answered in a book in-itself) are dealt with in a concise logical manner and how they are broken up into sub-sections and questions. Makes me more interested to keep reading, much needed for a person like me where my focus can easily be distracted (a) Recommend people to download it asap!
  2. Salam Aleykom! I'm currently trying to dwell into the Islamic poetry scene and I'm mesmerized by some compositions. Currently started briefly looking at poems from Rumi, Khomeini and Hafiz. If anybody knows of poets with similar likes please do share, or specific poems from the personalities mentioned. More than anything though, I'm currently looking for poems specific about Imam Ridha(عليه السلام). Just started navigating through poetry and find it hard to target specific topics. If anybody has poetry about any other Imam, also very much welcomed. Thank you in advance. Jazakom Allah kheir
  3. Salam Leyla313! I have been obsessed with this book ever since I found it! I am so happy you stumbled across this excellent piece of writing as well and would love to discuss it with you (and anyone else up for it.) I started reading it at 2 am with heavy eyelids expecting to barely get through the first chapter. But, just like you, I couldn’t put the book down, finished it in one go and had this massive energy boost afterwards. (The adrenaline was at such a high I could have probably cracked myself some hulk moves aswell lol) Lovely to read a bit of your thoughts on the book. I recognise the questions that it invoked in you, similar ones have been in a constant repeat in my mind as well. In relation to the aspect of love, I especially resonated with the way in which love to the Imam was expressed and how Alis love evolved throughout the course of the book. I think we often find ourselves transcending into spirtuality through outwardly/wordly means that have been taught to us. We forget to recognise the inward aspect of worship, one that is capable of attaining a love similair to the depth that the poems of the character Layla holds. Started thinking what has gone wrong in my actions/behaviour that has limited me to a love which is spoken of in whispers but never seen in loud actions. How different would my life be if I had a yearning type love for the Imam? How should one go about to practically attain such a sought for relation? I am also very interested to hear your thoughts on the whole phenomena of ”the nameless soldiers”, do you think anything similair exists, or that it should exist/in what way should exist? Thats just some of my rought draft reflections (have like a million more of them but lets start of somewhat ”lightly” for the sake of not making this post longer than the actual novel and for already having to apologise for its length lol)
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