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  1. Does anyone have the tafsir al mizan allameh tabatabei ont his verse?
  2. Which non messenger Prophets do we have brother
  3. He is telling me that verse is saying that there is no hijab after the prophet because the verse says that after the prophet people should not have any argument after the messengers so he is basically saying because the holy imams are after the prophet peace be upon him they are not hujjat because the holy Quran doesn’t mention the imams as being hujjat and that it only says the messengers, but my main argument is that well what about the 12 sons of bani Israel and 12 disciples baaically hujjat means proof hujjat Allah means proof of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) But when you explained it to me it’s true it’s not telling us that he misunderstood the verse (Sunni friend of mine) but at the same time his argument has to be answered
  4. SAHIH INTERNATIONAL [We sent] messengers as bringers of good tidings and warners so that mankind will have no argument against Allah after the messengers. And ever is Allah Exalted in Might and Wise. 4:165 Salam but the verse is saying so that we don’t have any argument (hujjat) against God after the prophet or ace he upon him and my Sunni friend keeps slamming this verse on my head. But at the same time we have the 12 disciples and 12 nations and the issue of wilayat, have any other verses to show this+hadiths Which sunnis also accept so that I win the argument.
  5. Salam The verse 4:165 is telling us there is no hujat against Allah after the prophet, but at the same time Jesus had 12 disciliples and the 12 nations and so on. But how do we explain this based on quraniq verses?
  6. A Sunni blocked me on Snapchat lol but do you know where I can find the Hadith, chain of narrator? Is there any special link? thankyou brother
  7. I agree, logical explanation historically thankyou brother!
  8. Salam I was wondering why did imam Ali (عليه السلام) send imam Hassan (عليه السلام) and imam Hussein (عليه السلام) to Omar’s war? Imam Hussein married the Persian princess I heard that she rejected abu bakr right away lol, and willingly choosed imam Hussein.
  9. My answer and question are a bit blurry at the beginning it was just a note I felt like writing to get it off my mind but basically I’m imitating what they say and then my response
  10. (Bismillah) This was actually just a list for me i just sorted like that So thats why I might have some things spelled incorrectly or skipped some words but you will understand what I’ve got to say. Lies of Sunni tv shows like kalameh, and facts Mahdi/imam zaman (عليه السلام) says in his letter no one can put a time for when he comes seyed aqil takes this as an argument that oooohhhh look no one knows when he is coming so that these clerics can do whatever they want but the truth is that aunnies also don’t know when he will come Imam mahdi (عليه السلام) when he comes nothing special will occur he is one of the mujahids. Nooooo he is wrong all sunnies agree that it will be end of Time that takes place, and it is something different compared to other mujtahids Imamate doesn’t exist and these clerics/akhondha use it to make money. Imamate is mentioned in the holy Quran also look at gharare Khums He lost a debate and couldn’t answer a shia brothers questions regarding imam zamans birth and he got the questions he answered several times answered Sunnies claim that ooohhh Iran would be very good with ahl sunna, well we all know very well that there is a reason that Iran became shia, also there are fatwas taking place where wahabis want to kill incident people and why is isis Sunni and not shia? It is mentioned in sahih Bulgaria that Omar or abu bakr caused hazard Fatima to become angry and she died mad at him Iran was putting it self in all countries territories, well in that case why did the invasion happen after the prophet peace be upon him passed away and why didn’t imam Ali attack other countries Why is imam Ali loved more than the other of the caliphs, the great poet/mystic rumi who has Sunni background (Sunni and Shi’a weren’t as different as today) mentions imam Ali (عليه السلام) a lot more than the other caliphs. 2 students who come have created their own Sunni school of thoughts have been the 6th imams (عليه السلام) students He didn’t give bayat for the 1st 6 months this is well known A Sunni on another channel said: one who doesn’t accept abu bakrs biyat is not Muslim and the shia told him to prove it from the Quran and he couldn’t. Yes there are things in politics which have been unsuccessful in Iran but Iran has been successful in one thing more than any other country like Saudi Arabia they don’t sell them selves to USA go and read about the us they are a dajjali/illumanati government. Examples: they are doing their imperialism in Iraq and Afghanistan (they don’t protect their home country (which they claim they do) all they do is get free oil and some soldiers have confessed that they kill innocent people. 13 Another claim the kalameh tv show did was that Iran created Isis this is far from true even someone who hates the regime, this is the work of the USA, just look at which companies they got their cars from... Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) can give ilm ghayb to any of his servants who he wants, the Quran has mentioned, this someone bring the verse please. But a scholar at the kalameh tv is saying imam hussain didn’t know he was going to be killed at Karbala (well isn’t there a Hadith were prophet was mourning for imam hussain as) the other scholar on this channel mentions fact that the prophet peace be upon him foretolled imam hussain martyrdom but he also said Abu bakr and the others (anyone has this Hadith?) Ayatollah Khomeini promised to bring free oil, water it never happened, but good things happened because of him read on... And I’m very mad at the stealing’s that are taking place in the Islamic republic of Iran and that people are committing suicide and the situations is as it is. But I have to say that if the shah would have ruled it would be no different from Las Vegas (the Satan usa would influence the great country of Iran but also the greatest religion Islam which is to be taslim to hagh. So channels who are trying to bring arguments that if ahl sunna would be ruling Iran it would be great we’ll actually Saudi Arabia is cc operating with America I also have to say Iran is Islamic after all but this regime must work to better the situation of its people I have seen things on the news which make me very sad As ayatollah sistani said he said that any bad news that I hear about my home country (Iran) breaks my heart. But to come and say (a Sunni/wasabi scholar said this) ayatollah Mutahari, or even dr Abdul Karim sorosush, dr ali shariati are the crap of shia ithni Ashari) is a very uneducated thing to say and shows lack of intellect. Abdulkarem soroush says imam khomeini was the most educated leader of Iran, well the shah didn’t have more than a weak diploma and his father was in the military so that’s true. Don’t just look at Islam today study the whole history and May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) guide us to the right path and make us closer to him. From a brother who with no ta”sub wants to get to the truth and expose some of the lies and misconceptions others have of Shias, or Muslims or anything in general. If you my brothers and sisters have anything to you want to add I would be very happy for you to do so. Wa Salam
  11. Salam thankyou for the answer brother do you have a link of the Hadith (in English)? I would be thankful so that I can read it and have it when debates come up. Yes I’m starting to realize that they are nasibi, most of the points they bring up are manipulative in the context they take it in, but it’s alaways good to make these posts to evolve and make things clear so that they can’t misguide people inshallah 51:30 in the video he starts talking about that imam Ali (عليه السلام) gave biyat to Uthman), why would imam Ali (عليه السلام) do such a thing? He says that imam Ali said that the people are with uthman and I’m also with uthman, even though he didn’t want the Muslim ummah to split up why did he do this?
  12. Salam brother I pasted in the video here in the chat at 49:33 you can see the hadiths
  13. Salam I can’t upload it the image can’t be uploaded but I asked my friend where he got the hadiths from he sent me this video: at 49:33 you can see the hadiths thankyou
  14. I wasn’t able to paste in here so I wrote 209/8 الکافي في الفروع کما أورد الکیني that is what I saw on the pictures (of the Hadith) he basically screenshoted a Hadith. what does these words mean and the 209/8 is it a page or what is it ao that I can find the right page and paste it in here anyways this Hadith is about imam jafar (عليه السلام) prasing uthman
  15. Salam a friend is sent me these pictures ( I can’t paste it in here) but there is a number of 209/8 al Kafi I think it is but it says: (الکافي في الفروع 209/8) the other picture says (on the top right corner before the actual text where imam had far is praising uthman or I think it was Omar) کما أورد الکیني 1. How authentic is this Hadith and how do we know, someone who is good at checking Hadith authenticity here? 2. Why has he praised Omar/ or uthman? 3. Are there any hadiths where the imam is mad at the 3 first caliphs? please bring Sanad thank you
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