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  1. Especially when it comes to marriage, where it is not uncommon to hear a religious man with a good job being refused just because he is a revert (or just because he is not arab, khoja, pakistani, etc)
  2. You're not forced to believe in that, just as you're not forced to go to a doctor when you're sick, or you're not forced to go to a math teacher to learn math, or you're not forced to go get a job and earn a living. Ayt. Behjat did not say what he said out of thin air. He made his comments from decades of studying the Qur'an and the Ahlulbayt (عليه السلام). If you don't want to follow those who have knowledge, fine, no one is forcing you. I thought it was prohibited to insult the respected figures of Sunnis on this site. Should someone be informing the admins? We can judge someone by who his friends and enemies are. Those who are based in London, befriending the kuffar and constantly attacking the muslims seem more befitting for the title MI6/Mossad. "Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah ; and those with him are hard against the disbelievers, merciful among themselves ..." (Surah Fath: verse 29)
  3. Do you have a youtube account? You need to have a youtube account that allows you to watch content without age restrictions
  4. Well there you have it... the root cause of this issue and many others. It is not an sustainable method for us to rely only on maulanas for our knowledge. We should at least read 10 pages each day at a minimum and besides this also read the Qur'an. It doesn't have to be in Arabic, we can read its translation. If we do this many of these arguments and doubts will clear up. Saying "people don't read" is not a valid excuse to create Fitnah. If they don't read, we must encourage and teach everyone to read their Shia Islamic books and seek knowledge. Only in this way we'll be able to progress as a community and improve our conditions.
  5. How sad the state of our Ummah that such statements have become normal. I'm saddened to think about the state of the next generation when they will remember our failures, disunity and lack of effort to secure them an Islamic and prosperous future. Being muslim is more than who you support politically? If you read about the history of RasoolAllah (S) and the Imams (عليه السلام) you'll realise that this claim is false. For example, it would have been impossible to be a muslim but side politically with Abu Sufyan when he was waging war against the Holy Prophet (S). Another example, it would have been impossible to be a muslim but side politically with Muawiyah when he was waging war against Imam Ali (عليه السلام). Another example, it would have been impossible to be a muslim but side politically with Harun Rashid when he was imprisoning Imam Musa Al-Kadhim (عليه السلام). I can give many more examples but there is no point in doing so. You should read books of Islamic history to comprehend that Islam is intertwined with politics, has always been so and will always be so.
  6. I'm not Iranian. And many people disturbed by this movie are not Iranian, this is not a cultural issue, rather it is a religious and legislative issue. I understand the logic behind this claim, and if the events that happened to Lady Fatimah (SA) were about to be lost or forgotten I would completely agree with the approach of preserving it by all means. The knowledge of the events that happened to our mother Lady Fatimah (SA) are not being endangered or lost, they are written in great detail in our reliable books and available for anyone (Sunni or Shia) to read at their convenience. And example of such a book is 'House of Sorrows' available on al-islam: https://www.al-islam.org/house-sorrows-life-sayyidah-fatimah-al-zahra-and-her-grief-shaykh-abbas-qummi If you look at the issue closely you will notice that most people championing for this movie have hardly ever picked up a book about Lady Zahra (SA) or made any effort to learn more about her. They are simply using her blessed name to justify and legitimize their deviated cause.
  7. Yes but it doesn't matter if they know or don't know. Our duty is not to please any other sect. Our duty is simply to not talk about such sectarian and conflict-starting topics openly. We have hadiths saying that we should not talk about these secrets of the Ahlulbayt (عليه السلام) openly. For those Sunnis that know who they are, it's even better because some of them might see the truth of what happened. For the other ones, it is important to foster an environment of respect, tolerance and unity.
  8. We could have the same movie without saying that those three personalities are who they are. Perhaps their names could not be mentioned. Just an idea. We already have movies and TV shows like Mukhtarname where Yazid (la), Umar ibn Saad (la), Shimr (la) and the other criminals are shown openly and without any restrictions. This is not an issue, because these personalities are not the cause for any sectarian bloodshed and this is widely known.
  9. I'm confused, are you questioning that hadith being authentic? That's fine, no worries.
  10. Unity does not mean any action done by that person is overlooked. The video talked about this false idea of unity. If someone Shia came to your house with a knife and threatened your children or smaller siblings, how would you react? Would you overlook his/her actions just for the sake of unity with shias? Or would you defend yourself because they are responsible for their own actions? This British Shiism is no less dangerous than someone threatening our lives. Matter of fact, they are threatening the lives of every Shia living in the Middle East because they are actively adding fuel to the fire of sectarianism, which is completely unacceptable and there is no Unity with such people.
  11. That part of the video only says a quote from Ayatollah Bahjat: "One who does not wish for the unity of muslims is not a muslim". As well as quotes from the Imams (عليه السلام) and RasoolAllah (S). There would be no concern for anyone who respects the views and knowledge of Ayatollah Bahjat and believes in the Holy Prophet (S) & Imams (S). As for those who don't, they are entitled to their own beliefs. If you are claiming that those Shirazi British Shiism people are not working against Islamic Unity then you have to back up your claim with facts and proofs.
  12. Not really, where is it written that the burden of responsibility is on them? You ask a question and they'll answer it. It's that simple. Plus, some of those scholars have pictures taken with Shirazi smiling and cuddling. That is enough proof for anyone with a sincere heart as it shows these scholars approve of Shirazi and approve of British Shiism's false ideology. These pictures were shown in the video
  13. I think it's important to focus on the main culprits first, such as Yaseer Al Habib and the Shirazi cult. It is also important to note how AN changed his message after being featured on their channel. As for the pictures, why don't you send an email to Islamic Pulse asking for a justification for it? I'm sure they have a good reason for including each of those pictures, we shouldn't judge them before giving them the chance to explain. Perhaps those scholars insulted Sunni figures in their lectures. This would explain why their pictures were included
  14. Their belief is that British Shiism (ie. the mass of people who support this movie) has deviated. Is it prohibited to have this belief? Why do you say they are creating Fitnah? They are not encouraging sectarian war and bloodshed LIKE THE SHIRAZI CULT DOES. I also believe that British Shiism has deviated from the Qur'an and Ahlulbayt (عليه السلام). Disassociation is part of the religion, some of us are simply disassociating from a group who has gone astray, it doesn't matter whether they've gone astray knowingly or unconsciously.
  15. Seems like most of the comments are focusing on either the pictures shown or the WF followers. However, this ignores the main argument of the video, which can be summarised as: - Islamic Unity is essential - Shirazi and Yasser Al-Habib group is creating Fitnah - Ammar Nakshwani has contradicted himself many times and is inconsistent
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