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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks for sharing the link, we should definitely donate and help. But likewise it is as important to note that US sanctions have crippled the economy and directly hurt the Lebanese people. The humanitarian disaster in Lebanon existed before this event and has only been increased now. If the US CONTINUES THE SANCTIONS THEN THEY ARE ACCOMPLICES IN THE DEATHS. But considering they've continued the sanctions to Iran despite the covid humanitarian situation there, they will probably do the same to Lebanon.
  2. Just fyi not all big explosions are nukes. If this was a nuclear explosion half of Beirut would be destroyed and we'd be hearing of radiation damage. There are thousands of big explosive materials, nukes are not the only one that creates mushroom cloud and shockwave.
  3. Yes we'll have to wait until more information comes out. If it was any other country in the world I would understand the likelihood of an accident is high. But considering that Lebanon is increasingly in the zionist crosshairs in the last couple months, paired with the fact that the zionists have historically caused undercover explosions in the past... I don't know.. we'll have to wait and see this unfold in the upcoming days
  4. Well then who do you think are the 'separatists' that could have dared to do something like this? imo any style and deception should be expected from the terrorist Zionists
  5. Well I was actually thinking of cyber attacks. Israeli cyber attacks have caused explosions in the past (with the main objective of causing damage to equipment). This could be the same thing but at a much larger scale
  6. Still.. just because it was an explosion of existing ammonium nitrate doesn't mean that it was a simple accident. It's not coincidence that it happened in Lebanon at a time when the Zionists are hoping to cause public anger at the governments of Lebanon, Iran, Yemen, etc. The Zionists caused explosions in Iran before, this just seems to be another one of their plots...
  7. Update: Lebanon president just called for 'urgent' defense council meeting
  8. I was looking at the videos in slow-motion and the second explosion looks veery unusual... My first thoughts was the zionists... We should pray for Lebanon
  9. Yes I agree, but this post seems to only point out the flaws of husbands in our community. How many women in our community would be up to the standard described by Imam Sajjad (عليه السلام) regarding the rights of the husband: This is also in the Qur'an, it says the wife must obey her husband in all lawful matters. Anyways, the gist of what I'm trying to say is that both MEN AND WOMEN should try to imitate the Ahlulbayt (عليه السلام) and reform our lives accordingly.
  10. Yes I completely agree brother. If someone cannot marry permanently or temporarily then it is his duty to remain patient in Allah (azwj). It seems we are on the same page with this. I guess my replies were meant more for those who are advocating that we abandon Mutah for fitting in with cultural customs and expectations. Ws.
  11. Yes I agree. But let's not forget that mutah is halal and it is permitted by the fiqh marajah. So as long as this door is not shut, then a majority of people will not fall into Zina. But if you close this halal door with the excuse of "culture" then you will be the direct cause of those 90% who won't be able to stay patient for years and will eventually sin. So many people go crazy about Mutah but I wonder how many people think about young people falling into sins like masturbation because marriage is made impossible to them. Remember that masturbation is haram in the Fiqh of the Ahlulbay
  12. Yes many leave Shia Islam even though they were born in it. Others embrace Shia Islam even though they were born outside of it. Same with Sunnism, Christianity, Hinduism, etc. However it is important to remember that believers and disbelievers are separated before creation when the children of Adam where particles and Allah (azwj) took a covenant with them. Consider the following hadith: “Allah, the Majestic, the Glorious, created the prophets from the clay of ‘Illiyiyyn (paradise), both their bodies and souls. He made the hearts of the believers from such clay and He made
  13. This sounds nice and wishful, but the brutal reality is that 9 out of 10 people will fall into haram when halal doors are closed. That is why Islam emphasises on making marriage easy and accessible, so that people do not engage in Zina. For those who mentioned culture as the reason to avoid mutah - culture has an option to either make regular marriage so easy so that nobody would do mutah, or to accept mutah. However, the current state of Culture in islamic countries is such that both regular marriage is made hard for people and mutah looked down upon. This is unacceptable. It has to be
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