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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Is it permissible to kill one self due to mental illnesses and overwhelming ability to think properly? Is there any possible acception to suicide?
  2. Of course you subconsciously talk about a girl, a guy is not even mentioned if he should date or not, double standards.
  3. Is it haram to make a dua for someone to die?
  4. It is a broad topic but I talked about the rise of the ottomans which was the fall of Constantinople and conquer of eastern Europe, and the advanced military technology they had was part of the reasons why they were a powerful Empire, and the main causes of the fall was the issue the Ottomans were facing internally which was the economic system and the two battles that stopped their advancement in Europe; Siege of Vienna and and battle of Lepanto.
  5. My research paper needs to be at least 5 pages I won’t be writing a book or talking about every detail just the main elements but anyways thanx for the help..
  6. I am writing a research paper on the rise and fall of the Ottoman empire, some things I can find on the internet because it is a broad topic thats why I am asking it on here.
  7. can you tell me everything that took place in the aftermath of conquering Eastern Europe.
  8. Does anyone know anything about the rise of the Othman Empire and how it ended.
  9. Ive heard many food being halal and zubhia. I don’t understand whats the difference. Like is halal food considered anything that doesnt have pig or other haram animals. Then what is zubhia? Do Muslims have to eat zubhia or halal?
  10. Seems like you'd like to live in those ages. Also you are implying that because people the age of consent years ago were kids it makes it right? Is this your response...And you want to use an excuse such as biology to commend this pedophilic ideology. Which doesn't support your argument anyway...and you are saying it in terms of intercourse. Right? If a child marries a grown man while they and becomes pregnant...do you think there is a likely chance that the two children will survive. Or if the child will come out healthy knowing that the father is 50? Do these issues cross your mind?
  11. For everyone that is saying whats wrong with marrying a 9 year old child its not likes how it is today"....you are disgusting period. You should not be around children, should be ashamed of yourself and your pedophilic mind.
  12. Why did the Prophet marry a 9 year old? And why did he make his adopted son divorce his wife so he can marry her?
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