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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ik, but I was wondering if their was an effective Islamic way to do it
  2. that sounds like worship, im trying to find a way to relive severe anxiety and gain memory without the use of drugs
  3. Can someone meditate islamically does it make it more effective and how do you do it?
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    yes, sorry I seen this just now! Thank you for your duas I really appreciate it, I am suffering with mental issues but things have gotten better allahmdurallah I didnt do anything horrible even though I still get into these dark mindset now, im still trying and thank you for your duas again things are better and inshallah it will get better soon. May Allah bless you!
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    severe anxiety

    Im also 19 and suffer from severe anxiety which led to worst mental issues anyways I know its hard im also going to college for medical studies and do present only to the teacher and also wonder how students my age are so confident and speak without getting nervous, I also use to ditch my classes everyday because I didnt like how in some of them I sat in the front row or fear of getting called on, and my parents don’t understand, anyways the only thing that sometimes helps me is pouring my heart out to Allah and mean every word I say when im praying or reciting something and believing that it will happen when im able to focus. This might be a test from Allah to much you closer to him and guide you to the path of jannah by making duas daily, praying, reciting etc...
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    I don't know

    Im usually really good at controlling my mentality before all this happened I built a really good mindset for myself as everyone does in their life and I was always at peace mentally even when things arent the best in life but my anxiety or whatever it is was really bad when I started college and was out of my control and I started too lose my mind literally even alot of my memory was gone and I couldnt focus on anything or get myself back together I been trying to identify the source or get myself back to normal for almost a year since this happened but I can’t and im 19 I just started college last year
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    I don't know

    Salam Alakum I posted about this before last year around this time and Im still going through mental health issue that im still suffering with and even salah doesnt make it better it makes it worst everytime I pray I have even worst anxiety and I know that if you don’t fully focus on your salah or duas then they arent accepted and this is why ive neglected prayer cuz it gives me really bad anxiety everytime I try to focus on my salah and duas I can’t and Allah wont help me then what am I suppose to do doesnt he see that I can’t
  8. How to meditate in Islam
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    Why would it matter who or what moved? And no it doesn't work unless its gone and I don't see anything cuz the purpose for me saying it was because I was seeing things which scared me.
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    Our prayers and duas are not excepted unless we are fully focused on it?
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    I don't know

    How do I do that?
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    Also an important part I forgot to add is I state the ayat Al kursi almost everytime I go to sleep which is suppose to protect you from this does that mean it didn’t work??
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    I’ve heard many stories and experienced things myself about other supernatural things than jinns that exist but none of it is in the Qur'an. I’m writing this right now because at 3:33 just now things started to move in my room and even my lamp fell by itself also yesterday I saw a face while I was leaning down to get something in the dark I’m not sure if that was a mental illness issue because I see random things all the time but it was definitely the most real and terrifying thing I’ve seen in real life I can recognize if it was real or fake it looked real.
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