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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. breathe by james nestor. excellent read. just in case you’re not able to, just make sure you try and breathe from the nose and not the mouth. maybe one day i’ll blog about it after i’m finished reading.
  2. @Ashvazdanghe call me paranoid but thing is that it starts with a few balloons and then next thing you know, they want the whole city to come see them get wed.
  3. lol thanks but no thanks @Ashvazdanghe and trust me, they’re not shy at all. i wish they were. they’re very vocal. sometimes their mother will make them their favourite dish. i don’t approve of it but whatever. walaikumsalam
  4. no need to make it a debate like situation brother. befriend them, and then infiltrate from with in. in a good way, of course.
  5. by studying the lives of The Prophets and The AhlulBayt.
  6. no offense but for your peace of mind, just stop taking her so seriously, and it’s totally normal for you to be wanting her approval but i’m sorry, you’re never going to get one. my advice is just laugh it off and get on with your life.
  7. this is precisely why i don’t “celebrate” my children’s birthdays. sometimes they don’t even remember it was their birthday, and i think that’s great. insha’Allah when the time comes, we’re spending $500 max on their weddings. a simple ceremony of nikah in a mosque and free food the next day for everyone. i think the reason behind large amounts of mahr is that some people are afraid and they just want to cover their bases. i don’t blame them. sorry to say but most parents don’t worry about how their boys are behaving compared to their girls.
  8. prayers for your family and your wife’s family. your heart is in the right place. my advice to you would be that you should sit down with your wife and tell her how you feel and ask how she feels. communication is key. discuss, discuss, and brainstorm how you two can find a middle ground. the secret ingredient to every healthy relationship is communication. lotsa prayers for you two.
  9. nothing ruins perfectly healthy marriages than sharing what happens between husband and wife with their parents. mama’s boys have this tendency of doing that. also, indo-pak men expect their wives to love their parents as much as they do. not happening, especially when your mama is fixated on your wife’s shortcomings and fails to see the good in her like she does in her own daughter. pfft
  10. there’s a mosque in our city built by the ahmadis and unless they’re practicing taqayyah, it’s walls have the shahadah written on it. i also have a friend whose ahmadi and he’s never said anything about his dude being a prophet. i think banishing the ahmadis from pakistan is what led the whole country to takfir and now every pakistani is paying for that mistake.
  11. Thank you for your replies. I’m not fixated on medina per say but thing is that The Prophet likened Himself to a fortified place whereas the city He Himself lived in wasn’t like that. I did some research on this last night and found a very interesting article which talked about medina not having any walls until after the battle of harrah. Anyway, I’m guessing it was only symbolic.
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