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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. so like is anyone contemplating death at this point? how’s everyone doing on that front?
  2. I remember going without tv and internet for almost a year. it felt like what I think the ppl of sao paulo felt like when their city removed 15,000 billboards overnight. I was able to see and feel things in and around me that I never knew existed. it was like one long month of Ramadan. beautiful place to be in. all I did was read the holy book and nahjul balagha and chill with my family.
  3. ^ that’s funny. every time I sit to meditate I realize why I don’t do this everyday. it’s such a great way to let go of things. helpful at silencing the non-stop mental chatter, and that comes in handy when you stand for salah
  4. does anyone here sit for meditation regularly?
  5. renting pixar movies on google play. reading the holy book with the kids, and meezan al hikmah while they doodle. yesterday it took us an hour to go through three verses. they ask so many questions. I love it.
  6. everyone’s okay with the idea of washing their hands. social distancing, not so much. thinking of digging a trench around my house because clearly my facebook posts are not working.
  7. there’s a grocery store about 5 km from our house. a safeway. news broke today that one of their managers has tested positive.
  8. this went from how Allah has punished the chinese to this is a u.s. made bioweapon very quickly.
  9. wear a burka and go out to see how women are treated in the public sphere. from market places to public transport. if you’re seeing placards of women asking men to be gentle in the bed is because there’s many cases of newly wed women ending up in the hospital because of their men.
  10. we’ve stockpiled on canned food and powdered milk. insha’Allah we’re good for three months. and it really helps that we have someone deliver our groceries to us so the odd delivery of fruits and vegetables is also covered. not too concerned about masks or hand sanitizers though. but if we really have to go somewhere, we decide first whose going to be opening and closing doors, coming in contact with the outside world, and whose carrying the two year old. it kind of helps conserving the hand sanitizer and saves us from unnecessary worrying whether we washed our hands or not. unless the other person is your 12th Imam, I suggest you politely refuse to shake hands with anyone. and screen your friends and family when they come visit you. some of my family friends think that looking out for oneself is incompatible with the religion of Islam. it’s so annoying and quite frustrating that some people are not taking this seriously. oh and one last thought; I wonder when body cams will become mandatory for people traveling via public transport because every time someone becomes infected, health authorities try to retrace their steps to see who else could have come in contact with that person..
  11. سلام علیکم hope everyone’s washing their hands and being mindful of their surroundings. way things are panning out, and I don’t like saying this but it seems as if it’s best to contract this disease early before the majority does. you’ll get better medical attention, and have more access to medical equipment. listening to michael osterholm; one develops immunity after recovery so I don't know. but I’m sure glad that it’s almost harmless to children. only got to read the last three pages of this thread, wondering if anyone is stockpiling stuff? masks and sanitizers we decided against but we did stockpile canned food and powdered milk for next three months. sharing a video of the crazy lineups at this grocery store. take care, Salawat Muhammad o Aale Muhammad
  12. Peace and blessings upon The Prophet and His Family, Can somebody help me find this picture. It’s a picture of mourners beating their chests in the background while a gentleman with braids can be seen crying. Thanks.
  13. Ok this is brilliant and scary at the same time. This story about how Nescafe got the Japanese hooked to coffee. Unreal. So Nescafe asks their consultant on selling their coffee to Japan. Consultant says no. They won’t buy it. They’re not into coffee. However there is a way we can get them to like coffee. A 15 year plan. Make a cartoon, spend millions if you have to. Then make a candy based on that cartoon and that candy’s flavour is going to be coffee. When those kids grow up, they’re going to have this memory of coffee. Well long story short, last week, Starbucks built their biggest store in Tokyo. The Japanese are hooked to coffee like no other.
  14. Maybe hold a poll, upload samples with different numbers of posts and see what mobile users like best
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