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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @Abu Nur sorry I was not clear enough in my post. I meant “general people” and wasn’t targeting only Sunni. Thank you for adding more clarification to that.
  2. He is not my husband lol but I will show them that illustration.
  3. In the Qur'an it mentions people who just want to believe whatever their forefathers told them without trying to learn the truth. I feel that Sunnis are just stuck in this ignorance. You can have the most logical response for them and they will still cling to old beliefs because that’s how mommy and daddy taught them. It’s sad really.
  4. @starlight there is an app I downloaded on my phone called Qur'an Progress. Not only do you see the English meaning of the word but you see the Arabic as well. And there is audio to show you how to pronounce the word. It’s mostly words that are used the most in Qur'an. There is a subscription fee of about $3.77 monthly. I downloaded it literally last week. If you are not a fan of apps there is Qur'an.com and you can press each word from a verse of the Qur'an and it has audio, English translation is right about the word when you have your mouse on it. The entire verse is translated into English next to the Arabic as well. It’s completely free.
  5. “The Angels questioned Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and said why create humans when they will cause havoc and blood shed while we worship You.” So this implies they have free will correct?
  6. @SirajDin thank you for taking the time to answer in such detail. The great thing about him is that he really listens. I think with time he will be more understanding. How you worded things are excellent and will be useful in trying to explain to him without sounding like we are preaching. Because Shia Islam is all about logic he will eventually become accepting.
  7. Hopefully this will not be the case. The man is not knowledgeable about his own books. We have been trying to work with him to understand that purest teachings of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) are directly from his blessed family. He used to think Shia and Sunni were an entirely different religion. If anyone can drop the Hadith of our way of praying and by whom it’s narrarated by then it will be much appreciated. I think we can get through to him in this way.
  8. I just want to make sure it’s a good enough reason, because I’m a Shia convert myself and want to make sure I am not missing anything out. While most people just followed the marj their family always followed, I instinctively chose to follow the one my country’s people seemed to follow the most. I did not base my decision on who I thought was the most knowledgeable due to time spent researching. I just went with what the people of my country followed. Have to say politic favor may also have play a role in my decision making as well. Am just verifying that these reasons are enough to justify my decision and make them understand.
  9. Politically we are not the best. Just yesterday I unsubscribed from a Shia page on Facebook because they were promoting the idea that Iran is “out for itself and brainwashing naive Shia.”I was shocked to see there is such separation amongst us. I believe the page was run by people from Iraq. We are considered a minority and there are still people within the community promoting propaganda to further divide us.
  10. The Sunni has good manners, very kind and generous,handsome and has been good spouse. A person like that is hard to come across and is very rare. however the point is this absuradity that the children must have their hands placed like how the parents taught him. He has no knowledge of his books, and just goes by what his parents did. We are hoping to convince him by somehow getting Shia Hadith and Sunni Hadith to prove that Shia way is in reality the true sunnah of Prophet Muhammad. But for now his spouse doesn’t know how to proceed and wants to avoid tension. He allows her to teach from Shia hadiths but for some reason he is stuck on the prayer being done Sunni
  11. Really? But in their country there’s always been Sunni and Shia Intermarriages and is considered normal.
  12. If one of the spouses is set on making the children perform salat the “Sunni” way will the children’s prayer become a form of bidah, because the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) did not pray in the Sunni format? And will the Shia spouse be punished because they know right from wrong but are forced to comply to the head of the household? The Sunni spouse told their significant other they can pray the Shia way but the kids cannot.
  13. Right now this person thinks that we just choose a Marja that fits to our liking. I don't know how clearly explain it to them,because I happened to choose my marja based on my country. What do I tell them.
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