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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Aleykum, I have lived slightly outside of Toronto for the majority of my life, and it really does grow on you. It is very clean, neat, and filled with some very well-mannered people ... but then again, it's not perfect. You can't walk five steps in Toronto without bumping into a homeless person, the downtown core is incredibly littered during the summer, and ofcourse the bad apples (I've encountered some racism ... but if you stand up to those ignorant fools, they back down quickly -- Canadians are so passive). Some other pluses: great shopping, the winter is great if you wear hijab because that means you don't have to deal with a long and sweat summer (I'm counting down the days to the first snowfall insh'Allah), lots to do, everything is easily accessible, and incredibly multicultural. @)
  2. Salam Aleykum, For One who is so great, I think it becomes impossible to attempt to describe Him with one word. God is paradoxical because He is inexplicable. God is abstract because He is apart from concrete existence. I don't think I would ever use 'material' though ... that would be involving matter, and since he's paradoxical this one sort of cancels itself, yes? @)
  3. Salam Aleykum, On the second anniversary of the tragic Sept. 11th attacks, I think people should watch what they say. I am all for free speech, but if you feel the most articulate way you can express yourself is by capitalizing some hateful words, or cursing then please open another thread and do it there -- this one is to remember innocent lives lost around the world. Sept. 11th should never have happened, innocent lives were lost. Any time innocent lives are lost it is tragic and we should remember all such people on a day like this.
  4. Salam Aleykum, I have always had the belief that everyone was born a Muslim, (part of the reason why we are never baptised in any way). Other religions have some sort of baptismal ceremony, yes ... no? And so when a person becomes a Muslim after having been a follower of another religion they are, therefore, 'reverting' to Islam. That's what I thought ... @)
  5. Salam Aleykum, The last time I went to the doctor was November ... I got food poisoning. I was throwing up so much I finally agreed to go ... the crazy woman gave me drugs and put me on a diet an ant couldn't survive on. Needless to say, I foolishly didn't take the drugs and I skipped the diet. Well I took the drugs until I felt better ... I know I know ... that's wrong ... ah well! Alhamdulilah, I haven't had to go since then. But I have an awful cold as it is ... maybe I should, but I prefer to tough it out. Okay, now I'm just talking to myself. Time to stop. @)
  6. Salam Aleykum, I have to agree with everyone else on this one -- an idiot is an idiot is an idiot. Trying to be nice and saying you're busy only opens up doors for guys like him. The best thing to do is to ignore them ... they can't walk through a door you don't leave open ... afterall, most of these guys are too dumb to know how to open the door for themselves! That was my attempt at being "deep" ... the whole 'door' concept ... pretty snazzy huh? Anyhow, good luck! @)
  7. Human Bio (health and disease) ... please shoot me now, end the pain! I don't know how you computer folks do it ... that stuff is jibberish, chinese AND german all rolled up into one for me. Kudos to you folks ... I'm clapping for you all. Clap clap clap @)
  8. Salam Aleykum, Bro Ali786 ... could you explain how you are using the principle of causality to explain Allah's existence? Thanks!
  9. Salam Aleykum, Suphan'Allah ... only He knows what is in store for us next. Inna lillah wa inna alayhi rajaoon.
  10. The following is an expression of my own opinion. If I were in the position where my husband asked me if he could do muta with some other female, I would most definitely tell him he could not. If he persisted and said he needed to for the purpose of travel or what have you ... then I would say I would also like to do muta ... you know, since he would be away (it would only be right). I would not want to be with a man who wanted to sleep with other women while we were married ... it defeats one of the most important purposes of marriage, in my eyes. @)
  11. Alright ... is that what it had come to? We're making long time members beg for stars? Well ... not me ... I'll earn my stars, but you will all suffer through ridiculous posts about absolutely nothing. Consider yourselves warned! Nah, I'm just kidding. I'll earn my stars the old fashioned way ... but thanks Sis. Zareen for the offer. @) <-- that's cool looking ... no reason for putting it there, I just like it ... in fact I think I will end all my posts with it from now on.
  12. I speak English at home ... and sometimes if I'm talking to Arab people then its a mixture of English and Arabic (this is when I'm feeling creative) ... then there are the times when the person I'm speaking to doesn't understand English ... in such a case, the poor soul has to suffer listening to me while I desperately try to spurt out correct sentences. Unfortunately, it's come to that. Other than that, my parents also speak Kurdish and Iranian at home.
  13. I chose Adam ... my best friend in kindergarten was named Adam. I also really like the name Elias.
  14. Salam Aleykum, I gotta say this whole deal with stars can really make a person feel left out, ya know? What about all us folk who are always here in spirit, huh? Have you people no heart? No seriously, I'm here everyday ... honest ... I come and look through what everyone's written and if there's something that I feel I can add to, then I say something. (Please people refrain from "I guess you have nothing to add" jokes.) Can't the people who have been members for a long time get some sort of little "We know you can do it!" ... or something? I feel so much prejudice ... okay, that's it ... bye now!
  15. Salam Aleykum, I promise you all ... you have not lived until you have had sushi! I chose Japanese as my favorite ... I also absolutely love Thai food.
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