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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Exactly. Ibn al-Hussain put it brilliantly here:
  2. Ah yes, IQ tests definitely don't have major flaws to them, including issues with cultural compatibility... Also, let's just go ahead and conflate intelligence with IQ... now that's tuff. Edit: OP's post is the definition of appeal to authority.
  3. I like the new "est. 1998". Looks good on mobile too. I like the new logo, but I fear visitors will misconstrue it as preference for Imam Ali (a) over Muhammad (s). I suggest Ghadir Khum as the logo (from wikipedia):
  4. I like the new logo, but what does it say, and why is the word 'design' underneath it?
  5. Exactly. Same thing with Shi'ism and the Baha'i heterodoxy, which the British promoted.
  6. @Cherub786 Pakistan takes the popular contemporary Sunni umbrella criteria of being Muslim, which is simply the Shahada. It has nothing to do with belief in the Shar'iah.
  7. We need to buy these products, so this suggestion doesn't work. Which is an impossibility
  8. I think it was removed by accident... [Mod Note: This question has already been answered over here:] https://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235068289-why-did-the-logo-change-to-a-rainbow-colour/?do=findComment&comment=3313279
  9. It feels like something is missing every time I look at it. Also, the "The Largest Shia Community Since 1998" is missing. I think that was an accident though.
  10. I still don't understand why the masjid is removed from the logo.
  11. I prefer the green (sometimes blue) logo with the masjid in it. That being said, I love the new site layout/style. It's much easier on the eyes.
  12. This is very sad and shocking news. [Official account of the Office of Ayatullah Saanei in Qom]
  13. Exercise caution, as this is a Sunni source.
  14. Agreed. And realtashayyu is not even a popular website/blog at all, so I'm not sure why OP is so bothered.
  15. The problem is you have other charlatans like Islamic Pulse doing the same against the supposed "Shirazis" that they disagree with on a few fiqhi rules or some politics, to the extent of even attacking a Marja who is not even being condemned by other maraji.
  16. Note: There are different scholarly opinions on this issue.
  17. Looks like he changed his beliefs again... He used to be Shia, then he became Sunni, and now he is an Atheist apparently. He made a big deal about converting to Sunni Islam on the following thread, I think, but I can't find the exact post: They're the oppressed fighting against the oppressors. They are militias, not terrorists. They fight terrorists. They support the Palestinian rejectionists (Sunnis) against the illegitimate state of Israel, and its oppression & occupation. For the difference between militias and terrorists, see here: https://oldwebsite.palestine-studies.org/j
  18. This doesn't make sense, because they aren't truly governing themselves. This is the issue with the integration model that Malcolm X and other Black nationalists/separatists had. Their communities are being controlled by disinterested outsiders (the White establishment). In this way, integration and segregation are not much different from each other. He elaborates that there will always be conspiracy against Blacks under the integration model. In the time he is writing, the Democrats in the South would pretend to be against the 'Dixiecrat' filibusters in their party, but this obviously wasn't
  19. It's the opinion of some maraji, but not all of them. He's trying to say that in some cases Zoroastrians are considered along with People of the book, but for the case of marriage they aren't. .......... Anyways, all of this is off topic.
  20. For the record, eThErEal is also Sunni Muslim. @Cherub786
  21. Sikhs are pantheists. They are not Ahle Kitab.
  22. It could be due to a number of factors that aren't being controlled for.
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