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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The black working class experience and the white working class experience is very different. That's all I wanted to say. Not sure how this went so off topic.
  2. Interesting take... "Populist Right and Left Joining Forces Against Establishment"
  3. I would only suggest Qarai and Sarwar as reliable translations.
  4. More Performative nonsense and Censorship https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SPHPZRteFU
  5. For anyone interested... this is a very good explanation.
  6. Apparently there is a populist-socialist party called the "people's party" that is becoming increasingly popular:
  7. I just checked. Chauvin was police security on the outside of the club. Floyd was private security on the inside of the club.
  8. @hasanhh Out of curiosity, what is your ethnicity?
  9. I meant to write "officer not "offer".
  10. Added: Expand to read entire reply. "Floyd is a victim of a system, No, he was not." <--- Subjective. Also, had he been White you think he would have been killed? "he is a victim of the police, True and by a policeman who knew him personally." <--- So? He knows the offer in his community. It doesn't mean they were friends or that the officer's response was any less racially biased. "and as such is a martyr. Which is it? "Victim" or "martyr"?" <--- when innocent people die, do we, in the Muslim community, do we not call them martyrs? "Huh? Calculation and thought were their element of commonality." <--- True, this is why we love these leaders, because of their intelligence, speech, and contributions to humanity. My point is that their detractors routinely use that person's past against them to dismiss their movement and cause -- it's like a one and done, distract and dismiss and ignore all else. "The resignation or even desire for "prison credentials" is part of rebellious behavior." <--- This is fantasy. Nobody thinks like this. Street cred for street gangs, sure. Prison cred is an aftermath. Nobody wants to go to prison. Many people are willing to gamble on it though, as they fail to realize how serious it is, and wrongly assume they'll be chilling with their friends in there, not considering how their freedom will be taken away. "Malcolm X was a criminal, l do not remember this. What and/or Where?" <--- It is common knowledge that he served 6 years in prison, from 1946 to 1952. He and four accomplices committed a series of burglaries targeting wealthy white families, and was charged with larceny. From what I remember that lead to his criminality... In 1931, Malcolm's dad was killed by white racists, and in 1938, his mom suffered a nervous breakdown and was sent to a mental hospital. He became a foster child and was the only black kid in his school. Malcolm X was very good at orating, and expressed interest in being a lawyer. His teacher shot this idea down saying something along the lines of "Nobody would hire you as a lawyer. I think a carpenter is a good job for a n-gger". It is said that something changed in him from that moment on, and he decided to become a 'thug'. Pimping, gambling, robbing, racketeering. He was strongly atheist, but the Nation's teachings made sense to him, and he renounced his past and converted to the Nation of Islam while in prison in 1948, writing a letter to Elijah Muhammad. (He also started the 5 daily prayers and he quit pork and smoking). In 1950, the FBI opened a file on Malcolm X, and in 1952 they began to monitor him 24/7, with his phone tapped, and his letters intercepted.
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