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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. More Performative nonsense and Censorship https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SPHPZRteFU
  2. For anyone interested... this is a very good explanation.
  3. Apparently there is a populist-socialist party called the "people's party" that is becoming increasingly popular:
  4. I just checked. Chauvin was police security on the outside of the club. Floyd was private security on the inside of the club.
  5. @hasanhh Out of curiosity, what is your ethnicity?
  6. I meant to write "officer not "offer".
  7. Added: Expand to read entire reply. "Floyd is a victim of a system, No, he was not." <--- Subjective. Also, had he been White you think he would have been killed? "he is a victim of the police, True and by a policeman who knew him personally." <--- So? He knows the offer in his community. It doesn't mean they were friends or that the officer's response was any less racially biased. "and as such is a martyr. Which is it? "Victim" or "martyr"?" <--- when innocent people die, do we, in the Muslim community, do we not call them martyrs? "Huh? Calculation and thoug
  8. My problem was with his dismissal of it all. "George Floyd was no angel" rhetoric. George Floyd shopped at the store for over a year with no issue. He was a reformed criminal and a community leader. As for his numerous prior crimes and sentences... Prisoners become institutionalized (used to the brutality of prison life, and used to being controlled), and it is difficult for convicts to find employment and deal with the freedom to fail when they return to civilian life, so they reoffend in order to return to prison, as they have sadly grown accustomed to being controlled and given th
  9. I'm gonna leave this video here, it's very interesting:
  10. True. I think the goals of anarchists is more to cause fear into the state, i.e. terrorism, though not in a pejorative sense. I need to make it abundantly clear that I don't support antifa in any way. I very much hate George Soros and Zionism, so now I know for sure that I will never support BLM as an organization. They are not a revolutionary movement by accepting this money. Not that they ever were, but yeah. Edit: again, apologies for earlier comments
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