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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I can see it in Arabic, do you have an English translation you could copy and paste here?
  2. I cannot remember it clearly but it was something like a man challenged Imam Hassan to debate religion but he refused due to his certainty... Does anyone know what I am referring to and can post it??
  3. I can't find it. I remember it was something like "I love poverty more than wealth, sickness rather than health and death rather than life." It was not the one that goes like this: "They breed what they ultimately bury, they build what they ultimately destroy, they hold firm to what is ephemeral and they forsake what is everlasting. Hence blessed are the two cries people hate the most: Death and Poverty!" I am sure it is not that one I am thinking of because I especially remember the bit about preferring sickness over health. Also if anyone has any other good Abu Dharr quotes, by him or about him, or stories you can post them. But especially I am looking for this one quote.
  4. I am living in a hot country now and when I'm in my bedroom a lot of the time I don't wear a shirt. When I went to pray yesterday I put on a t-shirt and I started sweating and felt uncomfortable and distracted while praying. Then I thought for the first time - is it actually obligatory to be wearing upper body clothing? (for men OBVIOUSLY!)
  5. I am willing to do that I just did not realise that is what required. I think I have about 15 posts so far. Thank you.
  6. Islam came as a stranger and it will again become a stranger. Glad tidings to the strangers.
  7. Can I upgrade my account or something? I want to send a private message to another user but this comes up.
  8. A new mural that I thought some of you may be interested in. Also an interesting link: https://www.bobbysandstrust.com/the-night-we-named-bobby-sands-street/
  9. Yes I understand to break the fast "at the approach of night" but I am not sure exactly when that is. Sunset is 21:06 so when should I eat?
  10. I changed from Sunni to Shia a few months ago. I understand that the exact moment of sunset is not the right time for maghrib and iftar as I think it is that the the orb of light of the sun also needs to go down. I have been adding ten minutes to sunset for maghrib up to this point but I would like to be more precise for iftar. I do not have a local Shia centre as I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Also I don't know anywhere I can see the sun set without buildings being in the way. Thanks, for your help.
  11. Thanks. Recently converted from Sunni to Shia so did not know.
  12. Can you delay zohar into the time of asr and then pray them both? Or can you only combine by bringing asr into the time of zohar? Same question in regards to maghrib and isha.
  13. There are books that you can read that are better though like 'How Much Land Does A Man Need?' by Tolstoy. You can enjoy reading fiction but really make yourself stop and think as well if you pick the right book. Some fictional books have changed my life. The one I mentioned is short too so try it out!
  14. Yeah. Is this still relevant for you because I see it is from months ago?
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