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  1. I have looked all over to find how to delete it but I cannot find it.
  2. I want to recire Surah Al-Alaq inside and outside of salah. At the last ayah we are supposed to prostrate. How do I do this? For example I mean do I make one or two prostrations, do I say some dhikr, do I say takbir beforehand, etc. Is there differences in the salah and out of salah? Thanks.
  3. It is obligatory to pray, not obligatory to concentrate. Be steadfast on your prayers and hopefully your concentration will improve eventually. It is senseless to be so hard on yourself for not being perfect that you give up entirely on something as fundamental as the prayer.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HJqJuGS9WE http://www.duas.org/Moharram/gift_from_imam_husain.htm This is the Dua I am referring to. It says in the last line of the translation: "Send blessings upon Muhammad and his progeny and fulfill for me…(mention your wishes)" I do not speak Arabic. 1) should I start speaking English to mention my wishes? 2) can I just recite the Dua and stop at: صَلِّ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ وَ آلِ مُحَمَّدٍ وَ افْعَلْ بِي 3) can you tell me something typical in Arabic to finish the Dua? (by the way I need the accents to know how to recite) Thanks so much. I love this Dua. It is beautiful as well as the story behind it will be a great deed to help me recite it correctly.
  5. There is the line that says: "Woe to those who pray Who are heedless of their prayer" Can you make a pause there? Or do you have to recite the two ayah together? https://quran.com/107
  6. I want to recite it. My Arabic is not great so it needs to be clearly written. Everywhere I can find it is with too much calligraphy or in a video but I ideally want to print it and recite it off a piece of paper that I will keep next to where I pray. Thanks in advance!
  7. As Muslims we do not believe that they are inherently homosexual. They have homosexual desires and do homosexual practices just as the alcoholic desires alcohol and drinks it. We do not consider it not a sin because someone wants to do it. Nor is a community built around a shared sin something that we can recognise as legitimate.
  8. This is the first Ramadan I will fast when married. I understand that I can not have sex with my wife during the fast. However I have some questions: Does no sex during the fast mean no penetration or no ejaculation? Can we touch each other's genitals? If no, do you mean to the point of ejaculation or literally no touching at all? Thank you for your responses in advance.
  9. This is so important to understand that what we see in the world is not indicative of the pleasure or displeasure of Allah. Because of what happened at Karbala, does that mean that Allah was punishing the ahlul-bayt? Obviously not. When we see rich and arrogant disbelievers should we think that Allah loves them because he has given them many nice things? If I take a gun and shoot you does this mean Allah loves me more than you because I live on and you are dead? This is ad-dunya we are in now. Wait until the Day of Judgement and it will be clear who did right and wrong.
  10. I can see it in Arabic, do you have an English translation you could copy and paste here?
  11. I cannot remember it clearly but it was something like a man challenged Imam Hassan to debate religion but he refused due to his certainty... Does anyone know what I am referring to and can post it??
  12. I can't find it. I remember it was something like "I love poverty more than wealth, sickness rather than health and death rather than life." It was not the one that goes like this: "They breed what they ultimately bury, they build what they ultimately destroy, they hold firm to what is ephemeral and they forsake what is everlasting. Hence blessed are the two cries people hate the most: Death and Poverty!" I am sure it is not that one I am thinking of because I especially remember the bit about preferring sickness over health. Also if anyone has any other good Abu Dharr quotes, by him or about him, or stories you can post them. But especially I am looking for this one quote.
  13. I am living in a hot country now and when I'm in my bedroom a lot of the time I don't wear a shirt. When I went to pray yesterday I put on a t-shirt and I started sweating and felt uncomfortable and distracted while praying. Then I thought for the first time - is it actually obligatory to be wearing upper body clothing? (for men OBVIOUSLY!)
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