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  1. StruggleswithFaith

    I need advice(Family)

    Salaam. Weird how sister? Is she verbally abusive or introverted? As human beings we are very complex in the sense that we are generally regimented people. We're not very very comfortable with change and yet as strange as it is we are a lot more socially adept than we think. If I could encourage you to do nothing more then to look for the qualities that your father sees in this woman because they could also be reflective of the qualities that you may love. The Holy Qur'an gives us a specific discourse to love and accept the children of the people that we marry and to take that child as our own. First thing I would advise you to do is to pray that it is within Allah's will for her to have an understanding of this. I would also encourage you to look at it with a certain level of optimism and give her a chance. Quite obviously she is not in fact your mother but love, humility and compassion are inherent qualities in all. Sometimes we do things because we don't know what else to do. Getting to know people can be very difficult under any circumstances even more so in a domestic one. It takes a while for people to get to know each other once in awhile. Try not to set any expectations and see where it goes. :-)
  2. If someone doesent read the word of Allah how else might they come to know him? 

    1. yusuf44a


      They can be taught by an Imam or Muslims. In Christianity at one point catholic mass was entirely in latin witch most people didn't speak and the only people allowed to read or handle the bible where priest. people were converted to Christianity while not being allowed to personally read the bible. You can do the same thing with Islam. They are allowed to read it in there own language as long as there not handling an Arabic Qur'an they can still read it.