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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Lab Rat

    Tiny Homes

    I feel like tiny houses have their advantages but I don't know enough about the American way of living to completely agree with this comment. Although, I do agree that living a minimalist life style will be very helpful to any children growing in such living spaces.
  2. Lab Rat

    Tiny Homes

    I feel like thats exactly who they are meant to be for. Seems like a good idea for a single person or two people. Could potentially save money plus you wont have to manage a whole house. Anyone who prefers to live cozily would definitely love these. I, myself, could see myself living in a tiny house because of their coziness
  3. Clearing the cache worked. Thank you. Just replying in case someone else encounters the same issue
  4. I made this thread hoping a mod would see it and could tell me what the issue is
  5. I am unable to access the chatroom. When I click on the chat tab, it redirects me to this form with stuff like What display name do you want to use, Enter the password for this chat room. Screenshot : https://imgur.com/A6SuLqA
  6. Lab Rat

    Iranian Films

    I remembered some more : Children of Heaven Color of Paradise The Separation All of these do have english subtitles
  7. Lab Rat

    Iranian Films

    Some Irani movies that I’ve liked are: The Song of Sparrows About Elly Baran Bab Aziz (not sure if this is Irani actually) I watched them all on YouTube in the past
  8. My goal is to be the best person I can be.
  9. There was a similar thread a few days ago and people posted some good suggestions there. You should check that out. https://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235060842-improve-your-life-daily
  10. I mostly rock a rough look so I brush my hair lightly. I use shampoo and sometimes conditioner. And I use gel to fix it if brushing doesnt do the job well (on bad hair days)
  11. Lab Rat

    Change the world

    If I am fortunate enough to become a teacher I can help improve the lives of children daily
  12. I like to socialize only with a select few people. Most Others I feel anxious around.
  13. I usually stop even if no ones around. I may not stop fully but I try to stop at all stop signs.
  14. The world needs various ideas to thrive. We would be stagnant if we didn’t have anyone to challenge us.
  15. Lab Rat


    Minimalism seems very interesting. I think I may partake in it without even realizing, but would like to become more of a minimalist. This isn’t even a thing where I’m from. Everything is about keeping up appearances. If that means going bankrupt then so be it.
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