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  1. @Ashvazdanghe Assalam o alekum About sacrificing a goat or other animal on eid ul baqr. Can we sacrifice the animal right after salt ul fajr on 10 zilhaja? Or there is a preferred time for qurbani. Should we wait for at least sunrise? What are the rulings in this regard.
  2. Assalam o alekum Tonight while I was sleeping suddenly I woke up due to a very loud sound of thunder. Shall i pray namaz e ayaat? As wajib or ehtiat.
  3. Hi Although its an old topic but I found interesting material regarding the always 30 day ramadan. Check the link It means shekh mufeed and then shekh tusi clarified this issue. Which was quite an issue back then. May God bestow his rahma on these great scholars. http://realtashayyu.blogspot.com/2016/11/ramadan-moon-sighting-possible.html?m=1
  4. Salam It is said in some majalis that syeda ruqya(sa), the 4 year daughter of imam hussain(عليه السلام) was buried with ropes around her hand. She was buried by imam sajjad (عليه السلام). Is this historically correct, do we have any narrations in this regard.
  5. No, I want this whole line translated in Arabic. Please translate The whole sentence which is in bracket. (n reply to the استغاثہ of Imam hussain ھل من ناصر ینصرنا on the day of ashura. We say لبیک یاحسین. )
  6. Salam Since khums has 2 portions. One for Imam and other for poor sadaat. During the period of Imams both portions of khums was given to them? Or Did the Shias use to give them one portion and distribute the other half themselve? Regards
  7. Assalam o alekum Is there any tradition or hadith stating that when visiting shrine of Imam raza(عليه السلام), one should first visit masooma e Qom and then should go to Imam raza for ziarat.
  8. On our trip to the ziarats of different Imam zadas in Iran, the molana told us that we can perform one namaz e ziarat for all the Imam zadas. However its better to offer single namaz e ziarat for each Imam.
  9. Please translate this sentence in Arabic. In reply to the استغاثہ of Imam hussain ھل من ناصر ینصرنا on the day of ashura. We say لبیک یاحسین.
  10. السلام علیکم Can a women enter holy shrines of Imams, if she is in her periods? Or she should wait till the periods are over.
  11. Assalam o Alaikum I was reading Shia inheritance laws and found this. Issue 959: The wife inherits from all of the transferable property of her husband, she does not inherit from land or its value, whether it be a house or a garden or agricultural land or whatever is similar to that. Likewise, she does not inherit from real estate itself, like a building or trees. It is obligatory to appraise the real estate or trees, then, give her from its value. I find it a bit confusing. She doesn't inherit from husband's land or its value. Then at the end its stated. It's obligatory to appraise the real estate and give her from its value. Can anyone collaborate.
  12. Assalam o Alaikum Is it mustahab, makrooh or mubah to sleep while the feet are towards qibla?. Any ahadith in this regard? Assalam o Alaikum If a person gets junb(when ghusl e janabat becomes wajib) but he can't perform ghusl due to unavailability of water or unavailability of hot water in winter and ghusl from cold water would definitely harm his health. However he can do wudu. Can he perform wajib salat by only performing wudu at that time? He can't perform ghusl but he can do wudu. Can he offer wajib salat? If he waits for arrangement of suitable water for ghusl the time of salat would end by that time i.e salat will become qadha. Whats the ruling in this situation.
  13. https://www.yjc.ir/fa/news/5981725/آداب-خوابیدن-در-اسلام Some useful info in this regard. It also confirms that its mustahab
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