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  1. Hi 

    Imam Sadiq narrated a narration from the time of Prophet Moses when his people had hearts of stone and couldn’t cry. Prophet Moses complained to God Almighty to reveal a food that would soften their hearts, God Almighty revealed that they should eat Lentil Soup for it softens the heart and bring about tears.

  2. 12 minutes ago, Ruqaya101 said:

    Sermon 11 

    The first sentence is this: 

    “Mountains May move from their position, but you should not move from yours” 

    ( this is talking about that mountains move by continental drift of continents and natural disasters)

    I heard this somewhere.

    that the sentences of the sermons all represent a scientific aspect of the Earth and the skies and what is in between.

    another one is sermon 72

    “ My God, the spreader of the surfaces and keeper of the skies...”

    He is talking about the tectonic plates and how it seperates on the surface. And generally, apparently the skies refers to the seven layers of the Earth. 

    I may be wrong because I remember this only from what I heard and understood. Btw it is hidden knowledge yet many scholars still try to find the scientific knowledge within them and make estimates of what it could mean.

    I know these ones already. Thank you though

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