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  1. Astrology is derived from very complex mathematics though and involves deep sciences, only the horoscopes are haram but it generally does have a lot of truth to it.
  2. Is it permissible to enhance our intelligence further through gene editing ?
  3. Thank you for the information but is there more ? I already spotted these
  4. Has anyone found More Scientific Knowledge in Nahjul Balagha ?
  5. Hi Imam Sadiq narrated a narration from the time of Prophet Moses when his people had hearts of stone and couldn’t cry. Prophet Moses complained to God Almighty to reveal a food that would soften their hearts, God Almighty revealed that they should eat Lentil Soup for it softens the heart and bring about tears.
  6. Thank you but I already know all of these ones. I was hoping to find something new.
  7. Does anyone know about Nahjul Balagha’s hidden scientific knowledge ?
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