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  1. I recently watched the historic tv serie about Imam Ali's alayhi salam life and I was wondering if everything was historicaly and islamicaly correct inside of it. I explain myself : First, you almost never see or hear Imam Ali alayhi salam, except for his hands and it happens like maybe 4 or 5 times on 10 episodes. It's supposed to be THE principal character of the show... Cinema and TV would be huge means of islamisation if used correctly. Second, it showed an hesitant Imam Ali alayhi salam. Everybody is calling for him to replace Uthman he protects him and after Uthman's death he still waits even if the crowd is calling for him to become the khalifa. Than when he finally accepts what is rightfuly his, Aisha declares war and instead of being angry and attacking his enemies, he cries under his tent... I don't know if I misunderstood or what but I was disapointed. What do you guys think ?
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    After judgement day, what will Allah do?

    Wa alikom salam ! The same answer goes for the question : What was before the "Big Bang" ? There was no before the beginning of Time itself because there was no space. Time is a calculation of a the duration to make the distance between a point A and a point B. So, no time = no space and no space = no time. These are very very interesting questions !
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    Salam alikom dear brothers and sisters in humanity, I am Canadian in the mid-30's, married and father of 1 son. My first language is french so please excuse my mistakes in english. I converted to Sunni Islam when I was 16 and fell into hardline salafism less than a year later. After 2 years of marriage, my wife and I gradualy stopped believing and began to take distances with our local Muslim community. I recently watched a series of video on YouTube about the Shia viewpoint of historic events inside Sunni books. It was so interesting, I couldn't stop watching it. I would like to learn more with you and sometimes ask you questions. Thank you in advance.