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  1. T.Ayaaa

    Convert WhatsApp group

    Great! Thank you for sharing this!
  2. T.Ayaaa


    I was feeling that way recently when I started college. I was also having bad panic attacks at felt that there would be no one to help me. What helped me was going back to Allah. I would spend my time with islamic knoweledge rather than spirtuality. When I made dua and tawassul through the ahlulbayt, Allah accepted my prayers. What I was missing came back to me. Try connecting with people you knew before the marriage. Do not think that way, keep yourself busy with prayers, and duas, once you have that link with Allah you will not feel alone, and Allah will further help you, inshaaAllah
  3. T.Ayaaa

    Iranian Films

    Salaam, Does anyone know any Iranian Islamic movies that have English or Arabic subtitles? I am interested to watch!!