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  1. Salam Alaikum everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew any good English books that prove that Shia is the true path. For example, I want books that explain what Omar did and how he went against the Imams (عليه السلام). I want any books that I can buy online that can educate me and make me really knowledgable about Shia Islam. I also want books online that teach me about the history of Shia and how it’s the way of life and the truth. If anyone can just list me amazing titles that are available online so that I can be more aware of what I am following and so that I can be able to defend and debate about my love for Shia. I want to be able to prove the Sunni way is wrong to whoever insults Shias and our belief. I appreciate any help given.
  2. If someone considers the path of suicide would Allah ever forgive them? Would there be a chance for them to go to heaven eventually. What if this person doesn’t want to live anymore because just existing scares them. What if they just want to be with Allah even if it would take them to hell temporarily. Living hurts and thinking of going on just doesn’t help make things better. Where would you escape to? Where would you even go to to feel better. If suicide takes you to hell forever then is there any other way to sacrifice your life? Is there a way where you won’t be judged for it in the after life?
  3. If someone had smoked weed for 5 years and stopped completely are they at a risk of getting a mental illness?
  4. I have always said the same thing to others too. I agree with you
  5. Thank you this means a lot. I might message you about the online scholars if that’s okay with you still. God bless you
  6. This is the perfect answer I was looking for. It’s exactly what I wanted to know. I appreciate this so much. God bless you!
  7. The types of answers I’m looking for is ways to deal with a conversation about Sunni Islam. How can you stop yourself from disagreeing. What if this person finds it so hard to just listen and not argue back or bring up points that go against what he says.
  8. But what if they are already married so it’s hard to break up just because he’s Sunni.
  9. Salam Alaikum, Good questions. Say he was born a Shia and converted later on in life because he felt like Sunni Islam was the truth. Basically most of his family are Shia. He says he loves Imam Ali (عليه السلام) and Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) and enjoys listening to latmiyats. The girl is not a strict Shia but would never convert to Sunni Islam no matter the situation. She loves Ahlulbayt and is confident in her beliefs. However, they get into heated arguments when he talks about the Sahabah and Sunni hadiths. It’s hard for her to be open and listen to what he has to say. How can she be more understanding towards him and not get so irritated when he brings up his own Sunni beliefs? Although, deep down she’s upset because she sneakily wanted to convert him back to his true blood (Shia), but realized it was nearly impossible because he is too firm in his own beliefs. How can she be more accepting and respectful when he brings up Sunni subjects? Or maybe the impossible can happen and she can convert him back to Sunni? What are some techniques she can do?
  10. Would there be any problems later on in the marriage due to differences? What can you do so that there can be respect for each other and to have mutual understanding? For instances, what if during the start of the engagement there were many heated arguments about each other’s beliefs. What would you do to stop yourself from trying to show him that Shia islam is the truth.
  11. Thank you for your answer. He was going to pinch in for the wedding. He was actually planning to do more for the wedding than his family. His family just pretended to help so that they can look good in front of other people. My mom never liked the mom and his sister from the start. It’s a long story on how it worked out in the end. But his sister and mother are very sneaky and shady. His sister fought with him just because my mother spoke out to his mother. The sister and mother told him in their own words “we lied to them about getting gold when we came back from our travels so that they can accept you.” I’m not completely upset about they didn’t get but it’s just the sneakiness and the lies that really upset me.
  12. I agree with you. I think family is so important, this is why I find the situation so complicated.
  13. What would you do if say you were marrying a guy who had a horrible family but the guy was a kind hearted person. During the whole situation, the guy didn’t get any support from his family during the engagement and after. The sister of the guy was the one who introduced him to the girl. Later on she had told him that she lied to the girl about getting her presents and such in order to accept her brother and that he should be happy. The guy gets really angry with the family. It turned out that the mother of the guy she was marrying was cold to her son and didn’t not care about helping him with anything. The whole family turned out to be really selfish and greedy and only cared about themselves. The mom is also verbally abusive towards the son. The guy who was getting married got upset with the mom and sister and told his future wife that he’s going to block them out of his life inshallah and they will both live happily together. What would you do if you were put into that situation? Would you leave the guy because of his family? If you loved him would you ignore everything else and stay with him? If he’s a really good guy would everything else not matter? How would you live your life so that you don’t have to include his family?
  14. It’s a scary situation to be in. You are stuck in one spot questioning whether to end it or not. You wonder “what if during the marriage they turn to be an amazing husband. Maybe the traumatic experience made them stronger and they begin to appreciate what they have and go beyond in life.” It’s almost like you are gambling. You either end up winning or regretting your decision.
  15. Say the father maybe has a mental illness due to past trauma. The father was physically and mentally abusive to his son and forced him to work at a job at the age of 13 just so he can take the money from him. The father was selfish and only cared about his own well being and no one else. Would that be a red flag if the man you were about to marry had a father like that?
  16. If you were going to marry a guy who had a horrible father would you accept them and not judge them for their father? Also, are our personality traits hereditary? What if the guy you marry might have the same personality as the father.
  17. I believe it because I have heard so many similar stories. It’s scary because how can we protect ourselves from such people? I heard of some women who were so jealous of a married man that they would go to an extent to go to a witch to cast a spell so they can separate. Can severe depression or irrational thinking be one of them? And when they are sick because of black magic, would they be aware of it?
  18. I have heard many stories of people finding random items in their homes or around their homes. For example, there was one story of my aunt where she found hair wrapped in paper at her front porch. Another story was of my uncle who saw this lady digging up something in the middle of a field. My uncle decided to check what it was when she had left. My uncle dug up the spot she was digging and found pictures of a child with words written on the pictures and hair was placed with the pictures. There are many other stories that involves witch craft and black magic. What are some signs that indicate that someone has cast black magic on you?
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