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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes, or if someone who believes in one God but doesn't define themselves with any religion. So my question would be based on both
  2. I know this is an obvious question, but can you only marry someone who is Muslim? What if they believed in one God but don't define themselves as Muslims?
  3. That's one of the bad effects of running! But there is something else about jogging that leaves a negative impact. Someone else had told me they heard a doctor say the same thing that I mentioned to her. I don't have enough knowledge about it and I know this site is not the perfect place to ask it but there is something about jogging (running in general) that is bad for you. I really wish I was proven wrong because running is the one thing that I go to when I am down or just completely upset.
  4. I remember watching this video of a man who knew a lot about specific topics. He was very knowledgeable as he was a highly educated man. I can’t remember his name or the video because it was a while back, but one of the things he mentioned was that long distance running or just high intense running was actually bad for you. He mentioned how you shouldn’t keep your heart pumping like that because it actually only causes more health issues in the long run. It can cause wrinkles and other types of issues. I don’t remember the exact sentences he said it, but it was along those lines. Since then, I have stopped jogging or doing long distance running for those reasons. I love running because it removes all stress from the mind, it’s basically an escape for me. I just hope what this man said was wrong, but I can’t imagine it being wrong because he was not just any random guy who didn’t know anything. What I want to know from any one who has enough knowledge about it or has studied about it to prove it wrong. I don’t just want anyone to answer it, I prefer someone who has backed up knowledge about this topic. Thank you and God bless you all :)
  5. Thank you sis, that's so kind of you to say that! Your words made my day. God bless your beautiful heart
  6. That’s exactly it! I agree, we should always show kindness even if someone has wronged us. Although sometimes it can be very hard but Allah loves the patient ones
  7. An update on what I found out so that other girls won’t fall into the same silly game trap. I found out he has a girlfriend so he got scared and it’s trying to hide his facebook from me. He doesn’t want to lose his chance with me. It’s disgusting and creepy. Everything is a learning experience alhamdulilah
  8. Salam, I have a question. I have a Facebook account for work related. I don’t have up close personal pictures otherwise if I did I won’t add guys. But I do add guys from work because I prefer to have them there rather than adding their numbers, it feels more personal having their numbers so I add them instead. There is a guy who really likes me at work, I would say almost obsessed. I like him but he just seems a bit Immature because he doesn’t know how to express his feelings. I don’t show my attraction by flirting or anything. I show it with my kindness and by having interesting topics to talk about. Somehow he was reccomened to me on Facebook even though we don’t have mutual friends. I decided to add him. An hour later he removes my friend request and removes the option of adding him. Honestly I was kinda hurt. I wondered why he would do a thing like that so I started to look into his Facebook and noticed he did have a pictures of him drinking alcohol and being in group settings with girls and guys, like some party thing. A day before that he did try to get my attention at work and he did say by to me when he was done work. And so I thought of giving him a chance again. I am just confused about why he would decline a friend request. I do sometimes ignore him at work and he would try to get my attention....to me he seems very childish. I’m embarrassed to show my face at work now and don’t even know how to react when I see him. So I would really like to read answers on why he would decline me so that I can be less awkward at work. I could have ignored him in general and not added him but I guess my heart can never ignore him completely. I know this whole scenerio is silly but the situation still bugs me. Thanks everyone
  9. I agree, I’m starting to look at a differently now. Maybe my thoughts about it can be changed. It is deceptive to clean the vaccinations out of my system. There probably isn’t any way to do that in the first place. No one should never defy the law. If the law tells us to do it, we should. We are living in their country, so why go against their rules. I’ll just follow through the procedure and inshallah all goes well. God bless
  10. But brother you are also getting off topic here, I’m not trying to be rude. I specifically asked for answers on my topic. You are leading it to a different direction when I have not asked for it. Obviously the things you mentioned will eventually lead to other related issues such as the Black Plague that you just mentioned. I was going to mention it in my thread that I don’t want anyone to reply if they are going to go against what I said because it will just go into a different direction. That’s natural as we are human human beings. I will never agree with you, I am firm with my beliefs and so are you. I respect that. I believe living a humble life without all this vaccinnations that messes up our body and mind. If vaccinations are so great, why are people not protected from getting cancers? Why is depression at a rise? Maybe it’s linked to these vaccinations, linked to what we eat and what we use in our daily lives. I can’t change what you think and you can’t change what I think. Let’s leave it at that and respect both sides. I wish you the best, God bless.
  11. We don’t know everything, and we don’t always know what’s really good or bad for us. Sometimes we think something is good for us but in reality it isn’t. We may have been deceived our whole life. Truth is stranger than fiction.
  12. True, millions of people did die of the Black Plague, you can’t really fake facts when that many people died. But I still don’t believe everything I read. They can say people lived a horrible brutal life back then, but in reality they probably didn’t. I’m getting way off topic here but how are we living a better life now? How are we evolving? Sadly we are moving backwards not forwards. Cancer is at its worst now. Also, the world is getting more polluted. Look at China, the once beautiful country is one of the most polluted places. I read somewhere that some countries are sending their garabage to China’s landfills. Did they consider what the people of China think about this? Did they have a say in this? Also, vast amounts of forests are getting destroyed and replaced with landfills and factories. We are destroying the Earth, not making it better. And we are slowly killing our selves in the process.
  13. Reza, out of curiosity, why do you think it’s a dangerous step to take?
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