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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. There is no halal way for people of the same sex to have an intimate relationship. A man and a woman can make mistakes and sin but they can get married and ask for forgiveness. Openly being gay and not repenting is an act of kuffar. It's like saying I don't read salat even though I know Allah has commanded me to. And I don't care and Islam should accept it. At that point I'm out of Islam.
  2. There would have to be too much compromise of beleifs to reach that position. I would therefore not trust such a Muslim.
  3. What do you mean by cheat. As in they have a haram relationship outside marriage ?
  4. Salaam would any here consider getting/being a second wife. As it seems to be a dying sunnah.
  5. 1)Imam Ali is. The succesor of the final Prophet. 2)No I don't believe 3)I don't believe in Prophet Isa's return.
  6. I disagree in part. Although actions and living correct is the best form. Active dawah should also be encouraged. Especially if living in non Muslim lands.
  7. The Qur'an is the key. If it can't be prooven to be God's word everything falls apart. The Qur'an must be a proof of God without relying on anything else.
  8. First step ask if the God/Gods that you believe in gave us purpose or just left us to carry on. If we have a purpose. How is it communicated to us. Then take all the religions that talk about that communication. Next decide whether multiple God are plausible. If not you are left with few monotheistic relegions. Once you get to that step ask the question "which monotheistic relegion is correct ?" Not the whole answer to your question. But nessary steps.
  9. These are some of my thoughts and questions. If the inffalible Imam is in occultation. 12er need to rely on fallible scholars. So zaidi and Sunni relying on fallible leaders is not to far from current 12er. What is the evidence that he went into occultation ? What is the evidence that he is alive and present. ? If he is can anyone bring any evidence on his influence today ?
  10. These are some questions. Im keen to know the 12er answers.
  11. The main recitations Hafs , narrator 90-180 AH Qalun narrator 120-220 AH Warsh 110-197 AH Both qalun and warsh were predominant in Medina Hafs is most widely know and was popularised by Cairo According to zaidi the consistent of Ahlul Bayt point to qalun being the most authentic.
  12. I get your point what design do you suggest? I western Europe churches have spires people associate domes with mosques. 12er design mosques have Allah ontop if the dome instead of a cresent. Inside the done is usually the names of Allah. It seems in line with our philosophy.
  13. We need to know the context. Were wild dogs running wild. Were people praying to graves etc
  14. Welcome to the internet. You are a username.
  15. Men can give leadership to who ever they want. Even a child. Allah only gives leadership to men. Women's leadership is limited one example is biology. A man could run for president for years and raise a family but a woman would have to a avoid getting pregnant to be a consistent leader. Another example is physical traits women need to be protected by law (generally enforced by men) otherwise the rule of might favours men. Spirituality is not the difference as seen from Qur'an. "If any do deeds of righteousness be they male or female and have faith, they will enter Heaven, and not the least injustice will be done to them." so there must be other reasons for only Male Islamic leaders.
  16. 1) they are synonyms open any thesaurus or dictionary 2) the hadith gives the reason 3) what you find unfathomable is not important. 4) Common sense is subjective
  17. Why not ? if the hadith is authentic then it's the best characteristics for a woman according to the best of men after Rasool. Now if the hadith is not authentic or its misunderstood that's a diffirent matter.
  18. That's why I posted the hadith and seperate quote from the article on Islam.org to confirm the position. Yes I would as it's advice from Imam Ali and as I don't have those characteristics it would balance our lives once married.
  19. Both statements can exist. Cultural, values that are not unislamic but non Islamic/pagan roots.
  20. That's the nature of knowledge. As long as the topic is spoken about.
  21.  Mirat al Uqul ”  However, there is no doubt that people are obliged to work with what is included in the Mushafs and to read it until Al-Qayem appears, and this is known through numersous traditions (mutawatir) from the way of Ahlul Bayt and most traditions relating to this topic point to omission and change" Baqir Majlisi.
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