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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Logically speaking I can find no answer. And finding authentic hadith set by Sunni standards regardless of collection their isn't much evidence literally. Also from my research the existence of the 12th Imam is not proven by *12er standards. My theory the widely known hadith of 12 was used by certain political groups. When a 12 Imam could not be found, the story of a hidden Imam was created. *Although I'm still confused about the exact standards for authentication. ( Any help would be appreciated)
  2. Evolution as a theory does not go against intelligent design. Also the scientific language needs to be as precise as possible. Evolution as a scientific theory is far from accurate. I can observe two objects of different mass dropped in a vacuum chamber. I can accurately measure the speed distance and time an calculate acceleration. I can then come up with a scientific law which states objects are accelerated towards the Earth at 9.8 m/s/s. I can then state that the theory of gravity is a good explanation for the observation. And do many more observations and experimentation to increase my understanding. But I haven't proven gravity exists. It's still a theory but a useful one. Now compare this with the accuracy of the observations that form the basis of the theory of evolution. Also consider the following questions: How useful is the theory of evolution. ? How does this theory disprove intelligent design ? Why is evolution theory propogated as fact and why is it used by opponents of intelligent design ?
  3. Which hadith and how do you know they are authentic. And what do you do when 2 hadith of Masoom contradict.
  4. So do Sunni scholars. "Big difference between taking rulings by qiyas and non-masoom" Sunni take rulings from an infallible Prophet. Both do qiyas for modern issues as there is no direct hadith.
  5. It's completed we just all require fallible scholars to reach the knowledge of the masoom. That applies to Sunni and Shia currently.
  6. Whats the law on gender surgery. Can you give me a hadith And if laws are clear why do Shia scholar differ on moon sighting ?
  7. Sunni follow the infallible the Prophet. But who tells us which hadith are correct/real ..fallible scholars of course Shia follow infallible Imams and Prophet. But who tells us which hadith are real/ correct fallible scholars of course. Who derive laws using Qur'an and hadith of Masoom ..... fallible scholars for Sunni and Shia. See it's the same.
  8. Exactly so Sunni Shia are in the same position. Use fallible scholars to interpret hadith and Qur'an. And no clear guidance on how much power and influence these scholars have. And that's why there are divisions with Sunni and Shia. Which I believe was the original question. Sunni Four schools, mutazilite, asharite etc Shia usooli akhbari wilyatal faqi debate.
  9. If he is available how do you contact him to get an answers for questions. For example what day Ramadhan is and the ruling for the moon sighting in your country ? Or the ruling on modern ethical problems such as cloning or gender surgery.
  10. Of course I have a right. I might be wrong but I have a right. Sunni have so many division because they also don't know who to follow.At the present time. There is no Islam state united under 1 leadership for Sunni, and no available Imam for Shia. Both are in the same situation. Follow scholars to interpret religion through hadith and Qur'an. So who to follow and how much power they have will always be discussed/debated/argued/fought over.
  11. You are all fighting because despite beleiving in a present infallible Imam, you have no clear guidance, and have ended up in the same position as majority of Muslims. With the question "how do we run the Muslim world". And now that every one has access to material and opinions, your clergy can't just use the "just listen to us approach".
  12. I've never heard this. From where/who did you learn this ?
  13. Just asking. You don't have to answer. I'll tell you why I asked if you answer though
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