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  1.  Mirat al Uqul ”  However, there is no doubt that people are obliged to work with what is included in the Mushafs and to read it until Al-Qayem appears, and this is known through numersous traditions (mutawatir) from the way of Ahlul Bayt and most traditions relating to this topic point to omission and change" Baqir Majlisi.
  2. 1)Nawrooz predates is 3000 years old (Wikipedia) also has zoarastrian roots 2) Fine you can celebrate it as a cultural new year. But it's not an Islamic celebration unless the Prophet authorised it.
  3. I don't entirely agree as the Prophets and Imams adviced us to marry early. If we go against advice then we can't blame Allah "Its not good to be such a fitnah in other people's relationships. This can be a cause for your own prayers to be rejected by Allah subhana wa tala. " I agree with this. It was an error on my part. Thank you for pointing it out.
  4. Great question I'm not well versed but I would say the Insertion or ommitance of a word. Or rearranging a sentence. Eg "the cat jumped over the rat" becomes the "the rat jumped over the cat" Do you believe in this level of tareef ?. If so can you provide evidence. Also I read the hafs recitation is traced back to Imam Ali if so it is the only correct and true reading. Is this
  5. This is one of the reasons that lead me to research. Which eventually resulted in me Ieaving 12er. Zaidi follow the Ahlul Bayt but with much stricter criteria for hadith.
  6. There are only a small number of hadith on Nawrooz. And even in this small number there hadith for and against its celebration. Also think about it logically Nawrooz is based on the solar calendar it always occurs in March. It can conicide with any Islamic date. Can we celebrate it if it is on 10th Muharram ? Diwali historically may have conicided with a good day on the Islamic calender. Does that mean we can celebrate Diwali every year ?
  7. And that he had more duties under the Prophet after the killings.
  8. Some Muslims try but you can't suger coat the truth. The light of Islam always shines through no matter what society wants. As for Khalid nice spin on the issue.
  9. I think modern Muslims try to suger coat Islam. Remember Khalid bin Waleed killed a group. The Prophet denounced his actiones. Blood money was paid and then he participated in further jihads. What's the spin that we put on this to make our selves feel better ?
  10. So you agree you can strike your wife with same force you strike to Earth with in tayamum.
  11. 42 "religious", rich, takes care of his looks and not married......... hmmmm was he some kind of monk. If not why did he not get married ?
  12. Also this whole miswak business. I believe the hadith is seen a weak. But even so a man can still lay the smack down with a miswak. They are pretty hard just look at *Jacky Chan's use of a pen  *May have been a different Kung Fu star
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