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  1. best way to find a pious muslim bride...... shiamatch ofc. The website itself is so up to date and intuitive. Edit: *I hope the sarcasm was obvious enough lol*
  2. Ibn Arabi has been highkey one of the greatest influences on my view of Islam period. He was an amazing man may Allah bless him, though of course not infallible. Please do not take the exact numbering of days seriously, many times numbers are not "as they are" when describing creation or in the subject of eschatology. Just assume it was stated as in "7000 years" just equated to a long period of time.
  3. Bismillah God is not ignoring you it is promise in the Quran that he hears every supplicants prayer. Having said this I can not say I truly understand what you are going through. Though it would be best if you remained patient and persevered. Allah is engaging in a dialogue with you right now take time to meditate and reflect on what has happened and the lessons you can learn from your situation. Additionally I see this trend of people saying "Why does Allah hate me", trust me I understand life can sometimes force us to think this way. However Allah loves his children, it is said that he loves you more than 70 mothers, do not despair in his mercy. You will find the peace you are looking for enshallah I know it, if you need any assistance with your situation feel free to dm. "O you who believe! seek assistance through patience and prayer; surely Allah is with the patient." (Surah Al-Baqara: Verse 153)
  4. You got this bro. You dont have to be perfect, as long as your 1% better than you were yesterday, your making progress. Keep on keeping on not gonna say its gonna be easy, but the very fact that you have acknowledged how much you want to repent and turn back to allah is a gift from allah. So take advantange of that gift and pour your heart out, he listens to the prayer of every supplicant no matter their situation. I hope you find the peace you are looking for enshallah. If you just need someone to talk to shoot me a dm, especially with the anxiety stuff im struggling with that myself.
  5. Revert from sunni islam to shia islam. I have literally never not even while i was sunni, heard someone saying that muslims get 72 virgins. In addition to this its widely accepted in sunni circles that such a thing does not exist. The only time ive ever heard of this concept mentioned is in satire [lol].
  6. Adab and respect is the best for of dawah. My only recommendation would be when you have conversations do not stoop to her level if she is acting out. It will lend itself to your own credibility, and she will hopefully realize this.
  7. This topic bruuuuh. It seems that this is a recurring issue. The issue is not even syed and non syed marriage. Its the arrogance one party has for another, because they did the "really hard job" of being born under a specific title, caste, or tribe etc. It saddens me to keep seeing this issue arise so much. May allah make it easy for those involved.
  8. I am a revert from sunni islam to shia islam. I never felt the need to curse any so called sahaba. I may be wrong, and again im no scholar, but the idea of disassociating from a certain personality never translated for me to curse them. I acknowledge that these individuals may very well have been enemies of the ahlul bayt AS, but I cannot find it in me to send lanaa on someone. Neither do I think you have to to be a follower of the ahlul bayt AS.
  9. Thank you brother, I think you hit the nail on the head with this one, I hope they will change their mind once they see a signifiant change in me. It is exactly how you said it that they fear I will curse the "sahaba."
  10. Selam, the thing is I know when she says she will "kill herself" its a kind of emotional abuse to make me stop following the Ahlul Bayt AS. I have tried to debate and I have given them solid proofs while keeping respect of course. But its not really about that, they are not the type of people to change their mind after proofs, it is clear that they are stuck in their ways. Even when I bring up Imam Hassan or Hussain, or even Imam Ali AS, my father says "so you worship them not God" its like I can never win to be honest. They will use the most base attacks that make no sense just to "disprove" me.
  11. Mainly because I became interested in it during my first year in college (j am in my second year now). Mainstream Sunni Islam seemed devoid of any real faith or spirituality. So I moved onto sufism and eventually Shia Islam(Through various proofs). At the end of the day I was praying for Allah to guide me to the straight path and elhamdulillah I ended up on the path of the Ahlul Bayt AS which filled a void that I had been having for many years.
  12. Thanks for the advice brother, but moving out isn't really an option as I am the only one they have to take care of them. Sadly my parents are not really that laid back about religion they take it very seriously. Also I have shown them many of the duas of our Imams AS such as Dua e Yastasheer, and Dua e Mashlool. But the debate always goes onto Shia vs Sunni. I took the route of taqiyyah when my mother started balling, I just said "I will follow what you want me to I am done arguing." I feel as if I am put between a rock and a hard place. Nonetheless thank you for your kind words. I realize that at the end Allah is Greater than any trial or any will for ease I may have I must be steadfast on the truth regardless.
  13. Salam guys, pretty on point with Ramadan happening my Mother really confronted me about being a Shia. She started attacking me and telling me that I was doing shirk and the basic uneducated attacks we usually get. But she eventually started balling after talking for a bit and said that she would kill herself if I was actually Shia. This really hurt, I told her that I was done arguing it and that it was clear that she did not care for how I felt. Ive been dealing with this pretty subtlety from my parents for that past couple of months ever since they found my mohr, stuff like "Its the uneducated that go to Shiism" and much more stuff along these lines. I don't know how to live harmoniously with my parents like this, I really don't know what to do except to keep on hiding my beliefs as I am already doing. I have tried to be as patient as possible but nothing seems to work. Any advice?
  14. It reminds me of Imam Ali AS quote : "A person is either your brother in faith, or your equal in humanity" I agree with you @notme
  15. I am not really sure about "Shia" charities. But Helping Hand for Relief and Development is actually a pretty good one. It operates in most of the mentioned regions.
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