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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What Islamic teachings are being followed? Besides Jurisprudence? Do we have Islamic societies and communities, or ignorant societies that are following by each backgrounds tradition?
  2. Islam doesnt change. People just don’t implement Islamic teachings anymore.
  3. It was best for Shia to stay under oppression in Iraq, rather than have authority go against everything that was preached for. Shifting from teachings of the Just Imam Ali to the Sahaba tyrants
  4. I think the term "feminism" in the Muslim world came out after Male clerics made Islam more of a meninist religion and we have to accept that. Islam is a religion that is just between men and women, but Muslim clerics and Muslim societies arent. And we also have to accept that. Problem is, feminists are taking it too far, and the meninist culture of Muslims took it too far.
  5. An example of Pakistanis heavily influenced by Hindus. Hindus have a sacred animal which happens to be a cow. Pakistani Shia had to have a sacred animal as well, so they made Zu al Jannah sacred. And as you see in all of Pakistani Shia Muharram Processions, you have a horse walking around with all the ornaments and people make sure they touch him to grasp on its blessing.
  6. A report by BBC aired yesterday. Very shameful. We've always HEARD of these things, but first time we actually see it.
  7. When I say something with a certain intention. And another person twists the fact of why I said something. And says " Oh I plainly said this so I'm just saying it how it is" and acting clueless and innocent. No. You remind me well of Salafis with that logic. And when someone accuses a Sheikh for listening to Music and mocking him, because of a poem about the Nile River and accusing him writing "Souma" as in "Umm Kulthoom", that shows the ill intention. Again, reminding me of Salafis. Well well pal. You got your ways, I got mine. Deal with it.
  8. Just like any religion or belief or dogma or idea, it gets distorted with years. Just like Christianity, Judaism.
  9. I don’t have a problem with different views. I have a problem with a person twisting facts and making up lies about a prominent scholar. This doesnt show good intentions. And when people try to defame scholars in the name of "religion" with bad intentions, then that person is not religious at all. You don’t just call scholars things and twist what they meant to feel "you won" in a stupid forum discussion.
  10. You can if they havent touched them with their bare hands.
  11. I don’t think all Muslims abide by the morals of Islam. Do you?
  12. I really feel bad for a person like you. You must be very lonely in life, trying to prove your religious devotion by attacking other prominent figures. That makes you seem such a knowledgeable person doesnt it? May Allah guide you, because you're full of....
  13. You spoke with negative connotation towards Shaikh Ahmad al Waeli.
  14. I'm 12 years old And what is the problem with that?
  15. Exactly. Then, don’t give impulsive answers. Think well before you judge anyone.
  16. Dude, who cares?! Whats more important her thigh showing, or her living like that? Whats the common sense to it. It is a symbol now in Europe and the West because of people being anti-Islamic. But if you live in a Muslim society, what does it mean, or change? Nothing. Its just another person.
  17. Barrel bombs kill a limited amount of people. Your hate, kills generations Well maybe, you ought to cut the tongue of these fellas as well:
  18. What does it deal with, other than being a obligatory dress code. If I may ask? Religious wise, devotion wise.. etc..?
  19. True, but you said in "Islam" not Muslims.
  20. ^^^ Daaayyyummm....I expected you to be faster than that. Getting slow man! The Islamic Ummah needs you to spread your hate around the globe!
  21. BowTie


    Logically speaking, you shouldnt. Jurisprudence wise...you're in deep .......
  22. Islam is full of politics. A lot of the stances the Prophet and Ahlul Bayt took, were political.
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