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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Her friend is a nosey and curious person who shoves her business in every one else and she needs to cut off her relationship with her so called friend
  2. What I dont get is how is it easy to commit Zina but not Muta? its the same steps just let her add a sentence ahead of time and its good.
  3. No this “hadith” says anyone who is rich is from haram money or he is cheap
  4. I suppose if your husband why not?
  5. Regarding Khums. It is a very wrong comparison. Whether a average person paid or rich person paid. It should be paid. Many average people dont pay khums as well. Problem with Khums is scholars aren’t the clear ones regarding how this Khums is being paid. No clarity to be honest. And its sad that around every Shrine you have poor people living and beggars outside. p.s. instead of pointing fingers at rich people, blame scholars incite rich people to gold plate the shrines. Each shrine contains 10 millions of dollars out of gold.
  6. There are many religious Shia multimillionaires. We dont hear about them because Shia all around the world enjoy being under the radar. That is not true. Many scholars have been asked about this. Either they said Imam Ali was speaking about a specific issue at that time or its just not true. It contradicts many Hadiths or even the Quran that Allah decides to send wealth to someone or not.
  7. When the Prophet and the Imams were here, not everyone converted to Islam let alone Shia Islam.
  8. Influenced by the Hindu caste system, this topic is only asked by Indian and Pakistani Shia. No one really outside these two countries ever ask this.
  9. The question is, why do Sunnis point their finger unlike Shia who dont.
  10. Clearly you misread when I stated “Marjas”. I didnt say Islam. Thus when you are hyped up for ShiaChat, the least you may do to argue with someone, is argue with what someone said not what your brain understood.
  11. Shia Fiqh according to certain dominant Marja’s has the most unjust rulings for women regarding divorce. So the answer would probably be “if she dies”
  12. Because Muslim scholars are men. A problem in our current Muslim world, were men want to lecture women about themselves. But also a problem were you cant find enough women lecturers.
  13. Of course as a Shia I find this rally stupid. But also I dont know why Shia in Pakistan want to cry out of oppression yet continue giving others a reason to lash back at them. Yes these bias governments or people have oppressed us for years. But cursing wont set us free either. Only Unity fulfils what the Prophet wanted. Did Imam Ali fight back or curse them when they attacked Sayeda Fatimas house or did he do what was best for the Ummah?
  14. May Allah cure him. Dont bring up Karbala because even not all Shia do that. And it may complicate your relationship with them. Keep it to prayers and dua.
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