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  1. How is the Qur'an and hadiths of Ahlul Bayt keep you from sexual desires? these advices make people sin. Reminding me of advices of pastors and priests
  2. Hmmm Make a mix of Chocolate, garlic, a pinch of chilli onions, mix them with 5 raw eggs. Mix a bit of flour, bake them. and eat hopefully you will get rid of your sexual desires. Make dua for me brother
  3. Anyway allll of this is off topic, this whole topic is Mr.. Kiddo telling Hezbollah that they should proceed into making Lebanon an Islamic country because he felt very Muslim after listening to a couple of Duas, thinking he knows the situation of the Ummah better than its leaders.
  4. Banning Niqab didnt come under “religious hate”, it came out of national security technicalities. Its controversial but its understandable when you put emotions aside.
  5. Add Iran. Not all Iranian cities run like Mashhad and Qumm. There are many Iranian cities who ate pretty wild but with Hijabi women - to keep it wild but with Islamic costume other wise its a sin
  6. And your basing your argument from info out of “elders of villages”, which most of them even have the wrong misconception of Islam because they mix Islam with old village tradition?
  7. Really? And you need a law by the government for you to become Muslim, have values and beliefs? thats the reason many “Muslims” who live in religious countries and societies travel they lose faith because its the laws and norms that dictate their belief, rather than having a solid faith. There are many religious Muslims in Brazil as well. I know a lot of Brazilian Lebanese who are pretty religious and ultra conservative. And there are many non-religious Muslims that live in the Arab world, Iran, Pakistan, etc.. All of your arguments are pretty invalid. Iran, Arab world, other Muslim countries, internally have problems of their own. And we are no where near “Islamic societies”. And the corruption that occurs in Muslim countries occurs no where in the world (Iran included big time on this) Fighting Imperialism doesnt mean you blindfold yourself with a bunch of lies to feel satisfid with yourself. Being against imperialism is war for who tries to invades our country, that doesnt make it Islamic. Do you call Dahye a Islamic society? @Laayla because I find it a embarrasment to Islam
  8. And what is the basis of your argument that in Muslim countries or societies people are more religious? From the outside its covered by an Islamic blanket, and when you get under the blanket, you find out there are no Islamic principles, no’r religious values what so ever. It doesnt mean if you hang black flags all over the streets during Ashoura that this community or country is highly religious. It only means reigion has become a “tradition”. On the contrary, within my experience, Muslims who are religious and live outside Muslim countries and Muslim societies are more religious and understand Islam better than people who live in such countries or societies.
  9. Are you saying people living outside Islamic countries lose their religion? Wow, you should inform ALL the hard working lecturers and scholars in Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, etc.. Maybe they can answer you Thats not true. In fact many people 20-30 years ago went their “as refugees” when they actually weren’t. And all the people from dominant Muslim countries in Europe especially have their “stories” of how they went or that or this person went to Europe. Truth hurts
  10. If so, many Muslims wouldnt be living in such countries and say “theres no way they would go back to their country of origin”, other than being in a civilized country, a human has more respect and more rights than our countries.
  11. United States and Europe have countries built on Islamic principles more than our Islamic countries. Your argument isnt valid.
  12. Dude stop, you’re cracking me up. Please man stay within finding out solutions for the corrupt Muslim government of your own, and find solutions for the backstabbers of Sayed Khamenei who you can’t let go of, and go find solution for the Islamix Republic who is just an Islamic Republic in some provinces only. You’re stating very Wikipedia information little kid.
  13. That was a bunch of bull.... Political failure at its best
  14. BowTie

    First time praying at my local (Sunni) masjid

    As Shia we always find it weird when praying in Sunni masjids, and we have all these stories of Shias being confronted. But Sunnis also have many stories of being confronted in Shia masjids. But as Shia we feel more compassion with the Shia being confronted in the Sunni masjid, because we’re Shia. This happens everywhere in all religions that has different sects. Personally I have prayed in many Sunni masjids, and precisely a masjid near my university where I have prayed daily. And I can say I never had a problem with anyone. Yes someone might ask something out of interest or out of feeling they want me to kno something but it is also out of respect. Also the problem falls under many Shia who go to a Sunni masjid feeling they are “defying an enemy”, that attitude will get you in problems. If you go to a masjid you go to pray not to challenge people with your Shia pride.