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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. why dont you reveal yourself. Which actual member of this forum are you?
  2. No. In Arabic اسم means name. باسم means in the name. its true, and I read why some long time ago but cant remember.
  3. Exactly then why are you worried about some Fiqh changing or things in the Aqida changing? Problem is many hold on to unimportant things too much they wont accept the feeling of having held to something for long and defended their life over it and it changes. In our Shia faith for long our scholars have debated over a lot of things.
  4. Are we a religion of tradition or righteousness?
  5. And what are the reasons the woman might reject you for? You’re sin-free now hmmm...
  6. I dont understand whats the problem with saying Kafi is 70% false? 1. Unlike Sunnis we never claimed Kafi and Bihar al Anwar are 100%. 2. Our faith isnt based on some Hadith books.
  7. I think we should embrace them without being supportive of their adultery. At least try to win them over one way or another. I do think someone should really have a plan for it in the Muslim world since their numbers are getting creepy.
  8. Khalifa (caliph) in Arabic means successor. So please dont look too deep into it, you’ll hurt your eyes.
  9. Thats what I’m saying looking deep into a philosophy of how “succession should only be made by Allah” etc.. can be refuted easily. We have very strong points on why Imam Ali should be the successor and they’re very strong. Why do we decide to skip these and enter a swirl of emotions of philosophies and “bias analysis” on what is the most logical. Quran, and the Prophet left bold clear messages on whose next full stop.
  10. Your argument is as weak as tissue paper. You cant convince anyone but yourself with those.
  11. Well if that is how you think you will convince Sunnis, no wonder why they’re still Sunnis. Very weak argument based on emotions not facts
  12. That excuses that Abu Bakr was an idol worshipper and thus his past would be always held against him is the worst thing I hear Shias say. Since when does your previous sin after you repent be held against you? our problem when we want to talk about the sahaba, we find what we can to talk about them, and forget its nothing personal its about religion. Lets find what goes in the line and discuss
  13. It would be very gullible to think no one does that these days. Every country/government/regime/political wing/political party do that these days
  14. I assume you have no knowledge about the Islamic loopholes or use this “term” not this so you can take the interest. Your example of food and comparing it to Riba is completely different. Do your full research, and come back to me with a informed reply rather than the whole pious reply
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