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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well when you make a caste system and merge it into the Shia faith. I don’t think its Bollywood my friend.
  2. Living in a wrecked household makes a person an outcast most of the times as well. If not an outcast, maybe still social, smiling, but torn apart on the inside and not happy. thats why its a personal choice of what road the person would like to walk through
  3. See I never understood the Shia Pakistani. Claiming to be very hardcore Shia yet very influenced by Hindu religion. What is this made up “Sayeds only marry Sayed”? Only in Pakistan. Turning religion into social statuses. Never seen any worldwide Shia get into these things like Pakistanis.
  4. Past is past my man. He could think if he puts tupac quotes it would make him look open minded or he can get in touch with the western world more. Its politics and tactics. Its not wrong if he did it once. Its his 3rd time and always very cheesy
  5. An account with a blue checkmark that has been for a while now. if Ahmadinejad hasnt issued a statement to claim its not him, it means its him I don’t understand why someone chooses to make up illusions in order to cover up for someone
  6. If you follow cultural and social traditions a lot. You will be limited and confined to what society expects from you, rather than what goals you set for yourself
  7. Could be a rare health issue. Or psychological issue that stems from emotional problems or something. but you know these days they turn everything into an sexual orientation. One of those modern hypes
  8. Hes done it again. Someone must have introduced Ahmadinejad to Tupac recently.
  9. Some people in this forum got a lot of ambition
  10. People who have no sexual feelings
  11. Magic on him? are you from Africa? Other than that. I don’t know why many people give advice about patience when they’re not the ones hurting. But I tied your other topic with this one. Makes sense.
  12. I am surprised for the ignorant topic that suggests that Sayed Fadlallah is the only scholar said that. Funny enough, if you were to make a topic called “A response to Shaykh al Mufeed”, ShiaChat would go ballistic since Shaykh al Mufeed is one of the pillars of the Shia School. or why didnt you put “response to Shaykh Kashef al Ghata’”. If you were going to respond have a strong heart and respond to the scholars that Sayed Fadlallah took his knowledge from and all our modern scholars took their knowledge from. Nevertheless, Sayed Fadlallah never denied it. Its a shame for such a topic in the month of Ramadan.
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