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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank You for sharing views on my query No I have no resident alim There is no Shia mosque or center in our town I listen to syed abid hussain zaidi lectures on youtube the is the student of maulana Sadiq Hasan a well renowned scholar His youtube channel is madrassa tul qaim (عليه السلام) Sometimes he tells a surprising thing with which I get confused a new information But things get better on discussing
  2. @Ejaz Ejaz brother I thank you for your initiative I hope this scholar shall bring changes to the attitude of religious hardliners on Shia @Ashvazdanghe brother thankyou for guidance I hope your effort will bear fruit for strengthening Islam and shiaat
  3. The fresh report is that there are now 201 views Shia 30% Sunni 70%
  4. One more question I also want to learn Azaan qiraat excellently so also guide me on this issue
  5. My question is a bit interesting I have seen many videos on Yout ube of learning Qur'an qiraat but I am more interested in learning Iraninan qirat like this sweet voice Is there any expert on this? Please tell me Also that are there any Pre reqisites for learning sweet Iranian qirat
  6. Brother tell me If I am tired can I offer prayers (Mustahab+Wajib) while sitting plus takbeer tul ahram also in this position and also tell me about a case of a person who is ill
  7. Sir thankyou for your kind response All methods you listed were quite most acceptable and can be worked out Sir actually the story is I am supporting a Shia channel named Islamic World On this channel a local cleric molana agha iftkhar mirza's lectures are present Few days ago a Sunni brother was showing his hatred on Shia Islam because he saw a little hatred contained video on famous Youtube channel Fiqa Jafferia It gradually added fuel to his anti behaviour and hundred of Sunni brother Also it is a blunder made by Fiqa Jafferia that discussing Sunni personalities do not promote love but anti Shia not Then suddenly instead of talking I shown him video of molana agha iftkhar mirza Suddenly his behaviour changed from anti to kind and only said "The video was marvellous but I have some issues" similarly many more Sunnis liked it Why I not talked to him because I have tolkes with dozens of Sunnis I thought I should promote Shia video which contains answers that What Shias say in their occasions I heard molana that he is a Sunni convert I don't know the truth He said I was not religious till 20's but suddenly Allah shown blessings upon me He has strong grip on marfat of Allah Toheed lilahiyat (amal For only Allah) and much more specially on Shia aqaid His channel URL is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyUDGl9AzcExaeIcaNqPPJw/videos and video URL is If you like this video share it as much as you can this video "A slap to wahabbi who are known to be chamipons in aqaid and anti Shia sentiments" One more point I am not owner of this channel
  8. When I was a small boy I participated in great number in football and I was master of playing it
  9. Sir I want to ask how to increase YouTube views? If somebody is expert in YouTube than kindly help me out and also is there a method to spread any video and it get viral Thank You https://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235060809-video-friday-prayer/
  10. my brothers and sisters I request you to watch this Shia based video and share it so that most people could see it as much as it can The link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=188ielQoH4o&t=223s
  11. No brother I have heard that in standing or sitting it is must and wajib to say takbeer in standing position then you may sit or stand to say prayer
  12. Sir I want to ask a question about shia ghusal e mayyat Is it mandatory to give ghusal in the direction of qibla? I have listened a logic about it that is it is so because if qiyamat might come then mayit will stand and go in direction of qibla to reach the place of hisab Is this the logic? If It IS NOT so kindly relate any logic. secondly the mayyat should be buried in north south direction and his head will be turned to qibla If the mayyat assumed to be wrongly buriled with his whole body directed towards qibla face pointing towards sky and in second wrong case if mayyat is buried with face towards not the qibla then what is the fiqh law?
  13. Sir I have a question about Takbeer a tul ahram (wajib takbeer before starting the prayer) Is is mandatory to say takbeer in standing position whether you want to offer prayer while siitng? I am confused when I learned the statement from syed abid hussain zaidi (famous scholar) student of maulana sadiq hasan of madrassa tul qaim Karachi
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