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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Nevsevug reacted to Marbles in W.I.M. wimmin   
    That is a good analogy. However, I'd say that external sources of disharmony succeed in large measure due to the preexisting discord from within. In the society where I live, I notice that there is very little criticism, if at all, of the prevailing attitudes that provide the grounds for the misuse of some Islamic and even cultural practices. What happens is that the blame is shifted to the individual whilst social patterns are conveniently ignored. Putin did not sow seeds of discord in the US overnight. He merely used the internal conflict and the rise of neo-Confederate nationalism in the US to Russia's advantage.
    There's another thing that might explain what you describe in the opening post. There are a lot of people from within the Muslim community who have doubts about the truth and suitability of certain Islamic laws and practices. This comes up so often that it's hard to miss and always causes a big bun fight. I think Muslim communities have still not figured out a way to deal with sceptics and agnostics from within because there hasn't really been a need for that up until now.
    That being said, is there a larger Western neo-imperial narrative and its agents pressing on the so-called traditionalist and/or religious societies to come up to speed? Absolutely. There is no doubt about that. Cultural imperialism has never stopped. That's why the whole of the Western world celebrated when the Indian supreme court decriminalised homosexual activity. India is now officially Gay Hind. 
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    Nevsevug reacted to notme in W.I.M. wimmin   
    I like to give the benefit of the doubt even if I'm skeptical. The harm done by incorrectly assuming that a person is trolling seems far worse to me than the inconvenience of spending time helping someone who is playing us. 
    Besides, I have enough faith in our beliefs and practices that I don't worry about criticism, even if disguised as a plea for help. There are always false assumptions, and once those are corrected, a person in need is helped or a troll gives up. 
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    Nevsevug reacted to Maryaam in W.I.M. wimmin   
    It is best to take posters at their word - because we do not know the reality/unreality or whether their post is exaggeration or underreporting.  Judging someone’s integrity, honesty and level of religiosity based on a few words online is beyond bizarre.  Sure there are trolls, but the post might be genuine and you need to take Muslims at their word unless you have valid reason to believe they are being dishonest.  Online you never know what you dealing with.  The person might be a jaded troll but they also could be someone who is very much on the edge and is posting in desperation.  How would you like to be wrong?
      People are often in difficulty based on bad choices, or sadly, based on the choices of others.  I think that once someone can actually write out what kind of a mess they are in and post it online, they are fully aware of what those bad choices were.  I am sure they do not need to have a member point out what an evil schmuck they are.  It is not helpful.  The pointer-outer comes across as someone who has self-imposed faux moral and religious superiority getting a quick esteem fix by pointing out the faults of others whom they see as inferior to themselves.  Not helpful to anyone - ironically, including themselves.   People disappear after posting because they were either trolls, are wishing they did not post in the first place (and ask for their post to be removed) are embarrassed or humiliated by one or more responses, or feel they have received validation enough to tackle their issue in suggested ways.   If one post can cause extreme turmoil, the problem is not with the poster but with the lack of cohesion within the community members.  If something like a post pushes us off the rails into mayhem, then we have some serious work to do in terms of addressing ongoing misunderstandings that create battlefields when there is even the slightest opportunity.  
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    Nevsevug reacted to King in W.I.M. wimmin   
    Hajj I never see you criticizing the harsh judgement hurled at posters who post these topics.  How is that not damaging to Islam and its institutions? I would argue it is even more damaging and I hardly ever see you call such things out.   To stretch so far as to come up with this theory is just bizarre as there are far easier ways to malign religion and its institutions rather than coming up with these posts.  I would take your concerns a lot more seriously if you were a bit more balanced in your approach.
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    Nevsevug reacted to starlight in Common Errors in Ghusl, Wuddhu and Salat   
    Try finding one that is natural? I am sorry but I don't know how to help you here. 
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