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  1. I never claimed to have mastered theology. What I said, Mr. Ibn Al-Ja'abi, is that during my 3 months of study is that I have picked up disturbing trends. and let me apprise you of something when I study history or religion or philosophy or etc etc infact I have studied many things in my short existence, I read from within and without, because I learnt the hard way never trust people to teach you, always read and interpret issues myself, no matter what and no matter what the cost. That said, I am off my game. My country heads to historic democratic elections in 60 days and for the first time since 1994, the ruling African National Congress is not assured of getting even a clear 50%. So everybody is jittery, from our currency to stock market stocks, everyone is just jittery about their economic investments including me. So I must apologise, Mr.. Arab man, that yes, I was incohorent and all. and Sir, I don’t appreciate it when you get personal. If we were on even ground, we could go toe to toe but since the admins here don’t like me, I must be restrained. If you cannot hold back in being personal, rather don’t comment on my posts. I am not condescending, just a tad bit too truthful in my interpretations, I don’t live in a world of fear where I could die questioning dominant ideologies and religious prescriptions. As for "new unhinged and insane posts, something crazier in you than this" oh you are so right. I've read too much history.
  2. During these 3 months I have been studying Shia Islam, something that has always bothered me about Islam has turned into a permanent skepticism coupled with certain psychological and personality traits I have encountered on this chat site. It's how Arab nationalism is directly and subliminally promoted in the Qu'ran and the doctrines, thought and spirituality of Shi'ism. I realised it begins with the word "Allah" and note Im only referring to the word and not what the word represents because the word itself represents a concept. I was chatting with a Berber from Algeria (Kabyle) right here in South Africa where he owns a business establishment (its a nightclub where people go to drink and party) and I asked him "Elias, are you Muslim?" He replied "No, not really", I asked him "why not"? He replied that "don’t tell me to believe in a religion of Arabs who came to my land to oppress me" . I asked him another question "do you believe in Allah?" His response which merits careful consideration was "doesnt matter what you call God, if you believe in God then thats all that matters irrespective of what name you use". A fact which cannot be denied or thrown into the dustbin of history is how the word Allah originated. Allah was originally a male pagan God in mecca right there in the Ka'aba before the Qu'ran raised him to the "all knowing all wise Allah" that every Muslim seems to be his media communications officer. I find it slightly confusing, with the Shia definition of God, perhaps on papers as a concept that Allah, taking into consideration Imam Ali's quite detailed definition of this Allah that he is after all A HE! Is it perhaps that he is a HE! that patriarchy and the oppression of the female gender is quite justified in Islam because "surely the all knowing all wise Allah" is always presented as a male. Once a concept, I use the word concept because Im typing from without and not from within. once a concept is presented as a male then it reasons that the attitudes of those who have presented him as a male will justify their insecure manhoods because the "all knowing all wise Allah" after all a male. Before you lecture me on the Shia concept of Allah, let me be clear that I fully understand it. Including Imam Ali's quite detailed thesis on the concept of Allah. It's just a tad bit hypocritical to present this concept of Allah as "Praise belongs to God, who did not originate from anything, nor did He bring what exists into being from anything. His beginninglessness is attested to by the temporality of things, His power by the impotence with which He has branded them, and His everlastingness by the annihilation which He has forced upon them. No place is empty of Him that He might be perceived through localisation, no object is like HIm that He might be described by quality, nor is He absent from anything that He might be known through situation etc etc" note how this Allah is constantly praised as being unique and all yet he is a he he he he he he him this him that he must be obeyed he is all knowing all wise, just note how quite detailed Imam Ali presented his thesis on Allah yet how incredibly contradictory it is when he is a HE! This by the way is not a personal attack on Imam Ali neither is it a personal attack on the religion. This disclaimer is presented to the intellectually feeble. To those who are so insecure about themselves that Islam (Shia) is their only secure identity and that pointing out contradictions is seen as a threat to their own fragile identities in a world in which capitalism has created so much death and destruction that religion is the only escapist fantasy left. I understand. I just cannot stand contradictions in texts which are presented to me as both beginning and end. That is not true, it has never been true and it will never be true. Have you ever wondered why in Christianity, God had a son but not a daughter. If God is a HE then it stands to reason that of course God would want to have a son because the human male attitude is that you want a son as a successor.. Here it is clear that the God of Christianity in impregnating the Virgin Mary is a mere figmentation of whatever male mind or male minds created Christianity. The fact that the son of God had to be male and had the mother a VIRGIN since religious minds have always conceived in their pathetic male insecure selves that a woman must be pure blah blah etc etc..... If women created Christianity, you can bet both your kidneys that God would have bequeathed to the world a daughter. Why is it that all the Prophets are male? Unless I am mistaken, from Judaism right down to Islam, the Prophets are all male. Men. From Abraham to Mohammed, does God only speak to men? Are women so inferior that God deems their ears so impure that they are unworthy of his voice? Note I used the masculine tense to refer to God, the irony is not lost on me because that is the way I was taught about God from Judaism right down to Islam God is a HE. So everything done to women is justifiable because hey, don’t forget, Allah is Him right? unless He wants to bequeath a child to the world then a Virgin Mary is included in the holy texts to handle the birth part. I started this post to speak about the undeniable reality of Arab Nationalism in Islam, direct and subliminal, both conscious and subconcious and unconscious subliminal signals through their language but I got distracted about this disturbing reality of women in Islam and infact all these religions where Father Abraham is the Patriarch. I'll come back to Arabs a bit later on, need to research that one properly.
  3. I think the way you raise your child determines what kind of human being they will be irrespective of gender. There are certain characteristics which ofcourse both genders cannot escape but ultimately it comes down the essence of that human being. If you raise it in the most non-progressive manner then that is exactly what you will see as an adult, an adult that is not progressive. Today in my country, I saw a women, dressed in traditional African women clothing of doek (covers her entire hair), long African skirt she looked like one of those traditional African housewives and she was driving a big a** city commuter bus, like actually transporting commuters to work this morning. I was so shocked but there it is ultimately a specific gender does not determine essence and capability. The sad aspect of some people here on Shia chat is how reactionary they are. Eastern countries are deeply opposed to progress. GENDER DISCRIMINATION IS SO REACTIONARY IT CAN LITERALLY KILL A COUNTRY. Im not sure whether its culture or religion or a mixture of both. Or does throwing in the Holy Qu'ran just incite more gender discrimination that already existed? or vice versa?
  4. Thats what I love about a country such as mine that creates the rule of law that supersedes all laws even religious laws if they discriminate against women. Such ambiguities in inheritance have a long history in my country from a cultural perspective and a religious perspective. But our Constitution adopted in 1996 states that the rule of law in South Africa is the only law and any law that violates against it is simply unconstitutional and void. That includes such ambiguities in Sharia law. I love Shia Islam, I believe in the primacy of Islam but where laws, based in the Holy Qu'ran or the Hadiths or whatever school of jurisprudence creates discrimination against women based on among other things inheritance then that law or laws is pure rubbish. I studied law, I understand ambiguities and this ambiguity stated in this Shia law in South Africa would not be entertained even by a Muslim judge. It would be thrown into the dustbin of history where it belongs. There is no basis, logically or rationally for in this time, 2019, there are still religious laws that discriminate against women or are so ambigious that one could infer discrimination. as a person who studied law, I can tell from the topic of this Shia inheritance law, that it was written to be vague and misleading so that whoever wishes to discriminate against the specific women concerned could exercise that right if he so wished. That is pure rubbish and that law or any such laws belong where the cows poop their dung.
  5. That is a very weird story. You would so swear that you two got married right after you met each other. It seems like you only getting to know each other now. and were you a Muslim when you got married? Like Sunni? Or what? there are too many gaps in what you have shared but this sounds like one of those hollywood marriages where two people get married after meeting on set after a month or so. Very humourous.
  6. Oh swimming pools. We don’t use "public baths" in South Africa. its swimming pool/s public or private. I didnt know that in certain locations people actually see each other naked at swimming pools. I thought they dressed up in swimming trunks and swimming stuff for women. I didnt know they skinny dipped. thats only done in private swimming pools usually when there are hot girls around and some champagne to get the ladies to loosen up a bit.
  7. Apologies sister! As a woman, dearest sister, my views do not change. I don’t know where you are from but I would still advise you to know yourself since if anything goes wrong as a woman you are at a more disadvantage but if you are "brooding" as in your female biological instinct to procreate and bear human life has kicked in then nothing and no one will persuade you otherwise. Nothing ever gets in the way of nature. All I can say then is God bless you and goodluck.
  8. Me thinks some people are stuck in the stone age and somehow they need to be dragged into a portal that transports them into 2019 where even long before 2019 women are already leading pioneers in a whole lot of causes that advance progress. Funnily, I was watching a documentary on this in India and China, apparently a generation of females was aborted, as in literally aborted. So now the men of this generation are willing to date and marry females as young as 15 because women in their generation have been aborted. I think though thats in Hindu India. and China in some places. I think though, with no disrespect to anyone, that the way some people think, especially from backward socially conservative countries, that the only way to save those countries is to put those people down the way stray nuisance animals are put down. 2019 and people still think like this? Im perplexed.
  9. "Public Baths"? What the hell does that even mean? Forgive me "guest", Im very ignorant of the term "public bath" because it doesnt exist in my geographical location. If you could further provide more insight into this "public bath" where apparently it would seem that being "naked" is normal. Im perplexed.
  10. "Thuglife" I assume you took your AKA from 2PAC AMARU SHAKUR. You don’t think like him at all. in fact to look at people and just assume because of their religion they are going to burn in hell is exactly what will get you a scholarship to go study for a Doctorate in a Wahhabi madrassa. You are a man in desperate need of enlightenment.
  11. Salaam Brothers, @ Bowtie and @ Sumerian you guys are not each others enemies. Neither is Iraq and Lebanon enemies. don’t make fun of each others different nationalities. I think based on ample evidence far too many people have suffered and died in both countries and continue to do so. I"'ve noticed a certain truth about "Bowtie", brother can be so undiplomatic in his thinking and logic that it stings, actually hurts but but but but but..... you can’t fault his pure logic and extreme rational thinking no matter how it stings. I think brother "Bowtie" has spent far too much time and energy arguing and debating with people who are so ignorant, so hateful and so irrational in their perceptions that the Brother does not possess patience anymore with stupid people.
  12. Gabenowa


    I read into the philosophy of minimalism. I realised that in the country I stay in everywhere you go, touch, read, smell, taste and the images on digital media are created to turn people into spend junkies whether they can afford to or not. While those who own all these mega malls and the shops inside them don’t live like that. So in my reaction to this what I believe is a white man created syndrome that only impoverishes the masses of black people, I will no longer buy anything unless it is an absolute necessity. The word minimalism does not exist in South Africa, I never once heard that word in school and I know it was withheld on purpose. Its such tiny occurences of ommission that I realise that Christianity is truly the religion of demons while the father of Christianity (no not Jesus (عليه السلام) Judaism is the religion, way of life and culture of Satan. Owning less, spending less and not being attached to the materialist disease that has engulfed this world or atleast my world is one of the paths to true inner peace. I feel sorry for my black people. We are not only black people but we are really sheeple. of the very people who slaughter us literally and economically. We are helplessly dependent on the materialist way of thinking that we believe it is absolutely normal.

    1. Marbles


      You what??

  14. I don’t undestand why people on this chat site at times like to share their disgusting habits and the consequences of their disgusting habits. I mean T.M.I., TOO MUCH INFORMATION! Goodness me, I thought my continent of "heathens" was bad enough but really some people take way too much advantage of being anonymous on this chat site. I mean goodness, some of us actually like to nibble on snacks while we are checking out what is hopefully intellectual discussions. I mean for God's sake, there are actually women on this site. Id hope atleast your "Islamic values" would make you respect the fact that there are these creatures with sensitive sensibilities called women on this site. "INVOLUNTARY SEMEN" just jumped at my eyes! these are issues you speak with your brother's in private.
  15. This is the white man. This is what he does!
  16. Y You sound like a graduate of a Masters in Arts or something like that. Funny thing, hip hop music didnt start like that. It started as the voice of the ghetto even though "gangsta hip hop" like Snoop Dogg in his original days was not kind to women but it was not what it became today. Hip hop got hijacked by those Jews on corporate music labels. They all Jews amazing fact. Men like Jimmy Iovine and Lyor Cohen (an Israeli), all Jews who sell this garbage and keep most of the profits to themselves. it doesnt sound like Atheistic Satanism, it is Atheistic Satanism. rapping about killing people or spraying people with AK-47'S actually inspires lost souls to do exactly that.
  17. I like Sufism because the day I understand it, I will be able to withdraw into myself without going crazy or having a psychological break down because South Africa is not a country where you can easily withdraw into yourself. Churches are social institutions and those who don’t like religion, tend to have social institutions of alcohol and the "good time". Both I have distanced myself from. Maybe brother it is the Sufi of Iran you don’t like, I don’t know how well travelled you are but I have never been out of Africa, much less South Africa. There are Sufi's in Cape Town, I forgot their Arabic term. I don’t know what order they follow but Im planning on researching them. Sufi philosophy seems like a philosophy of peace. Just pure peace being able to meditate and deal with the pressures of the capitalist world and escape materialism for a little while. I don’t know how much they deviate from even Shia orthodoxy but Sufi philosophy seems to be more in tune with Shia thought. The two don’t clash at all. Sufi philosophy doesnt have written texts and rituals and all of that. It seems its more for the individual than a group of people. Its impossible to compete with the petro-dollars of Saudi Arabia. Iran doesnt have that much oil capacity compared with the oil in the Eastern Provinces of Saudi Arabia. Wahhabism will spread far and wide but more thinking people will revert. You can’t be Shia without an intellect. Its impossible. Its actually an education reality, the uneducated are easier to suck into Wahhabism while the educated can handle the volume of intellect required in Shia Islam.
  18. Alright I watched that video in that old post. Some cultures do take their deviations from orthodoxy way way to the extreme. In fact I doubt they even engage intellectually with Islam. I was just impressed with the Sufi influence on the Indonesian Muslims. Its far better than Wahhabism which envelopes people's minds from across the world. Rather people within their set islands and jungles practice their deviations because those deviations will never leave their little islands or jungles. But instill orthodoxy, Sunni orthodoxy is Wahhabism of some sort. In fact I can’t tell the difference between Wahhabism and Sunnism anymore because Saudi Arabia has instilled itself as the centre of Sunnism. They become soldiers, anytime anywhere you are called to go fight in a JIhad and because you were trained in the severe orthodoxy of Sunnism you go fight. But these deviants, no one can get to them.
  19. Check out the subliminal messages from hip hop music in America beamed live right into the minds of Negroes in South Africa: wasting money in clubs and I mean blowing thousands in American styled hip hop clubs, buying expensive booze like Ciroc and Bellvedeure and Moet etc etc you get the picture right African girls, well some, a whole lot of some girls especially from uneducated backgrounds look down on their own natural African hair so they buy weaves and make themselves up to look like the kardashians and Beyonce Rihaana blah blah etc etc you get the picture guys will, like hip hop moguls like in america, you know, Jay-Z, Puff Daddy drake lil wayne etc etc you get it, always front like pretend they have money when they don’t because they want to "smash" the hottest looking barbie doll girls like girls who go all out to look like ummmm Nicki Minaj thats right, so all most negro stupid punks do is waste money they don’t have drive the latest german sports cars, even when you should be fixing your house or going to buy a house or even look after your damn kids, these negroes will blow money they don’t have to drive the latest german cars like your BMW'S AND benzes etc etc you get it smash girls, thats all there is to it, smash girls turn respectable African chicks into sex objects, have no respect for them just treat them like trash girls, a whole lot of em, from a young age are now whores, just like them African American chicks speak with an American hip hop accent though america is not in Africa. these are some of the consequences of the subliminal messages from African-America. African-Americans with their hip hop have actually become agents of American imperialism. ITS CALLED cultural imperialism and it is wrecking moral havoc in my country so YESSSSSSSS! IT IS HARAM!
  20. There is a danger you will develop a mental disorder, most probably borderline personality disorder or something along those lines. You need to attend therapy because one way or the other you will start exhibiting Post-Traumatic Stress disorder much much later on in life and this will impact on your own family you have created. Emotional wounds are dangerous especially from parents. They have a stubbornly long term effect that just refuses to go away.
  21. Your words give me a psychological insight into your character especially when comparing all previous posts from memory. you are hiding what I sense is for some reason complete or partial disgust of women. especially of Muslim women since I sense you are disappointed that none of them live up to actual "Islamic values" or what your standards are simply too high and unrealistic. I will tell you again, there is no such reality as a perfect human being. I have no issue with infallibility and perfection of Ahl-Bayt because they're dead anyway. some are in occultation and that concept doesnt make a difference to me anyway. but today oh Brother no one is perfect. I genuinely fear for you because at 40+ if you hold on to concepts that are simply not real, you will never experience love and companionship because you will judge these women according to jinns supposedly waiting in the here-after. Even through your exclusive match-making services (good for you man) you probably judge these women against standards which are simply impossible for them. then what happens the day you get married to someone who you will soon find out is not perfect because she was never perfect to begin with, because no human being is. You worry me man.
  22. You keep repeating that. This must be the tenth time. Fiction or not, I get it, you write fiction and all of that. Creative and all of that I get it, my older sister does the same and me and her are very very different. She is an outgoing creative bubbly personality, Im introverted more into books. I get it. But you keep repeating the same sentences. You'll find women like that, in Saudi Arabia hey maybe in Iran, even in your homeland of Pakistan women are raised to be like those illusory characters. Lowering their eyes in extreme vulnerability to the power of men and the tragedies that are inflicted by such power. It's a normality in countries which have "Islam" as a state religion. "extremely beautiful and pleasing to our senses......." is a description of beautiful women in general. "modesty and loyalty..... lowering their eyes" is a description in countries and cultures that beat this into their women, its all across the "Islamic WORLD". and cultures too including some in my own country.
  23. Thats a good question, it took me a while coz I had to think but then I realised there is no antidote unless the capitalist order that rules our world is completely overthrown. These freaks serve them from New York, Washington to London. these freaks serve the Anglo-American Empire. They created them. Everything they do serves them. Everytime they blow up or kill an American or a few Americans or more it fools ignorant Americans in believing the lies their own media [edited] have created about Islam and the world and then the military industrial complex can choose where to test their new weapons. There is no antidote. These white men have to be overthrown. Only their own citizens can do that and only when their own citizens actually know what is going on because their own citizens don’t know. they are spoon-fed lies every minute every second.
  24. Remind them of Guantanamo Bay, where countless men such as El-IBRAHIMI were arrested and detained at that facility just on suspicion of being terrorists or having connections to terror. in the end, this man like countless men were completely innocent. Its called "extraordinary rendition", where the CIA can snatch you anywhere in the world just on the suspicion of having ties to any FBI listed terror groups. mind you these terror groups always benefit from American aid. anyway you get snatched, are denied complete legal representation and kept in solitary confinement for as long as they wish. Some people spend years in solitary confinement and when they are eventually released their minds are so damaged they can hardly be able to speak especially since they get "waterboarded" among other things at the Bay as well as at various CIA black sites around the world. and their US SUPREME COURT, has actually legalised these cruel methods of detention. Being arrested without due process of law is a fine American tradition just as their police killing unarmed black men is one of their finest traditions. even when Barack Obama was President, black man as President made no difference. Torture is a fine American tradition. What America upholds in their own country and around the world is just words, but their actions against the "other" has always been consistent. pulling off a womans hijab and denying her halal food forcing her to NOT EAT is torture under international human rights law.
  25. I think your love of jinns and houris is compensation for what you have missed out on Earth as a consequence of the extreme difficulties you have gone through since childhood. If you actually think about it, the concept of pure and perfect love your imagination has created (with encouragement from the Holy Qu'ran) is what you have never had on Earth. You should be looking for such possibilities right here right now on this planet instead of focusing on the pleasures of the here-after in Paradise. We don’t live to worry too much about the here-after especially when we try to live by religious prescriptions of morality (provided they are rational ofcourse). Unless you yourself had a "near-death experience" and temporarily turned at the gates of heaven and saw those beautiful pure virgins and whatnot, it cannot be taken seriously. Not at all. You have never been there. Life with all its possibilities will pass you by. Live a little, stop imagining death and the supposed pleasures it will bring. You are 40+ unless I misread. Stop using the Holy Qu'ran to judge women here on Earth. They are not perfect, no one is perfect. This world acts on our minds and whomever controls tools of digital information makes us liable to act out what we have consumed. We have been victims of subliminal messages, this is the white man this is what he does. I see women all over the world including in my own country and continent turning themselves into American hip hop vixens, some because of their ego fantasies and some because well they gotta eat and selling their American inspired vixen bodies will ensure a roof over their heads and food. I don’t know about Muslim women in your society but I can imagine that probably sometimes what prevents matrimonial union is the economic expectation of the parents. I don’t know about the history of your lovelife and interactions with women but I sense strongly that you use this houris as an escapist fantasy. You speak of loyalty and constant companionship in heaven because perhaps that is a joy you have not experienced yourself from a woman and if you did perhaps you disapproved of her lifestyle. Live a little, embrace reality, embrace that chick who is imperfect coz maybe she might grow to love you and turn into your perfect woman. You wont meet a jinn here on Earth. There are no jinns on Earth. Just mere human beings at the mercy of those who would drag the world into hell.
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