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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I never claimed to have mastered theology. What I said, Mr. Ibn Al-Ja'abi, is that during my 3 months of study is that I have picked up disturbing trends. and let me apprise you of something when I study history or religion or philosophy or etc etc infact I have studied many things in my short existence, I read from within and without, because I learnt the hard way never trust people to teach you, always read and interpret issues myself, no matter what and no matter what the cost. That said, I am off my game. My country heads to historic democratic elections in 60 days and for the first time s
  2. During these 3 months I have been studying Shia Islam, something that has always bothered me about Islam has turned into a permanent skepticism coupled with certain psychological and personality traits I have encountered on this chat site. It's how Arab nationalism is directly and subliminally promoted in the Qu'ran and the doctrines, thought and spirituality of Shi'ism. I realised it begins with the word "Allah" and note Im only referring to the word and not what the word represents because the word itself represents a concept. I was chatting with a Berber from Algeria (Kabyle) right here in
  3. I think the way you raise your child determines what kind of human being they will be irrespective of gender. There are certain characteristics which ofcourse both genders cannot escape but ultimately it comes down the essence of that human being. If you raise it in the most non-progressive manner then that is exactly what you will see as an adult, an adult that is not progressive. Today in my country, I saw a women, dressed in traditional African women clothing of doek (covers her entire hair), long African skirt she looked like one of those traditional African housewives and she was driving
  4. Thats what I love about a country such as mine that creates the rule of law that supersedes all laws even religious laws if they discriminate against women. Such ambiguities in inheritance have a long history in my country from a cultural perspective and a religious perspective. But our Constitution adopted in 1996 states that the rule of law in South Africa is the only law and any law that violates against it is simply unconstitutional and void. That includes such ambiguities in Sharia law. I love Shia Islam, I believe in the primacy of Islam but where laws, based in the Holy Qu'ran or the Ha
  5. That is a very weird story. You would so swear that you two got married right after you met each other. It seems like you only getting to know each other now. and were you a Muslim when you got married? Like Sunni? Or what? there are too many gaps in what you have shared but this sounds like one of those hollywood marriages where two people get married after meeting on set after a month or so. Very humourous.
  6. Oh swimming pools. We don’t use "public baths" in South Africa. its swimming pool/s public or private. I didnt know that in certain locations people actually see each other naked at swimming pools. I thought they dressed up in swimming trunks and swimming stuff for women. I didnt know they skinny dipped. thats only done in private swimming pools usually when there are hot girls around and some champagne to get the ladies to loosen up a bit.
  7. Apologies sister! As a woman, dearest sister, my views do not change. I don’t know where you are from but I would still advise you to know yourself since if anything goes wrong as a woman you are at a more disadvantage but if you are "brooding" as in your female biological instinct to procreate and bear human life has kicked in then nothing and no one will persuade you otherwise. Nothing ever gets in the way of nature. All I can say then is God bless you and goodluck.
  8. Me thinks some people are stuck in the stone age and somehow they need to be dragged into a portal that transports them into 2019 where even long before 2019 women are already leading pioneers in a whole lot of causes that advance progress. Funnily, I was watching a documentary on this in India and China, apparently a generation of females was aborted, as in literally aborted. So now the men of this generation are willing to date and marry females as young as 15 because women in their generation have been aborted. I think though thats in Hindu India. and China in some places. I think though, w
  9. "Public Baths"? What the hell does that even mean? Forgive me "guest", Im very ignorant of the term "public bath" because it doesnt exist in my geographical location. If you could further provide more insight into this "public bath" where apparently it would seem that being "naked" is normal. Im perplexed.
  10. "Thuglife" I assume you took your AKA from 2PAC AMARU SHAKUR. You don’t think like him at all. in fact to look at people and just assume because of their religion they are going to burn in hell is exactly what will get you a scholarship to go study for a Doctorate in a Wahhabi madrassa. You are a man in desperate need of enlightenment.
  11. Salaam Brothers, @ Bowtie and @ Sumerian you guys are not each others enemies. Neither is Iraq and Lebanon enemies. don’t make fun of each others different nationalities. I think based on ample evidence far too many people have suffered and died in both countries and continue to do so. I"'ve noticed a certain truth about "Bowtie", brother can be so undiplomatic in his thinking and logic that it stings, actually hurts but but but but but..... you can’t fault his pure logic and extreme rational thinking no matter how it stings. I think brother "Bowtie" has spent far too much time and energy argu

  13. I don’t undestand why people on this chat site at times like to share their disgusting habits and the consequences of their disgusting habits. I mean T.M.I., TOO MUCH INFORMATION! Goodness me, I thought my continent of "heathens" was bad enough but really some people take way too much advantage of being anonymous on this chat site. I mean goodness, some of us actually like to nibble on snacks while we are checking out what is hopefully intellectual discussions. I mean for God's sake, there are actually women on this site. Id hope atleast your "Islamic values" would make you respect the fact th
  14. This is the white man. This is what he does!
  15. Y You sound like a graduate of a Masters in Arts or something like that. Funny thing, hip hop music didnt start like that. It started as the voice of the ghetto even though "gangsta hip hop" like Snoop Dogg in his original days was not kind to women but it was not what it became today. Hip hop got hijacked by those Jews on corporate music labels. They all Jews amazing fact. Men like Jimmy Iovine and Lyor Cohen (an Israeli), all Jews who sell this garbage and keep most of the profits to themselves. it doesnt sound like Atheistic Satanism, it is Atheistic Satanism. rapping about killing
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