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    Celtic Twilight got a reaction from aaaz1618 in ICYMI Part 2: Although Who Could Miss This?   
    Well the thing is that the majority of indigenous English people tend to see Religion as such as at best a weirdo hobby or at worst a savage left over of barbaric times which should hurry up and perish from today's civilized world. You will notice that when Islam gets discussed very rarely is there ever proper discussions of it's actual Theologies- even "Counter-Jihad" types who claim expertise as regards things Islamic are often extremely ignorant when it comes to Islamic Theology proper. On top of this the "grooming gangs" the vast majority of which are Pakistani and Sunni have not exactly being helping things have they? What doesn't get discussed though is the fact that these Sunni Pakistani sinister individuals would not have had an opportunity to prey on these young girls if it was not for the destruction of the indigenous working class family and the dive of the indigenous English working class into out and out degeneracy since the 1990s (drink and drug abuse, sexual immorality, adult men wasting hours of their God given lives playing computer games, etc, etc). Of course it is much easier to complain about others than to set your own house in order which is why you have all these undisciplined and undignified men flocking around the likes of Tommy Robinson who offers exactly nothing to anybody.
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    Celtic Twilight got a reaction from Isaam in Christian/Muslim Unity   
    There is a difference between anti-Semitism which is both evil and for reasons irrational and Judaeophobia which is being strongly against the Religion of Rabbinic Judaism and maybe also Jewish culture. If you read the New Testament and take it seriously as a Christian I cannot see how you cannot be Judaeophobic but I similarly I cannot see how you could make Christianity compatible with anti-Semitism though I would accept that sometimes the line between the two becomes blurred. Similarly anti-Christianity and even anti-Christian sentiments are found all over important Rabbinic Jewish texts. The thing is though that now a days both Western Christians and Western Jews- in Palestine it is a different story and a much more complex one, Iran has a large Jewish community but I don't sadly know anything about it, I suspect though that it is a probably the most down to Earth and sane one in the world- want to forget about all this, at least most of the time, certainly the vast majority of Christians do (people like Bishop Richard Williamson are considered very much fringe eccentrics at best and dangerous psychos at best).

    Islamophobia is something else again and for those of us who live in Europe whether Muslim or not it is going to be one if not the most important issues of this century. A lot of Jews have developed a psychological need for Islamophobia in order to justify the crimes of Zionist colonialism to themselves. Jewish Islamophobia did not exist before Zionism and it has to be said that the Social Darwinist racialism which was at the core of a lot of early Zionism was picked up from Europeans from historically Christian backgrounds even if they themselves were atheists or agnostics. With Western Christians Islamophobia is a lot more complex and it would take ages to try and fully explain it which I will not do here however I will make some observations on it as I witness it here in my own homeland. During the existence of the Soviet Bloc the ruling capitalist elites here found Christianity extremely useful as bulwark against Communism and Socialism however after the collapse of the USSR and the People's Democracies they quickly decided that it was more of a hindrance than a help to them and so began through their media a full front assault on Ireland's Christian heritage. Not long after the Berlin Wall fell we saw contraception suddenly being made freely available while as before you had to be married to get it legally and even than in parts of the country that was difficult, than followed the legalization of divorce which until than had been illegal which should show you how previously "authoritarian" we had been, than homosexual activity which now the state openly celebrates as some amazing virtue and last year we got to the point of legalizing abortion on the demand.
    Because of our constitution there had to be a referendum before the laws on abortion were changed and the pro-abortion won this referendum by a landslide. This was completely crushing to the "Christian Conservatives" (as well as to a lot of what could be described as "Nationalists" though there are a lot of disputes about what that term involves here)- they had definitely lost all the culture wars and were especially defeated in a referendum on the issue most dear to their hearts. The entire political establishment and the media were openly denigrating and castigating them as backwards, cruel, stupid, embarrassing. It was at this point that I observed a lot of them start to become interested in Islam and not in an intelligent way of attempting to learn the lessons of Iranian revolution and Hezbollah to what of them could be applied to Ireland, tragically quite the reverse in fact. They started soaking up hysterical Islamophobic "fear porn" and talking about the threat posed by "Shariah" to "freedom"; now keep in mind we are talking about people who love to if they could  make contraception and divorce completely illegal. I could see straight away what they were doing, semi-consciously they saw "the threat of Islam" as offering them an opportunity to become useful again to at least elements within the ruling elites. 
    Than there is the fact indigenous Western Europeans are terrified over the idea that they would be seen as racist and so attacking Islam is very often a way to complain about mass immigration without seeming racism.
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    Celtic Twilight reacted to Akbar673 in Christian/Muslim Unity   
    Yes, I think it is very much possible but that is dependant on how honest and genuine everyone is. Once, politics, greed and a lust for power is removed then yes, but has that ever not been the case in human history?
    Also, when both religions have so many sects and different beliefs amongst those sects than you would have to ask this question on a much more detailed basis. Such as can 12er Shi'a get along with Presbyterians? Can Southern Baptists get along with Ismailis? Do you see where I'm going with this? Its much more granular because both religions have sub-groups that have different beliefs. Some of which are quite significant. For example, Unitarians don’t follow the concept of the trinity, whereas the Russian or Greek Orthodox does. Too many different beliefs for just a Christianity and Islam question to be asked.
    Define God...in Christianity the overwhelming belief is that God is made up of the Trinity. Whereas, we believe in the singular existence of Allah. 
    Also, there are many groups of Christians that do not believe the God of Christianity to be the same as the God of Islam. Evangelicals hold the belief that Jehovah and Allah are not the same by any stretch. The staunch Anti-Islamics claim Allah is the name of a moon God that was housed in the Kaaba. 
    For unity and coexistance to happen then there would have to either be an acceptance that both religions pray to the same God, or at the very least a respect for the other religion's beliefs. This would need to happen on the Christian side moreso since Islam already states that we all pray to the same God.
    Again, I do have to state this perhaps this can only happen when the evil and greedy power mongers between both religions can be eliminated or silenced. It hasn't happened in the last 1,400 years so I'm skeptical it will happen now. However, this is also something that needs to happen on an individual level moreso. If this spreads in the hearts and minds of the followers of both religions then its possible. Can't expect it to happen overnight. Too much hatred in the world right now.
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    Celtic Twilight reacted to Ashvazdanghe in Christian/Muslim Unity   
    A Look At The Lives Of Christians In Iran
    Being Christian In Muslim-Dominated Iran (2002)
    Iran ARMENIAN Christian minority anniversary of turkey genocide of armenian in Tehran
    Christian Singer Honors Hezbollah in Stunning 2013 Concert Performance
    Iraq's Christians Commemorate Ashura
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    Celtic Twilight reacted to Ashvazdanghe in Muslim World League and Ayatollah Khamenei   
    Salam , this is for that Saudi monarchies see it as a treat to themselves & their Zionist masters  that sees Iran is as it's leader that other Shias &  Sunnis follow Iran that before Iran revolution both Shias & Sunnis were silent about them & their crimes based on which  all Sunni sects don't support criticizing leader even they were tyrants but Shia Islam always finds a way for criticizing & revolting against tyrant rulers that all rising against tyrants is Muslim history  except one or two incidents have Shia background .   
    The 1987 Mecca incident was a clash between Shia pilgrim demonstrators and the Saudi Arabian security forces, during the Hajj pilgrimage; it occurred in Mecca on 31 July 1987 and led to the deaths of over 400 people. The event has been variously described as a "riot" or a "massacre". It arose from escalating tensions between Shia Iran and Wahabbi Saudi Arabia. Since 1981, Iranian pilgrims had held an annual political demonstration against Israel and the United States,[1][2] but in 1987, a cordon of Saudi police and the Saudi Arabian National Guard had sealed part of the planned demonstration route, leading to a confrontation between them and the pilgrims. This escalated into a violent clash, followed by a deadly stampede.
    For years, Iranian pilgrims had tried to stage demonstrations called "Distancing Ourselves from Mushrikīn" (برائت از مشرکين) in the Muslim holy city of Mecca during the Hajj.[7]These demonstrations had their origins in 1971, when Ruhollah Khomeini instructed his Shiite followers to distribute political messages when performing their pilgrimage.[8]Even though a few Iranians were arrested for this act, the Saudi officials were generally apathetic, as they did not view these political messages to be a threat to the Saudi royalty.[9] The practice of distributing political messages, which were mainly criticism of the United States and Israel, as well as pro-Western governments, continued up until the year 1981.
    In 1981, this was escalated into openly chanting political slogans in the Masjid al-Haram and the Prophet's Mosque, two of the holiest sites in Islam, resulting in violent clashes with Saudi security and one death.[1] In the same year, King Khalid of Saudi Arabia wrote a letter to Saddam Hussein saying "crush these stupid Iranians" as Saddam pushed on with the invasion of Iranian territory.
    The killing of Iranian Hajj pilgrims by Saudi Arabian police was followed by a strong reaction by Imam Khomeini, the then Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. He believed that the event has broken the heart of the Prophet (s). Also, in his speech, he said,
      Monument to the 1987's Hajj martyrsin Tehran "If we ignore the issue of al-Quds, if we forgive Saddam, if we forgive everyone who did wrong to us, we cannot forgive the Hijaz incident. The Hijaz incident is something else."
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    Celtic Twilight got a reaction from Ashvazdanghe in Judeo-Christian heritage   
    Ben Shapiro the author of that book has called for the ethnic cleansing of all the land currently under the Zionist colonial state of it's remaining indigenous population.
    Both Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism came out of Second Temple Judaism which was pretty diverse in terms of beliefs and practices but they took and developed different things and aspects from their common source. Both also developed in bitter conflict with each other, everybody knows about "Christian anti-Semitism" but the literal demonization of Christians in Rabbinic Jewish religious texts such as the Zohar is frightening in it's intensity, and you have to remember also that very often Jews owned privileged positions in traditional Christian societies, certainly more privileged than that of the Christian peasants who corrupt Kings and Nobles many times allowed the Jews to lord over. That said- Jews were kept separate and even when they weren't kept themselves separate from the mainstream European culture. When Jews began to actually enter properly the wider European societies in the 19 th century they either did not try at all or failed miserably to interest other Europeans in Jewish stuff they did not already have an interest in (such as Maimonides).
    Contrast that to the Muslim world where in many place you did find a cultural synthesis between Jews and Muslims. The term "Judaeo-Islamic" was at least before Zionism a term with accurately reflected existing realities. The current use of the term "Judaeo-Christian" is very much aimed at getting people who consider themselves Christians or at least culturally so on board supporting Zionist colonialism as part of some "War of Civilizations".
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    Celtic Twilight reacted to shadow_of_light in Faith of women?   
    Do you really think that this is ethical and islamically acceptable to do so???!!! 
    No chaste decent woman would do it!
    Isnt it enough to reach this conclusion that this narration is either fabricated or distorted?!
    Obeying one's husband is not (cannot be) always wajib.... what if he orders his wife to commit sins?!
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    Celtic Twilight reacted to Ibn Al-Shahid in Appropriating cultures   
    No such thing as cultural appropriation. Nearly all cultures borrowed from each other sometime during history. I saw someone get mad because a white guy had braids and braids are “African culture”. No it isn’t. Vikings wore braids, Arabs wore braids, the chinese wore breads. Nearly everyone wore braids sometime during history. I found a hadith about the Prophet dividing his hair into 4 braids when traveling. All this “cultural appropriation” business does is continue to divide people. If anything, it becomes a stereotyping tool. 
    The left is as dividing as the right, they just use a flamboyant language to hide it.
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    Celtic Twilight reacted to hadez803 in My Argument Against the Baha'i Faith   
    To discredit Baha'ism there is no need to make mystical arguments about heaven and hell. While the founder Baha'u'llah was imprisoned he would run around claiming in the clearest and most explicit manner that he, the imprisoned person, is Allah:
    «انه لا اله الا انا المسجون الفرید» : بهاءالله، آثار قلم اعلی، ج 1، لوح 39
      «نیست خدایی جز من زندانی تنها»
    "There is no God but me the lonely, the imprisoned." (Baha'u'llah, Athar-i Qalam-i Ala, vol. 1, no. 39)
     «لا اله الاّ انا المسجون الغریب الفرید» بهاءالله، آثار قلم اعلی، ج 3، لوح 230
    «نیست خدایی جز من زندانی غریب تنها»
    "There is no God but me the imprisoned, the stranger, the lonely." (Baha'u'llah, Athar-i Qalam-i Ala, vo3. 1, no. 230)
    «كذلك امر ربك اذكان مسجوناً فی اخرب البلاد» بهاءالله، آثار قلم اعلی، ج 1، لوح 57
    «اینگونه امر كرد پروردگارت، زمانی كه زندانی بود در خراب‌ترین شهرها»:
    "Your Lord ordered in this manner while he was imprisoned in the most desolate of the lands" (Baha'u'llah, Athar-i Qalam-i Ala, vol. 1, no. 57)
    The guy before him, the Bab was a completely mentally unstable man. He started his will by this completely retarded statement where he asks his successor, Azal, to testify that the Bab is God then to testify that Azal himself is God:
    “Name of Azal, testify that there is no God but I, the dearest beloved. Then testify that there is no God but you, the victorious and permanent.”

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    Celtic Twilight reacted to Haji 2003 in Judeo-Christian heritage   
    I came across this:
    "Preservation of Jewish Ethnic Identity in Yemen: Segregation and Integration as Boundary Maintenance Mechanisms" (1982), Comparative Studies in Society and History, by Yael Katzir. It takes a Zionist perspective, but has some interesting observations.
    Here are some quotations:
    The paper goes on to enumerate all the different types of discrimination the Yemeni Jews suffered at the hands of the Muslims and then says:
    It just seems strange to me that in contrast to say the discrimination suffered by e.g. the Dalits of India, for whom only the most menial trades were/are reserved, the 'discrimination' suffered by Jews in Yemen led to their becoming a vital element of the economy. Something does not compute.
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    Celtic Twilight reacted to Haji 2003 in Judeo-Christian heritage   
    This paper, has some details about what you mention,  Creasman, A. F.  (2002). The Virgin Mary against the Jews: Anti-Jewish Polemic in the Pilgrimage to the Schone Maria of Regensburg, 1519-25. Sixteenth Century Journal. XXXIII/4
    What I think is an interesting comparison between the Yemeni extract I posted previously and this one is the following.
    The 'dhimmi' concept has been used by some Zionists and Neo-cons as a reason for attacking Islam and the Yemeni paper makes a lot of references to it. However the Yemeni paper makes no references to anti-semitic pogroms. In contrast while there were no dhimmi style restrictions on Jews in European countries, there were repeated pogroms.
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    Celtic Twilight got a reaction from Ashvazdanghe in LGBT couples in story books   
    If it is in books aimed at people under 18 or even 21 it is obviously wrong.
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    Celtic Twilight reacted to BowTie in Regaining spirituality.   
    Being a good Muslim doesnt only mean following jurisprudence. But it also means sorting your life out. Not dealing with sleep disturbances, personal issues, a lot of stress, is not healthy for any human let alone a Muslim. And these things affect your relation with Allah.
    Sort out your life, and you will see how everything works out. Praying for Allah for a connection to magically happen when your mind is full of unsolved problems, wont really work.
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    Celtic Twilight reacted to notme in Why are Muslims seemingly democrats?   
    Honestly, I think an ideal world doesn't have political boundaries. But I recognize the current situation of the world needs to be broken into smaller parts so that a few individuals don't become too powerful, so no, not open borders at this time, just a very fair and liberal immigration system.
    Thanks for the rest of your post. It is very well thought out.
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    Celtic Twilight got a reaction from Haydar Husayn in Why are Muslims seemingly democrats?   
    The thing is though is it right to refer to people as homosexuals? I would say that there are no homosexuals as such but that there are homosexual acts and people who indulge in them. Also if you look at how things have worked out in the West the more tolerance of homosexuality the more we have seen people who are engaged in these acts act destructively in other ways as well towards both self and others (violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, suicide, self harm, even deliberately getting HIV for sexual thrills, etc). Although this might seem counter-intuitive I think a society showing tolerance towards homosexuality is actually not being charitable to people who feel drawn to these acts or engage in them.
    When you say including immigrants does that mean that support open borders?
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    Celtic Twilight reacted to notme in If you were born   
    Not true!
    My mother converted from Protestant Christian to Catholic Christian, and I converted to Shia Islam. Many members of shiachat do not follow the religion of their parents.
    But if it happens that a person is born into another religion, not Islam, and never learns about other people and faiths, that person will be judged according to the knowledge he or she had available. A person who is raised Hindu and never learns of Islam is not condemned to eternal punishment. That would be injustice.
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