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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. No it most definitely is not. The current West is a million miles away from the Legion of the Archangel Michael in Romania in the 1920s and 1930s, and very far removed from the Salaazar regime in Portugal which lasted into the 1970s. Evangelical Protestants by the way do not have the power that a lot of people ascribe to them- just look at their utter failure to overturn the Roe versus Wade decision on abortion. The dominant culture today in the West is nihilistic capitalist greed which is why you have things like "gay marriage" which could not be dreamed of under actual "Christo-Fascism".
  2. Now that I think about it Hasan Ali Shah Mahallati did make himself very useful to the British Empire in Afghanistan. Something weird about the current Aga Khan- he has banned his followers from wearing the hijab accept where not wearing one would cause hassle. His logic for this is the claim that originally slave women wore them and free women did not, but actually it was the reverse.
  3. This opinion though (I am trying to remember where I read it) among them came before the modern era though. The Ismailis now certainly have something of the sycophant about them however in the Middle Ages it was they who were the "Radical Muslims". The present Aga Khan's claim to be a legitimate Ismaili Iman are suspect- the founder of his line supposedly came out of hiding in the 19 th century. I know there are Sevener Shia in both India, Yemen and some other places who reject him.
  4. Politics is a necessity in this fallen world. What are the real world actual alternatives to the current system in Iran that would serve the Iranian people better? I cannot think of any. From my reading the current set up happened almost by accident, there really does seem to have been something genuinely Providential in the real sense of that term about Khomeini.
  5. Well the "Palestinian Authority" which is neither genuinely Palestinian or an Authority is backed into corner, if it accepts this it destroys the little legitimacy it has left. The problem is that if they reject this the US may basically allow the Zionist colonial project to carry out an actual genocide.
  6. The Jewish Socialist Bund talked at times of having Jewish autonomous areas in Poland and Russia but they were not Zionists.
  7. Any criticism of Jewish cultures and Rabbinic Judaism as a Religion is completely taboo within mainstream Western societies, while as people are free to say want they want Christianity, Believing Christians, Islam and Muslims. The supposed "antisemitism" on the rise usually just boils down to people expressing concern and sympathy for the plight of the indigenous Palestinians.I believe that it is healthy for all groups and Religions to be subject to criticism as long as that criticism is based on reason and reality. What are you talking about? The World Zionist Congress was offered empty land in Uganda for their Jewish State and they refused the offer demanding Palestine for themselves. They did not ask for land in Europe first.
  8. I remember reading in places that the Sevener Shia did ally with certain Crusader factions at times. I do not recall however reading anywhere that the Twelver Shia did so.
  9. I just voted yes because of the last couple of days. Before this was a struggle between two basically equally evil factions of the US Ruling Class. Now everything has become a lot more serious and he is clearly completely out of control.
  10. 1. It really is not. 2.True. 3. Please do not. Although I watched a really brilliant Iranian film with subtitles on Our Lady Mary which had sort of feminist undertones but was really excellent.
  11. There is a difference though in wishing an actual Christian "Happy Christmas" and wishing someone who spurns the teachings of Jesus as either Christians or Muslims them totally and completely "Happy Christmas". Iraq is not the contemporary West so that ruling most likely had actual Christians in mind.
  12. The Prophet Hosea did not commit fornication though.
  13. This is a true observation I believe however social media very easily can become morally and spiritually damaging to people of BOTH genders.
  14. Do you have more information on this? Also were they Twelver or Sevener Shia Muslims?
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