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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What do you see as at least some of the inconsistencies and contradictions with Christian doctrines of Original Sin?
  2. Where exactly in the Qur'an does it say that all music is haram?
  3. What is the English translation of the Qur'an that Shia clerics generally recommend?
  4. Some Sunnis, though historically they have been fringe, believe that God has an uncreated body of some sort. Correct if I am wrong but my understanding was that it is was the light of the Ahl al-Kisa that was created first rather they themselves as such?
  5. If are going to appropriate bad or evil things from another people's culture than that is bad or evil. If you are going to appropriate what is good, true, beautiful or simply indifferent than that is a very different thing. Diversity and multiculturalism can be great things, they can also be awful things, depending on the situation.
  6. If you look at the people who have been savages in Syria and Iraq recently, and not just in ISIS but in other Takferi groups, you will find that a lot of them come from the West, true a majority from immigrant backgrounds but no means all and even when they are from immigrant backgrounds often they are not from historically Muslim ones, of the four people that we know from Ireland who have been involved in ISIS three of them are indigenous Irish, one man and two women, and one who was an Eastern European immigrant who converted to Islam here. The thing is though that usually even almost always the people amongst them from Muslim backgrounds did not grow up in pious conservative Sunni Muslim homes, instead what you find is either they came from middle and even upper middle class homes with parents in the process of almost totally assimilating to mainstream Western contemporary culture or from homes which fallen away from Islam into petty crime and basically the nihilism of rap "music", etc, etc. Than of course they have been acting as proxies for the Western ruling elites in the Syria.
  7. I don't think Trump cares one way or the other about Iran. Also after the wars of the 00s he would have a tremendous amount of difficulty selling any war to his ordinary voters a lot of whom would be isolationist. The problem is that he has all these Evangelical Protestants and Orthodox Jews surrounding him who through their own often very strange and fanatical Religious beliefs do want destroy the Islamic Republic because they see it as getting in the way of re-building the Temple (historically Christians have believed that it would be the Antichrist who would rebuild the Temple). https://peacenow.org/entry.php?id=29557#.XSnFDHt7nIV
  8. Its somewhere in the first three chapters: https://www.scribd.com/document/225843828/Milestones-Sayyid-Qutb
  9. When I first read "Milestones" the thing that most stood out for me was when Qutb basically says "I am probably the first actual Muslim for centuries". That really took my breathe away.
  10. Actually now that I think about it sometimes he can be immensely silly in my opinion however I still think that he comes across as a wonderful and thoughtful human being.
  11. It is interesting that see Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad as deviant, he is a pretty conservative Sunni who is extremely intelligent, even when I find myself disagreeing with him strongly I still find his reasonings of interest. They must consider the majority of Sunni Muslims also in Britain as basically non-Muslim,.
  12. What on Earth does the above even mean? How on Earth does people kicking around a ball for entertainment have foundations in sexual and romantic attractions of men to women and women to mean? Oh and even in these times of the promotion of homosexual activity and rise of single mother families which create conditions often for the creation of homosexual attraction particularly in men the percentage of people with homosexual tendencies in Western societies is tiny, so yes sexual attraction to the opposite is what is normal. How is the assumption that people are not attracted to the same sex sexually in any way wrong?
  13. This is actually one of the real major problems that I have with Islam and one of the really major differences between Islam and Christianity. I know a few Shia sources teach differently and more along Christian lines but I find the idea that we are all born connected rather than alienated from God and basically good which as far as I can gather a large majority of Islam teaches impossible to believe. Rather than us being messed up because of our societies I think the reason that we have messed up societies is because as a species our primal ancestors fell away from their first estate into this world of sin, suffering and death. However Surrah 95 of the Koran seems to support my point of view at least in some of the translations (sadly I do not read Arabic). Anyway the below lecture I think makes a very convincing case for what are the psychological causes and cure of homosexual attraction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z97qkYf1Y64
  14. We have to think always about the common good and not what is good for me or a particular individual. A modern individual could not survive alone in the wild and forget about them using a a ball point pen. I love using ball point pens therefore surely I am morally enforced to think about the common good or otherwise I would be an out and out hypocrite, no? Homosexual activity leads to greatly rates of drug abuse, alcoholism, self-harm, suicide, violence, etc, etc- in countries where it is celebrated. I find the attitudes of a lot of Muslims to music extremely strange and that is something that I do think is maybe worth getting them to change. However their attitude to what you have problems is something age old and as been proven wise by the cold reality of "Gay Liberation" in the West.
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