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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. According to Jewish and Christian tradition Adam and Eve were clothed in robes of "Glory"/Supernal Light and through their transgressions were stripped of them. That seems to be what is underlying what you quote.
  2. I know. I don't either. I think ultimately it's collapse is a positive thing- however I still don't like to see increased suffering inflicted on indigenous Palestinians.
  3. What exactly does anti-White mean?? Serious question.
  4. I typed out a long reply to this but I lost it. I might repost all the points I made. However serious things- Trump let go the Kurdish nacro-terrorists which was seen as a major blow across the Zionist spectrum, from people who have a sincere struggle between their humanism and their tribalism to the outright cold blooded genocidal. They all freaked out. Yes you had non-Zionist Jews in Palestine opening champagne bottles over this, or at least a lot of them, however as things stand they have zero power in the West and there is even the start of attempts to knock them out of academia in the UK for of all things "anti-Semitism". Trump murdered though the person who really defeated ISIL- that should never be forgotten. Obama until the very end gave more to the Settler Colonial project in Palestine than any other US President. In fact he buried actual "Liberal Zionism" (which was probably for the best ultimately though the human cost paid by the indigenous population was horrific, really nasty stuff).
  5. Christianity does have female Prophets- Huldah and Deborah come to mind first, the former being extremely important. Than the Virgin Mary in most understandings of Christianity is seen as greater than a Prophet. The reason I am saying this is that you list Christianity as your Religion.
  6. Most of the indigenous Palestinians are descendants of the ancient Judeans. Palestine still had a large, possibly majority, Jewish population at the time of the Arab invasion and this population from then up the 18 th century became absorbed into Islam.
  7. The Middle East is a vast place with wide differences between the countries. I cannot think of two places more different than the UAE and Iran. Though with this government in Iran things have been changing in the wrong direction by contemporary global standards Iran has a pretty just distribution of wealth. The Islamic Republic there does a lot more to take care of it's people than the USA does of it's. Before the revolution there you did have a small very wealthy urban elite and than impoverished but they have managed to change that bringing access to healthcare and education to people who before were denied such even with a war being thrown at them almost immediately. Libya and Syria also did a lot to look after their people and again we saw Western Imperialism trying to destroy them- and succeeding tragically in the case of Libya. In a world dominated by the United States it is very difficult to have a country that is both nationally free and socially just, and this is particularly true in the MENA region. The UAE is a criminal infestation, more evil than the Zionist project- but I do not think that you can judge Middle Easterners as a whole on the basis of it. You are right that poverty in the USA is not the same as poverty in the Middle East. In the Middle East people's sense of self-worth is not as tied up in wealth so poverty is not as psychologically and emotionally crippling as it is in the United States, people over there also have much stronger family and social bonds more generally which makes a lot of things much easier to deal with. The older you get the more you realize just how important the personal loyalty of others to you and you to others is in this life. A lot of negative criticisms can be made of Middle Easterners and North Africans but the majority of them have a deep intuitive understanding of this. I don't think that most North Americans do.
  8. This is complex- historically all Haredi Jews strongly opposed Zionism, and in terms of the Zionism as in the ideology of people like Ben Gurion and A.D. Gordon and even Jacobtintsky they all still oppose it. Classical Zionism was an aggressive secularist ideology which sought to create the "New Hebrew" out of the "Old Jew". However a lot of the Haredi have made peace with the Jewish State on the grounds that it protects Jewish life which is completely sacred to probably a majority of Jews whether Religious or not, that it gives them money and other stuff, and that it is generally "good for the Jews". They would still be very opposed to the idea that the State of Israel represents the beginning of the "Redemption" which is what the Religious Zionists who are the real psychos believe. There are still a lot who oppose Zionism straight forwardly though.
  9. I understand well Muslim objections to the Trinity but I will say that understandings of what that means vary among Christians and some are much problematic to strict Islamic Monotheism than others. I can understand why a Muslim would say that a Dor Daim Jew is more Theologically sound than Christians, but what about the Kabbalah which goes often into straight forward Polytheism? The Ten Sefirot- in some, not all, understandings of it by Jews things go way beyond Monotheism in ways the worst understandings of the Trinity do not. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sefirot
  10. It has come out that the CIA- this is not conspiracy theory but rather cold fact- that the CIA was and probably still is involved in promoting rap/Hip-Hop/etc to the mainly North African Muslim population in France. They were not doing this strengthen them or to help them explore their creativity- quite the reverse. Similarly in Palestine many people believe that the Shin Bet is promoting rap/Hip-Hop/etc among the working class indigenous youth population, and this has created tensions between the more Islamic and the more secular parts of the National movement over there, the latter who see at least the majority of this stuff as basically harmless.
  11. This is unfair to Christians. The Catholic Church clearly teaches that Muslims worship the same God as they do. They are the largest Christian group. A lot of the Eastern Orthodox consider Christians Islam to be the worst Christian heresy, which is an old Christian idea, which again means that they believe that Muslims worship the same God as they do. Also Islam is closer to Christianity than Rabbinic Judaism is so if a Christian is going to say that Muslims do not worship the same God if they are going to be rational than they have to say the same for Rabbinic Judaism. However there are a lot of nutters on the internet who use Christianity as others on the internet use Islam as a mask for their personal hatreds, pride, etc, etc and of course contemporary politics and political manipulations also enter into things especially where North Americans are concerned.
  12. Christians don't actually believe that God transforms into a human but rather that He took on as His own a created human nature which remains a created human nature. God and not the created human creature resurrected the said created nature. God in Himself remains unchanging. That is officially- I am sure you will find Christians who believe all sorts of strange things. Most Religious debates as opposed to discussions are best avoided because all to often people use them to exercise their own egos.
  13. I don't think in the times we live in that there is ever going to be a police force free from serious ethical problems but I think in most situations it is best to support the police as a lesser or necessary evil.
  14. This is a very interesting historical document both for what it does and does not say. Forget the introduction to the link and read his actual document. http://ijtihadnet.com/a-call-to-divine-unity-pdf/
  15. I don't think that they are a Third Positionist group, Third Positionists tend to greatly admire the Islamic Republic of Iran. MKO are extremely strange, and I think in many ways there own thing, from what I have been able to gather about them they are like Trotskyites in regard to their psychotic cult of personality. Since Saddam went they are massively now supported by the Neo-Con wing of the US ruling elite. Resentment against Imam Khomieni and their cults of personality seem to be their key defining features.
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