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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Something is always prohibited when it's negative implications. Still I can't say I will worship. May be I will worship Allah
  2. Will there be anything like good or bad. I think there will be no concept good or bad in that situation. Once there nothing like bad or good, then one is free to do anything.
  3. To be sincere I won't. But yes if someone amongst us sinsitise us that all this blessings is from Allah and tell us that we should thank Him and worship Him.Then may be I would thank and worship Allah for this blessings.
  4. What a ignorant justification. It's never accepted that even by mistake if one think nauzbillah Ali as is God. I have never heared any such thing. Unfortunate that Power knowledge of Tawheed.
  5. .I have almost never heard that shias having such belief or seen any having such thouts . Need to get out of Prejudice.
  6. I mean Shia Twelver.yes we have Fatmids in Egypt.But we couldn't maintain it for long enough.
  7. We know from history that shias never got chance or if got couldn't run government for pretty long time.Why Shias couldn't maintain and run their government for long time. Was it because Shias didn't give due importance and seriousness needed for it. Or for them running a government according to their view's isnot important .
  8. That were we all failed. Unfortunately our love for World and wealth prevented us from what was our duty .Still it is good initiative if we will convince this and understand it's importance.
  9. Definitely those who pay it ,might be giving it to desrved needy Syed. And Sahme Imam to mujtahid.And mujtahid will use it were it is needed. Do all of us pay khumus sincerely.Since we claim to be Imams and Allah.
  10. Brother don't give quick judgements.How come if someone achieved piety is misguided.That too when one believes in Allah and Prophet saw and day of judgement. If he loves Ahlebayt as also. Allahs judgement and justice is more perfect.How come one achieving piety can be misguided. You are Just contradicting basic of Islam.
  11. That is true. Brother all Prophet's , Holy books and Imams ultimate and only aim was to make people "Muttaqi". Muttaqi means able to avoid sins and transgression. Now how much and how early one acquires it ,is the basis on which hereafter lies. One born in religious and scholar family is expected to achieve early. Muslims are expected to achieve earlier than non Muslims. Shias are expected to achieve earlier than Sunni. It's were we have to introspect. Why Taqwa is is important.Because realisation of Tawheed depends on level of Taqwa.
  12. Mr.Allah clearly said in Quran that those who struggle in me I will show them path. How much you and me or any Sunni has struggle in Allah. This the standard. I am a shia.I must recite,Quran delibrate over it and implement it. Saying of Holy Prophet saw and Ahlebayt as. Minimum thing that one is expected to do leave all sins .So sins are almost common in Shia and Sunni. It depends how much one struggled to achieve. Now Imam as Said whosoever didn't check daily his actions he is not ours. That means a Shia should fix a time and check his all actions of that day.If he has done sin
  13. Brother it's not libral talk but fact. I have heared a great scholar from Qum talking it.Even he went it's not shia, suni, Christian etc label that matters.But it's only the level one acknowledged and realised Tawheed of Allah. So it's possible someone after reading quran just realize a little amount of Tawheed or achieve little proximity to Allah. Other person does contemplate on quran and achieve higher level. NowQuran, actions of Ahlebayt as and supplications of Imam all are inviting people to Tawheed and Love of Allah. It's now our duty how much we achieved from it. So
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