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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. He is master of the subject. So he has full right express divine beauty and its effect. When you too will witness beauty of Allah and its effect you convey it in your way. I suggest you to read Etiquettes of Salat by Khomeini ra where he conveyed how during salat Allahs beauty and Power kocks ones heart and Ruh. Here he has not used term wine or lip or eyes which makes you uncomfortable. May be it will help you.
  2. But it never means the drunkeness of wine of this world. It means divine beauty makes one ectatic and saturated out of Joy. So this efdect seizing ones alertness out of joy on witnessing devine beauty is called drunkness. Why did women Egypt cut their finger on seeing beauty of Hazrat yousf as. Do they were drunkn.What was that effect.
  3. Mr.. I will suggest you get through some books of Khomeini ra then raise finger against him. I have come to know from Khomeini ra what ever teachings of devine books and Prophets was for self desipline and moral perfection.And Imam Khomeini ra practiced it in letter and sprit till last day. So pointing finger on Khomeini ra of using indiscent and fisiq language indicates ones ignorence. Yes he used these terms to convey devine beauty and love love lower language (human language). That never meant what common people's say.
  4. What is special about month of Rajab in Islam.
  5. The links you provide proves that sofism true understanding of Islam. But now you came with term's"old sofism" and " current sofism," To me sofism and Irfan is based on definite principles and guidelines. Wo so ever follows achieves success .
  6. Brother I think the links you have provided is not read by you. Because the links you have provided supports my view.That is sofism is real understanding of Islam.or in other' word's the sofism and Islam is one thing. Its my humble request to read the things thoroughly before you Post it.
  7. I don't know what was intent of TV anchor.But he called Behjat a great sofi.That means being sofi is great thing. Now if someone introduce innovation doesn't mean the original thing is wrong.
  8. So ,you don't know.All teachings of sofism and Irfan are same. Even I have heard TV channel of Iran describing Ayatullah Behjat a sofi.
  9. Why should they use them.And even they Praise the writer's.That too convey deep secrets of Islam . Again the above scholar clearly says sofism and Irfan is same. If you need I will send you link.
  10. He is from Qom and has studied the subject.Even in Qom they taught books of great sofis.Now why are you denying. He too is Shia scholars.If it is wrong then why he praises it.
  11. That means you don't know.The same above scholar has a detailed lecture saying sofism and Irfan same.And the sofi orders are true. Now either you are wrong or above scholar. But he is student from Qom and read the subject so his view is credible than you.
  12. What do you mean by fake Sufi.I have seen his other' lecture praising true sofis and sofism.
  13. @Ralvi @ShiaMan14 @Anonymous2144 @layman @eThErEaL @islam25@Abu Nur @Ashvazdanghe How do you see his lecture?
  14. It may be in earlier life he might have praised them.But he was real lover of Imam Ali as and Ahlebayt as. Because with time and knowledge the view of person changes.What may view' was 10 yeras before' is not same today
  15. Mr..I will try convey it other' words. Allah says where ever you turn there is face of Allah. Or Allah is manifest and Hidden. So above verse explain it. Where from human's or animals or plants got their attributes and abilities. In simpler word's Allah's given them.So it's Allah's.
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