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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ayatullah Hassan zadeh Amoli. He said he has appeared, but his physical appearance will afer some time. Just sun rise after dawn. As he dissappeared (Gaybat) was gradul ie ist minor occultation than major occultation.
  2. I feel it is system and organization with use technology they bring rain according to will and abundance of crops. So it more suggest Dajjal to be system of government. Rest Allah knows best
  3. Salam. You have good question. I will try add it that the dajjal that we talk. Is it a person or system or organization.
  4. it our belief that at last time the Imam and dajjal will appear. And Imam will fight against Dajjal and deafeat it. Is this dajjal a person or system or organization .
  5. There is only one way, that avoid remaining away from sins . Oe more thing I have heard that a great scholar saying that imam has already reappered
  6. You have rightly said. We all need to be ready. Even i have heared that Imam has already reappered. But his final return will be gradually and he disappeared gradually. Is Dajjal a system or organization or individual
  7. Something is always prohibited when it's negative implications. Still I can't say I will worship. May be I will worship Allah
  8. Will there be anything like good or bad. I think there will be no concept good or bad in that situation. Once there nothing like bad or good, then one is free to do anything.
  9. To be sincere I won't. But yes if someone amongst us sinsitise us that all this blessings is from Allah and tell us that we should thank Him and worship Him.Then may be I would thank and worship Allah for this blessings.
  10. What a ignorant justification. It's never accepted that even by mistake if one think nauzbillah Ali as is God. I have never heared any such thing. Unfortunate that Power knowledge of Tawheed.
  11. .I have almost never heard that shias having such belief or seen any having such thouts . Need to get out of Prejudice.
  12. I mean Shia Twelver.yes we have Fatmids in Egypt.But we couldn't maintain it for long enough.
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