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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. yes I will inshaAllah thank you so much for your help
  2. Thank you so much, I agree with you, may Allah bless you !!
  3. Thanks for your msg, very helpful, my family dont know what happened and they will kill me if they come to know I did mutah, I don't think I should tell them it's been 5 years...
  4. thanks for answering he is married now and he lives in another country with his wife, I mean maybe you are right but I am not strong enough to do what you recommend me to do maybe his wife will be angry if I talk to him again
  5. Wow thank you so so much I will try to do everything you said inchaAllah, and you are right I should move on thanks a lot for the time you took to reply me it was very helpful, may Allah bless you
  6. Thank you so much for you help, you are right I should ask again Allah to forgive me and try to move on thanks again may Allah bless you
  7. hm no, I don't do all my prayers I've been so busy with my studies and other issues (excuses I know...) but I want to get closer to Allah, I don't know from where I should start yes inshaAllah thank you so much, May Allah bless you !!
  8. I think it's valid, why would it be not valid ?
  9. Yes but I treated him so bad, I don't think my apologize helped him .... I humiliated him in front of all his family and he said to his family that I left because of his fault, not mine... that they should blame him
  10. Salam Aleykoum, First of all, sorry because my english is not very good, I need some advices abt what is happening now in my life... I am a shia girl, I met a shia boy on internet 5 years ago, and he proposed me to do mutah with him, I was very young and innocent and I said yes, he said it was to make our conversations less "haram" even if we didn't said nothing bad to each other... He talked abt me to all his family saying that he wants to marry me and be his future wife, he was always very kind with me I was so in love with him so I said yes, but he was living in another country very far from mine, and I was abt to start my university, and one year later when I get admit I left him and said that I will be very busy studying so we can't keep talking to each other, and I hurt him so much, I humiliate him in front of his family, said bad words and he was very depressed, I behaved very bad and I am so sorry for that, now he is married to another girl al hamdulillah I am happy for them.. the thing is, I always succeed so much in my studies since I am a kid, I always get the best marks in the whole school, always so happy and enjoy life, but since I started university, I have the worst maks ever even if I study 10hours / day, I am always sad, I have health problem, people treat me bad and I have a lot of issues I didnt have before since 5 years this is happening to me and I feel that Allah is punishing me for what I did, I feel like I am cursed and I don't know what to do, I feel hopeless humiliated and sad every day of my life... I forgot to mention one thing, I promised to marry him and to study in Iran with him and I didn't, I broke my promises, I feel Allah is telling me I didn't choose the right way but what should I do ? it's too late now to stop my studies my parents inversted so much money to give me this opportunity... And I can't keep living like this for more years .... Thx for ur answers ..
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