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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam alaikum I’d like to know what is your situation right now because I am also in a similar situation currently.
  2. My parents are looking for my older sister and they really want her to get married before me. I’ve already told them that I am looking for myself and they are ok with it. I do realise that I would need the permission of my father so hence I would introduce whoever I find suitable to my family.
  3. salam I am in a similar situation with my mother. Shes sock but she refuses to see a doctor. Please convince her and take her to a doctor and Insha Allah Allah will bless her with good healthy.
  4. My biggest regret is my wasted time. I’ve wasted a lot of time since I graduated and feel guilty about it. I continue to waste time as I dont know how I could put it to genuine use. I am not married and neither do I work. I try to do useful hobbies but there is a limit till which I could practice my hobbies. May Allah guide me and help me find a purpose in life.
  5. Salam all I know this question has probably been asked several times but I still need some suggestions since I am struggling with this What would be a good way to find a religious spouse? A little about my background: I belong to the IndoPak subcontinent. I am living in a region in the middle east where shia population is scarce. I have a very small circle of people I know and hence I am unlikely to find someone. I’ve been using several websites like muzmatch and shia match since a long time but all my efforts have been in vain. Also, a lot of men on these websites seem dodgy so I am really paranoid. My parents aren’t looking for me so I am on my own. Are there any private match makers who could help me out? I am open to relocating in the west or settling down here itself. I am not sure if sharing contact details of those matchmakers is allowed here but maybe you could send me private message in my inbox. Any help would be appreciated. TIA
  6. Salam Alaikum Anybody has any contact of an Alim who I can consult in order to seek advice regarding my personal problems. It would be really great if anyone can help me out with this. I prefer someone who would convenient speak through emails or whatsapp. TIA
  7. Hi you can talk to me. I can’t say I am really knowledgeable but yea I am quite mature with good islamic knowlege
  8. Of course she is disobeying Allah. In Islam no where you are allowed to keep a haram relationship that isnt leading to marriage and as I have said earlier.. She has been in this relationship from a very very long time and it wasn’t intended with the purpose of marriage. I don’t agree with you as this isnt a cultural difference. If it was I myself would have stood against the world for her. You being a sunni obviously don’t understand the importance of our beliefs. If my parents agree to this for her sake they would be risking her akhirah as well. If I break this news to my parents they can suffer from stroke or any other problem. My parents happiness means a lot more to me than her happiness and I would never want to lose them in this way. As a sibling I see that it is best for her to leave this guy and move on but I just couldn’t convince her for that. I did try my best to talk to her and support her in every decision she makes. She says even if she talks to my parents they wouldn’t agree to this marriage which is I believe is true. My question here is should I tell this to my parents knowing the fact that it will add to their tensions and stress and have a negative impact on their health or should I just give my sister more time and let her be responsible for her own actions. It hurts every time I think shes ruining her akhirah and her relationship with Allah by being with this guy. Also, she has been very depressed and the reaction that she would get from my parents would make her further depressed. I am worried for her as well. I hope I could find a solution for this some day
  9. I have a very serious problem. I have an older sister (28 years old) who is in a relationship with a sunni guy fir a very very long time now. My parents dont know about it and they have been actively looking for a groom for her. The problem is though my parents are very open minded, they are staunch shia and absolutely dislike sunnis and under no circumstance will let her marry a sunni guy. My sister never had the guts to talk to my parents. I secretly knew about her relationship but I kept quiet because I was scared of the apocalypse it would bring at home. Also, I never confronted her about it thinking she would understand it by herself and would leave the guy. Just few months back, I confronted her and talked to her about it. She told me that she doesnt want to hurt my parents and even if she tells them they wont agree to this marriage. She also told me that she is very depressed and she is going to leave the guy soon as he is not going to wait for her forever but she also gave me a statemnt few months back saying that she will marry whoever my parents find for her but be in this relationship until she gets married. The guy has told his family and his mother is also very upset about it. The issue is I still see her chatting on whatsapp with this guy. I dont know what to do? I dont want to tell this to my parents as I cant see them in pain. They are old and I dont think so they can go through such a trauma. Should I just mind my own business since she is an adult with complete knowlege of islam I should leave her alone or should I just tell my parents everything regarless of the health issues they could go through after knowing this. A little background about my sister. She is a level headed person who is very practising and always prays on time and observes proper hijab. However I don’t understand why she is disobeying Allah just for one guy. I on the other hand have also turned 25 and have been wanting to get married but my parents want her to get married before me and this frustrates me a lot. Please give me some advice as to what I should do . Also, I would prefer if someone gives me a solution from an islamic perspective as to what is my responsibility in this situation.
  10. Salam alaikum It feels like you have read my mind and written my heart out. I am going through the exact phase of life and same issues. To top it up, I’ve an elder sister who is also single so I am expected to wait until it is my turn. Unfortunately we’re living in the worst times and it is very difficult to find a religious, responsible and mature partner. Consider yourself as the cream of the society since very few of us youth are so god conscious and practising shia. I take pride in myself alhamdullilah. Never compromise in choosing a right partner because this person is meant to complete our faith. Marrying a someone who isn’t on the right path will just satisfy your desires but not serve the real purpose of marriage. Once your desires have been fulfilled, regrets will start kicking in as to why you chose someone who isn’t on the right path. Try to fast as much as you can. I can only advice you to hang in there and trust Allah and insha Allah he will help us both and every sincere person who is trying to get married for his sake. Reach me out if you feel like talking to someone who is sailing in the same boat.
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