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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What is the proof that he is weak, and is an extremist? and how does him being Ghali in beliefs ( unproven ) make him dubious? Will wait for explanation. Does scholar, who called him weak and ghali has ever met him? or has any proof for his weakness? You'll call anyone a ghali according to your standards but why do we see you people and Najashi and others praising people like Ibn Junaid Al-Shaitaan as thiqa who accepted using qias? Why is he not labeled as a Muqasir and a deviant? Why is Sheikh Sadooq and his teachers who believed Aima (عليه السلام) can make mistakes not called deviant muqasirs?
  2. I'm no expert but we share our opinions here for our Islah. I agree with many points brothers have mentioned above. Checking Rijal is okay but i think all arguments or opinions are circular. For me, Kutab e Arba are reliable and there is no need to check chains.
  3. As salam o Aliakum everyone who sees my post. First of all, Sheikh Kulayni did shorten chain when chains were similar to chain of hadith preceeding it. Sheikh Kulayni never ever mentioned Ahmed Bin Muhammad Bin Sayyar as Ahmed Bin Muhammad in whole Al-Kafi. There are some hadiths before and after those hadith which are from Ahmed Bin Muhamamd Bin Isa so what made you come to conclusion that Sheikh kulayni in middle quoted a hadith from Sayyar with ultimate Tadlees ( hiding real name ) to do what? Deceive people reading his book? There is no proof for that. Kindly make claims that are famous and proven.
  4. It was Sistani Sahab i think. But it isn't relevent since even if he has called it weak, he still used hadith of Taqlid from it to prove taqlid.
  5. Bhai issue is, if tashahud is fixed or not? if its not, then you can add to it like Marjae Karam have allowed it. Ayatullah Khoie allowed addition into tashahud as well so did all our great scholars and Sistani never stopped anyone from adding anything into tashahud. if testimony like " i testify that ALlah will raise people from graves" can be added why not testimony of wilayah which is way more important than rest of mustahab testimonies and Imam Sadiq (عليه السلام) has said when anyone from you says li ilaha illalah let him say Ali un wali ullah. Its sign of shias but if someone says with niyaah of wajib, his salat is void Sistani never stopped anyone from adding onto Tashahud.
  6. Well usually dns is automatically obtained and this may vary w.r.t internet services providers. And it doesn't really expose any private info. Also Google knows all about you. What do you wanna hide from Ayatullah Google?
  7. Bro it contains 4 testimonies. Read Man La Yahzarahu Al Faqih it has Saheeh Hadeeth of Tashahud from Zurarah from Imam Al Baqir (عليه السلام) in which there are more than 5 testimonies if i remember correctly. Even if imams didn't recite it, hadeeths of Imam (عليه السلام) tells us that Tashahud isn't fixed and one can add multiple testimonies to it. And you know well that no Imam Recited it in Adhan either but you still use hadeeth of Ihtejaj to say Third Testimony as recommended ( mustahab ) in Adhan.
  8. As far as i know, there are no chain in Fiqh Al-Reza (عليه السلام). The books is attributed to Imam Reza (عليه السلام) so you will have to find chain of book instead of chain of hadeeth which is for sure weak.
  9. Backthen when Pakistan blocked YouTube, changing dns to google dns i:e and made it work just by putting https:// before it. I did same in my Phone and its working on phone as well now.
  10. No i wouldn't doubt it! His judgement can be doubted not his truthfullness.
  11. History where qiraat of sahaba are different? Lol By the way where is your chain to Quran? A Chain of Zaidi imams or Zaidi scholars?
  12. Its just like Quran. You can't find 1400 years old copy can you? There is always a chain to book's author. Anyways i said i trust Sadooq ofcourse you really think any 12ver shia would not trust sadooq?
  13. For the older books No (if book was claimed authentic by author)
  14. Ayatullah Khoei Permits to recite this lengthy tashahud with 4 testimonies ( from tehzeeb Al-Ahkam ) as mustahab!
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