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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hazrat Allamah Hur Amili (رضي الله عنه) in his book Isbat ul Hudat Mentions a Chain for this Hadith here: Ref: Isbat Ul Hudat Volume 4 Page 211 - Chapter 86 - Hadith 1005 Ali Bin Muzahir Al-Wasiti: ( 10538 - علي بن مظاهر: لم يذكروه. هو الشيخ الفقيه الفاضل نقل عنه في كتاب المختصر. مستدرك الوسائل ج 1 / 221. Ali Bin Muzahir - Not Mentioned (Clearly proves Ali Nimazi Himself admits he wasn't mentioned by Rijal Scholors but was claimed Sheikh Faazil in a chain in Book written in late 8th century (Al- Mukhtasir) thus it wouldn't serve as a proof for his tawthe
  2. For Gods Sake bro. You are senior member. Celebrate what? Shahadat of Imam Al-Askari (عليه السلام)? You spend many days weeping for others but can't wait for evening to celebrate it for no reason? You are misquoting hadith. Celebrating Shahadat of Imam (عليه السلام) is not permitted at all. Even Bukhari allows 3 days of sorrow and we shias can't even wait for one day? Two Narrators are Majhool, Hadith is disconnected Its at the level of a fabrication. It proves nothing. If you have a proof then mention. InshaAllah i will celebrate it with you if
  3. Some People would say, Its Eid because its the First day of rulership ( Tajposhi ) of Imam e Zamana (عليه السلام). He became the Imam of time thus we celebrate 9th Rabi Al-Awal. And its an Eid for Ahle-Wilayah and No hypocrite would celebrate it. For this, there isn't much left to say. Imam e Zamana's (عليه السلام) father (عليه السلام) passed away, would he be happy over becoming an Incharge Imam or would he be Sad over death of his father (عليه السلام)? Also according to this argument, following are some more dates of celebration but even you guys cry on these dates: 1. 28
  4. Ref#1 Bihaar Al Anwaar volume 95 page 351 Translation from an Old Thread at ShiaChat: Part of Translation: Al-Sayed ibn Tawoos writes in the book, 'Zawaa'id al-Fawaa'id' : that Ibn Abi Alaa Al-Hamadani al-Waasiti and Yahya ibn Mohammad bin Huwaij Al-Baghdadi said: We were quarreling about ibn Al-Khattab (Omar) and we became uncertain about him, so we travelled to Ahmad bin Isaac al-Qummi (Imam Hassan Al-Askari's companion) in Qum. Comments: This Suggests that both "Ibn Abi Alaa Al-Hamdani" and "Yahya Bin Muhammad Al Baghdadi" met companion of Imam Has
  5. I would continue to worship God since in the first place, we are imaging that he (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) is going to grant us Immortality. The one who can grant can take it back as well. Plus without hardships, I might deviate, but will continue to believe in God (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) Everyone can't be in paradise technically because people in the case mentioned in question, would feel more free to oppress others and they shouldn't get away with that. Thats against Adl of God and humanity right?
  6. This narrator is extremely weak (According to Asad Ali Naqvi. I read that as well though)
  7. hahah exactly lol its a big praablam anyways I openly posted about this on whatsapp and facebook, some people got angry but i'm fine. i don't care if posting teachings of Ahlebait (عليه السلام) makes them angry. yeah i also saw that. People of Subcontinent are extremists and mostly follow what there forefathers followed. For Example, when i discussed azaan/iqamah with some so called Akhbaris here, they replied "Are all present day shias wrong and you alone are right?" Even akhbaris started using Ijma as a proof (Bare rang badalte dekhe hein) Same goes with 4 daug
  8. Tell him, lets go back to Allah and ask him who created him? And you'll win. Because Hadiths and ayahs of Quran will refute him from here.
  9. Thats not allowed, if something isn't proven from Quran Hadith and people still do it, then don't blame their mathab, criticize the people. Else YOU PEOPLE GOT SUFIS WITH TONS OF WORSE BELIEFS, even like Allah came inside a buzurg and spoke etc lol Astagfirullah Preach your people before you taunt us (instead of ghalis) and there are people claiming bukhari came to us by transmission of sufis etc (Wajahat Hussein Hanafi) You people do it alot more than we do. Plus We don't pray to dead. And Imams (عليه السلام) etc are exempt for all this as its mentioned in our hadiths
  10. He mentioned in the same video, even in subtitles, Obedience, Bandagi Bhai video dekho jaake phly phir post krna
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