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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    guest021619 reacted to Asghar Ali Karbalai in Taqleed of today's Scholar   
    جَزَاكَ اللّهُ خيراً كثيراً to all my brothers and sisters for participating in this forum.
    This conversation or debate may never settle on one side so I am leaving it on a good note so that none of my brothers or sisters hold a grudge for me because of this difference, Love and Respect. Asghar.
    @ali_fatheroforphans @haideriam @skyweb1987 and all those who participated, جَزَاكَ اللّهُ خيراً كثيراً 
    If ever I have a chance I will ask Mr.. Sistani questions directly face to face to settle down things. I don't want to rely in websites or reply from their office.
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    guest021619 reacted to shia farm girl in We Are Muslim   
    As salaamun aleikum,
    You hit the nail on the head with this question/point.
    A major problem many in humanity suffer from is the inability to critically think. The criminal and victim are NOT the same. It is an injustice to the victim as well as to the Truth AND to our own souls to see them as the same  when we cover over and forget the Truth.  
    In this day and age, the inability of many people to critically think is well evidenced as many think and act according to the belief that  opinions and perspectives are equal to  facts and the Truth, which is not the case. Even in a situations where 2 people have very similar ideas or opinions on a matter, 1 of them will be closer to the Truth than the other, it just may take a bit to figure out which is which.
    When we look at certain historical events such as Karbala, the ability to critically think about what happened, why it happened and the effect it has had on the ummah in general ever since becomes magnified.
    Throughout human history, a good portion of humans have oppressed, killed off, tortured,etc. the supporters and bearers of the Truth, and this is is easily witnessed. Falsehood and its supporters desire to eradicate Truth usually due to their own selfish, tabia driven desires.
    When we ignore, forget, or cover over the Truth, we lose our ability to discern Truth from Falsehood. When we look at an occurence such as Karbala or the incidences of martyrhood of the Imams(AS) and Lady Fatimah Zahra, and ACTUALLY ACKNOWLEDGE WHY this was done, we free ourselves from falsehoods grip and allow ourselves to be lead aright. Many times, this requires a person to accept they may have been wrong in their prior understanding and belief. This can be very painfull and hard for someone to do after years of persisting in that way of thinking and believing.
    I believe this inability to critically think, especially when combined with unrestrained ego, is a major cause of the problems manifesting in many peoples lives. I also believe that the lack of critically thinking is something that has been intentionally encouraged, at least here in the west and for the general population. Its basically social engineering.
    With the general populations ability to critically think handicapped, the more we contribute to our OWN moral/ethical social and educational downfall as well as giving the powers that be the ability to continue on with their global pursuits, wars, greed, and the  immoral agendas they force upon people. If they can keep us deaf to the truth, blind to the truth and mute to the truth, the more they make animals out of our very being by making following our base desires easy. When this happens, who is there to oppose them and fight for the truth and demand moral change? We end up defeating ourselves by devolving into an animal state, allowing those in power the freedom to do as they please to us and to the world, like a rabid dog running lose in a  neighborhood.
    The Quran is the Furqan, and we are to allow it to guide us. That is the whole point of Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى revealing it to us and appointing all the previous Prophets and Imams to guide us, to prevent us from following falsehood and to give us guides to help us discern between the 2 paths. When the people we allow to guide us are misguided and they themselves perpetrate(d) horrendous crimes upon humanity, where does this lead us? 
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    guest021619 reacted to Ashvazdanghe in lRl vs. USA   
    Gen Soleimani & Mr Rohani said before that if America halts Iranian oil export , Iran will halt whole oil export through region from strait of Hormuz & Gen Soleimani doesn't bluff ,if Trump wants to halts Iranian oil export  ,he must starts military war with Iran.
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    guest021619 reacted to Soldiers and Saffron in lRl vs. USA   
    Iran has resources and is in a strategically important location but since they do not slave and degrade themselves for others they will not be left alone.
    More importantly, they are the only enemy of israel.
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    guest021619 reacted to Mohammadi_follower in Amnesty's lies about mass executions in Iran during 1988   
    I would say honnestly I am against liberal democracy in particular when I see that such idiots like trump or bolsanoro are elected because of that. I prefer a form of "Islamic democracy" like there is in iran even if everything is not perfect. 
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    guest021619 reacted to Mohammadi_follower in Amnesty's lies about mass executions in Iran during 1988   
    The problem also is that he looks to not understand Islamic logic. He says that many opium consumers or are against hijabs. And so what seriously? Because there are sinners who don't follow Islamic laws or have some personal problems we are supposed to not follow Islamic laws? This is just non sense. Also about this poll about hijab I would say two things. First this poll had been made only in tehran which is known for his liberalism. Secondly even if most Iranians were against forced hijab who cares? Iran is an Islamic democratic republic not a liberal democracy. So people could have some opinions and askings until this is not against Islamic laws. So even if most are against hijab we don't care. 
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    guest021619 got a reaction from Ralvi in Amnesty's lies about mass executions in Iran during 1988   
    even if the article might have some value but he cant defend it .if he doesnt understand one thing then why even sharing it?
    he was just sharing anti iranian topics blindly
    and i fail to understand how he wanted to disprove wilayate faqih by sharing the articles not related to governance?
    iranian people arent infalliables...iran isnt a perfect state but its much better then other states
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    guest021619 reacted to Mohammadi_follower in Amnesty's lies about mass executions in Iran during 1988   
    Even if we admit this is true you don't think that would happen also to many other Muslim countries if they were facing such harsh sanctions Iranians live nowadays? 
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    guest021619 reacted to Mohammadi_follower in Amnesty's lies about mass executions in Iran during 1988   
    I just don't understand the point you are trying to make here. Iran had been allied to Syria and so what? This is not because Iran and Syria are strategic allies that Iranian government find the system government of Syria good. You are just mixing different stuffs wich are not even supposed to be mixed at the first place. 
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    guest021619 got a reaction from Murtaza1 in Mid-twenties, female and single - what am I doing wrong?   
    jeez i didnt meant it that way ..but thanks for reminding me not there are everytype of people in every community..i thought alot big about shias..from now on i will not be so open and use political correctness
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    guest021619 reacted to 2Timeless in Illegitimate Children   
    I don't understand how this is even a question. Not that the two are comparable, but, would you alienate the child of a killer? No. Because the child has no say in what their parent does. It makes absolutely no sense to alienate and disrespect children of zina because their parents committed a sin. Why ruin an innocent child's life? A child having family who despises him/her and alienates them in the name of Islam will only distance the child from Islam, and this result is on the shoulders of those who decide to punish an innocent child. 
    Instead of contemplating how much of a living hell we should make children's lives, we should discuss what interventions to put in place for children of zina, so they do not fall into further sin if their parents have not repented. 
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    guest021619 reacted to Aflower in Mid-twenties, female and single - what am I doing wrong?   
    I'm sure all the divorced muslim women are waiting for you! Not. Height of ignorance and disrespect.
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    guest021619 got a reaction from aaljibar in Living in Iran   
    if u have something best to offer then u should go to iran
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    guest021619 reacted to Zulfiqar1472 in #42 Ideal Age Difference Between Husband and Wife?   
    Men prime sex age is 50
    Women prime sex age is 18
    So this is a mian reason for old man young girl marriage.
    Both are in win win situation as the old man need a young girl and young girl need a sustainable future.
    The guy will die soon after marriage and women will get another chance to marry with Prince charm at her disposal.
    Adding a note when an old Chinese multimillionaire died her wife said today I understood that all the hard work he was doing was for me... hurrah 
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    guest021619 reacted to Ashvazdanghe in Opening new shia site   
    Salam a new shia site opened this Thursday in Qum 
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    guest021619 got a reaction from Ejaz in Amnesty's lies about mass executions in Iran during 1988   
    do u really believe imam a.s wants a secular govt..when imam Ali a.s sent his representative to kufa ..did he say he should form a secular govt over there because he is here in medina and not in kufa?
    corruption was even in the days of Muhammad s.a.w and even in the days of Ali a.s and even in the days of remaining imams as but they strived for islamic govt not for a secular one
    wilayate faqih is what is teached in hawzas..u can say no islamic govt is perfect and also what is taught in hawzas isnt perfect but what is taught in hawzas and an islamic govt is much better then what is taught in secular schools about accepting homosexuality and gender fluidity and the type of govt over there where u cant express your faith without getting a label on u ..and thenceforth being denied jobs and services on basis of political correctness
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    guest021619 got a reaction from Asghar Ali Karbalai in Taqleed of today's Scholar   
    the characteristics which i was referring to was in the hadith of imam mahdi  a.s
    it was his last commandment i presume so from now on the duty has been shifted on his naibs
    many fake naibs like many fake imams would appear and people will follow them too
    but the one who has some qualities will follow the truth like those who followed ali a.s  had some qualities in common 
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    guest021619 reacted to Ashvazdanghe in Current Events Syria/Yemen/Iraq/Arabia (2017-2024)   
    i never see such hadith ,only place that drying of river Galilee mentioned is the Sunni Hadith about coming of Dajjal that this single hadith  just talks about it & source of hadith is from christian that narrator of Hadith just mentioned prophet (pbu) as someone that verifies hadith but it has contradiction with Shia Belief about knowledge of infallible , if the Hadith was true prophet (pbu) would say it independently from himself not as this hadirh mentioned that prophet didn't has enough knowledge about Dajjal that must ask it from a Christian (or a crypto jew) that wants to converts to Islam so don't consider & don't put too much weight on this situation of lake or river of Galilee 
    if you interested about it  ,Imam Mahdi (aj) will bring out arc of covenant from it & Sufyani (la) will kill beside it  
    http://entezar.ahlolbait.com/content/دریاچه-طبریه  (this link talks aabout Dajjaal but in footnote reffers that is a cnclusion that comes from sunni sources)
  19. Completely Agree
    guest021619 got a reaction from Asghar Ali Karbalai in Taqleed of today's Scholar   
    well yes its on you to follow which marja u like ..i forgot the hadith but there are some qualities which u should have and some characteristics and qualities which u should find in a marja
    if u find him to fall within those qualities and characteristics then yes u could follow him
  20. Haha
    guest021619 reacted to Forgottenthinker in Amnesty's lies about mass executions in Iran during 1988   
    Every single nation based on religion will become corrupted overtime and give their religion a bad name. Only Imam Al Mahdi (ajw) can establish such a state. For now secularism is the only system that can work for those that want to practice the faith let them, if they don't want to practice the majority religion it's between them and Allah not a sector of a government that should be running a country not interfering in personal lives.
    Also if Muslim nations don't need elections, why does Iran offer them and rig them?
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    guest021619 reacted to Mohammadi_follower in Amnesty's lies about mass executions in Iran during 1988   
    Secularism is just absolutely opposite to Islam and will bring anti Islamic values in Muslim countries. I just dont understand how a pseudo Muslim could have such ideas at the first place. 
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    guest021619 reacted to Ashvazdanghe in Associating someone with Allah (SWT)   
    I don't see contradiction between these two statements we ask both from Allah for what you said & also ask it from Ahlulbayr (عليه السلام) simultaneous to they ask it from Allah the best way in Tawassul is that we follow instruction of Ahlul Bayt that they left for us as Duas & prayers to not unknowingly make mistake in this way.  
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    guest021619 got a reaction from Ashvazdanghe in What are the causes of apostasy in our day and age?   
    have u ever heard of the term white mens burden?
    it asserts that the other civilisations are less civilised and intellectually elevated as compared to white man so its white mans burden to civilise them i.e to rule over them
    christianity being unreal to its core dissuaded white men from religion ..and the advent of industrialization vis a vis age of reasoning especially the discovery of evolution further disillusioned people from church and many thinkers were born who put forth many theories like aryan race theory ,communism, dadism and so on
    in many of such theories God wasnt considered as something special because the evolutionary theory discredited church and god
     it also sort of took away legitimacy of the king because church used to give legitimacy to the kings rule ..at those days revolutions started in different part of europe feulled by the ideas of intellectuals and ideologies..since whites religion has so many fallacies,how come a religion from desert holds any value?
    Colonialists of last two centuries invented the theory of separation of politics from religion and rivalry between the old and the new sciences in order to create a gulf between these two systems. They not only divided the language of religion from language of modern science, culture and philosophy, but also developed a big difference between the two with the result that conciliation between these two languages becomes difficult. That is why whenever an anyone of those religious minded people who had been to Europe and were conversant with modern civilization and culture, tried to defend and transmit whatever of religion was left to him, he in most cases presented religion in an ambiguous form which materialized to be incompatible with modern civilization and modern sciences. Realizing the situation, many of scholars, especially during the last 100 years have tried to bridge this gulf and to introduce modern science and civilization in a perspective compatible with the broad and progressive outlook of Islam and free from all misconception and misrepresentation. Mirza Naini is considered to be the most influential authority by introducing his revolutionary approaches to combat the gap between religion and modernity. The integrity of his students in the religious and modern world is the criteria for constructive critic and appreciation.
    this loss of spirituality and less knowledge of deen is leading our youth astray
    the second reason is that the west reached to a moral construct after debating and thinking replacing and refining  what moral lessons they were given in thier old books..they believe a thing is morally wrong because they think or feel its wrong more like qayas..thats why they think and believe homosexuality and feminism should be promoted
    since the colonization has shifted the axis towards west ,parents tend to buy books of famous writers who are either liberals or cultural marxist ..when thier kids are raised reading those books,watching them and thier lessons being debated on tv or the same lesson given in the form of a film..they accept those moral values whose basis is in qayyas..so when they come across a quranic verse that talks about dealing with the fitnah..they become so shocked.
    the difference between divine morality and morality propagated by west is so clear..the shaitan had made thier aimmal good for them but they know they are sliding towards degenracy..thats why we are seeing a wave of conservatism in europe..a wrongly guided wave of conservatism ..they even came up with a term white sharia lol
    i couldve go on and on with this topic but right noe after typing all this my hand starts to ache plus i got exams...
    had to post this again..mods please delete the previous one
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    guest021619 got a reaction from Mohammadi_follower in Amnesty's lies about mass executions in Iran during 1988   
    the marjas are representives of imams ..they are his naibs
    and the representative of marjas in wilayate faqih is the rehbar 
    wilayate faqih is different from caliphate and kingdom
    wilayate faqih in iran is the concept of literal practice of what is teached in hawzas
    its not a caliphate nor a badshahat
    the marjas can impeach rehbar if hes found to be deviated
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    guest021619 got a reaction from Ashvazdanghe in Current Events Syria/Yemen/Iraq/Arabia (2017-2024)   
    theres a hadithby imam ali a.s on drying of river galilee..but u r right too
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