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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. well we rebelled from dogra raj,defeated them and acceded from kashmir and joined pakistan in time i think our part that is gilgit baltistan is the only area with majority shia in this region..except a part of baltistan in kashmir i.e ladakh too have majority twelver shia well its also the only part here where majority ismailis exist too lol
  2. maybe the hate stems from the fact that its believed mauwiya too was illegitimate mughira bin waleed who was an apostate too was an illegitimate and Qur'an exposed it
  3. consider like this ..u didnt know much about islam ..like what harm and punishment would an act would carry because i strongly suspect u werent educated islamically by your parents as you mentioned u had tough family life u might have known these things to be wrong but werent guided but today Allah has given u an opportunity to be a neoborn muslim thats what i think and its my qayyas if u promise not to go back ,repent and will resist every temptation to go back then yes u will be cleaned by him I.A i too today commited a major sin out of stupidity which i said i wont do it ..i then donated my most precious thing to make it up somehow and yeah felt better maybe u should donate something which u hold most precious just for Allah..u will feel u r near to him
  4. minimum course take 5 yrs ? isnt there some monthly courses that one can attend?
  5. God i hate liberals so much..i myself was one..but then i got wise liberals are either ignorants or hypocrites like teddy roosevelt said if u want to pissoff a liberal tell the truth and if u want to piss off a conservative,tell the lie
  6. maybe u misunderstood me..i meant i would not be open again just because some people like u and that id above will go on mocking a sunnah maybe read my post again why i said that maybe i will not do it or maybe i will do it but its so low of her to ignore everything and just takeout a part of sentence
  7. even if the article might have some value but he cant defend it .if he doesnt understand one thing then why even sharing it? he was just sharing anti iranian topics blindly and i fail to understand how he wanted to disprove wilayate faqih by sharing the articles not related to governance? iranian people arent infalliables...iran isnt a perfect state but its much better then other states
  8. jeez i didnt meant it that way ..but thanks for reminding me not there are everytype of people in every community..i thought alot big about shias..from now on i will not be so open and use political correctness
  9. the articles u shared are all wrote by liberals e.g take this isnt this pathetic attempt? These days it is difficult to find a really open-minded Iranian man. They are lagging behind us FAHIMEH AZADI
  10. if u believe suicide data contradicts and gets changed then why u shared it in the first place as hujjah? i m firm in my belief that iran isnt facing a suicide crisis of youth and has shared my sources..its now u who says it gets changed now and often..u r not too sure yourself so that means your very basis to discredit iran by on the pretext of suiciding youth was wrong
  11. and about opioid epidemic..i shared u UNODC estimates..what have u got? more articles from ncbi?
  12. apart from ncbi news ..do u have solid proofs? from any reliable international institution? what u shared is just a news article i can write a news article too bring me some international facts and figures like i did
  13. i have given u international facts and u r again and again sharing ncbi news whos more reliable?
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