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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yeah, I know. The second sentence you quoted me from says, "It's not feet or hands like ours". Metaphor is what I meant.
  2. You can say Allah is a living being as it says in the Qur'an that He has hands and feet. It is not feet or hands like ours. It's a concept, a similitude. However to say He is living implies, He can die. As we all know, on the final days, Allah will order an angel to blow the horn and all life will be extinguished. However, He will then ask who remains and He will be the only one. He will then answer Himself. Note: I've been searching for 2 days for the actually hadeeth to post it here. I know I read it somewhere. It's one of my favorite hadeeth. So Allah is eternal, but not living. But He's not dead either. I guess it depends on how you want to look at it.
  3. I suppose you can use any analogy you want to explain the Big Bang. Using your building analogy, the cement and water are like the elements that went into the Big Bang. But who mixed the elements together to make bricks and ultimately the building? Man? However man didn't created cement nor water. Allah did. That's the difference. Allah created the elements and willed them to collide and explode, making the Big Bang. Man could never make a thing without using what Allah had created already.
  4. I'd like to believe they have their sources and they have their own collection of hadeeth. And I think all people should do the same. If the people I'm following study and research the religion for themselves, why aren't I doing the same? For myself I strictly follow what I read. So Qur'an and my collection of hadeeth. I'm not saying however don't learn from scholars and people that are believed to be more knowledgable, it's still a source of knowledge, but when I or anyone asks a person where did you get the idea that this haram or that's haram, it should be the actually verse or hadeeth and not "someone said so" or they simply come up with their own logical explanations without any evidence. When I say "easier for us", it's only because I hear a lot of things that people believe is wrong or right and I hear their reasons and I just don't get it or agree with it and then they pressure others to do the same. Things being this way means that whoever is the most aggressive or pushy can pressure everyone to follow what they do. This makes people do things they didn't need to before all because someone made them worry about some consequence or pressured them some other way. I'm independent minded so I'm not likely to do anything just because someone close to me said so. I introspect, evaluate and come to a conclusion in the most purest form of "my own personal opinion" as possible. No matter what, someone will say something that we agree with and it'd inevitably mix with our own personal belief system, but I do this because I don't want to make it easy for anyone to be capable of convincing me so easily and changing my own belief system. Only Allah and the Prophet should have such obedience from us or power to change our minds. I've been wrong in the past so I don't want to be even a tiny bit gullible. Everyone else should be looked at with caution. Even me! I urge everyone to consider that perhaps I'm right about my own personal beliefs and to research more to continue to argue with me. Even if we don't come to an agreement, even the sahaba and family of the Prophet at the time of the Prophet had their differences, to which both parties went to the Prophet himself and asked for his judgement. As long as you did your own work and researched the practices and sayings of the Prophet to argue with me, it's all I ask. I'm not here to convince anyone of anything.
  5. There was a hadeeth I read, my favorite hadeeth so far. It goes that Prophet of Allah told his people that in the last third of the night, Allah Himself descends to the Heaven of Earth and asks, "Is there anyone who invokes Me that I may respond to his invocation? Is there anyone who asks Me of something that I may give him? Is there anyone who asks for My forgiveness that I may forgive him?" =) So I say wake up or wait till before Fajr and ask for everything in your heart. Because you ARE someone that has something to ask of Allah.
  6. I will respond to this as modestly as I can. I read the entire Qur'an in a translation I understood at least 4 times. And every time I did, there was always something that seemed NEW and relevant to what I was going through at the time. It was like whoa. 0_0 Also I read the entire contents to a translated version of Bukhari's compilation of hadiths once. I'm currently in the middle of the compilations of Muslim and then plan to do Tirmidhi's, but I'm kinda stuck right now. I recently got a PS4 Pro and the Resident Evil 2 remake. >___< So good.
  7. Here's a post I did recently. It explains some stuff I noticed about our people. Sorry for it being long. =/ I have an intense TL;Dr. defense mechanism so I feel for you.
  8. Hmm. As far as I've read, Jinn are in a totally different dimension that the extent of their influence is whispering. I haven't read anywhere that can physically manipulate things. When I lose something important to me, I ask Allah to help me find it and I try not to worry, basically just being patient with my feelings about it. Helps me so far. =) Perhaps this is just a test of patience. Or perhaps you're supposed to ask Allah for help. Or both.
  9. We should all know already that none of us here are professionals and that we will never be as wise or as knowledgable as the Prophet, but this IS a discussion forum and people here are asking for advice or opinions. How they take it after that is not up to us. Perhaps if we were to say often as a reminder that "we are not professionals" or "this is my thoughts on this matter", that would be better. But from where I was standing, it didn't seem like he was doing anything where it would warrant an insult. It seemed like he was just answering a thread. =/ To be honest, saying what you said now, you thinking that what he said was dangerous and why you thought so, was better to say than implying he was delusional. And don't get me wrong. I believe the same that some people are too confident in what they say and they have little to back it up with. Not that I think that Guest Matin is one of these people. Reading Qur'an does help to an extent. It's not THE solution, but it's what helped him with his issues. Y'know? =/
  10. I've never really agreed with the idea that a person can't or shouldn't shake the hands or hug a person of the opposite gender. That means teachers, future business partners, police, possible in-laws etc. can't be shown this gesture of peace and comfort. You want to discuss consequences? Not doing this paints a bad picture of yourself to whoever you reject a hug or handshake from and generally just makes you look weird. Not because you didn't explain things "correctly", but because even if you did explain that it's a religious thing, which people in the Western places do accept, there just some things just using your religion as an excuse still brings questions. Like "why". And they will wonder without answer. It could cost you things like a job application or a good impression on your convert interest's non-Muslim parents. Islam is an entirely logical religion. All things that we do have reason and benefits behind them. We don't always know what the reasons are as some knowledge is with Allah alone, but the only reasons I've been told about why we shouldn't do these things is "because it's haram in the religion" and "I'm going to go to my room with lotion with a box of tissues afterwards". Anything you do can be blown out of proportion with lack of self-control. Women are a known weakness to men. So should we lock them up at home and protect our men from their beauty? No. So we let them walk the streets as all people do as they go about their day. WHAT? They walk the streets? So should we hide at home to protect ourselves from their beauty? Women are only NOW allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Like WHAT? Don't get me wrong, if you want to avoid all physical contact with the opposite gender to protect your purity, by all means, do so. The intention is sound. May Allah reward you for your efforts. But to make a ruling based on those that can't handle a 1 second handshake with someone they're not married to is not okay in my opinion. By making rules that benefit the weakest of us do not help make them stronger. It makes things harder on everyone else that doesn't have that problem or have bad intentions. This is actually a problem right now in the West. Too many whiners who think they have the entitlement to voice whatever garbage they want and cause unnecessary conflict over the smallest of 'issues'. They're called SJWs. And Karens. Who do you think created the 99+ genders and gender identification over there? These people. Some more consequences to think about related to making fatwas, new laws etc. instead of just practicing and teaching self-awareness and self-control. So far this has all been just my own personal stream of thought as well as the limit of my thought process on the matter, but I really do think that it seems like a lot of Muslims nowadays are quick to make and throw rulings around and shove their thoughts down people's throats INSTEAD of THINKING about WHY a sheikh or scholar came to a particular conclusion of their own or UNDERSTANDING why Allah and the Prophet orders things from us. How can you explain your religion to the non-Muslims if your only reason for doing things is "my parents said so and so", "my sheikh or scholar said so and so" etc? Even the people you follow have their reasons. It's up to us to show people Islam. We are the face of the religion. Have your reasons and understanding of a concept as well as the final judgement. You will teach no one like this. I know you can't MAKE anyone agree with you, that's up to them. But you CAN explain your religion, but only if you have more to say. And avoid arguing. There is a fine line between explaining and arguing. There is no blind following in Islam. The wisest of us understands our religion which strengthens our iman. So here's some evidence I have. It's not a direct touch on the topic, but it should explain my thought processes better. I read a hadeeth that not once did the sahaba see the Prophet touch a person of the opposite gender. However I never read anything saying he objected someone who did it. Perhaps the evidence disappeared in time and is buried somewhere, but I follow what I can find and I avoid assumption. As it is told to do in the Qur'an, to avoid assumption or suspicion. Islam is said to be easy in one of the ayahs in the Qur'an and that to make it hard on one's self, will destroy that person. So I make Islam easy on myself. I know you've heard stories of Muslims leaving Islam because it was difficult for them and that they just couldn't understand certain things. I've actually met and spoke and tried to answer some of their questions and erase their doubts. Not shaking hands or giving people hugs makes me very stressed out and makes the atmosphere uncomfortable. Non-Muslims see hugs and handshakes as small and therefore something anyone should be able to just do from any religion or race. It's a gesture of peace and by rejecting it makes us look like we aren't peaceful people. We handshake each other anyways and they know it too. =/ I've tried abstaining and done it for about a year, but I couldn't justify it any longer.
  11. I'm assuming that your friend said that there are no Shia hadeeth that lead to the Qur'an as an evidence to the topic spoken of in the hadeeth?
  12. Enjoy my humbleness and modesty. https://vocaroo.com/I/s1kTpYEmqK9Y
  13. Eid is boring because no one makes it fun. With Christmas and Halloween, there's a theme, backstory decorations and traditions that only happens on these holidays. What does Eid have? Family outings and visits? Traditional Muslim sweets and Vimto? Man, I can do that all at any day of the year. Eid gives us the freedom to do what we want. We have to make it fun. Make your own Eid traditions dude. =)
  14. Native American culture has always been so interesting to me ever since I first learned about it in elementary school. I'm glad it was part of my studies. I wish it was around me more.
  15. And all who don't accept Fall with blood, fire and caution And it looks like a mudslide
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