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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Also I’m sure you would have heard about Abu Sufyan bin Harith. He was a cousin of the Holy Prophet S (not to be confused with Abu Sufyan bin Harb, the father of Muawiyah the rebellious and the grandfather of Yazeed the apostate - curse of Allah on all three and the three). This Abu Sufyan bin Harith (ASH) was from the children of Hashim, was the same age as the Holy Prophet, he and the Prophet were close buddies growing up. But when the Prophet called his people, foremost his family towards Islam in an exclusive invitation, he was among the first ones to oppose the Prophet. He was a famous poet too and much of his works included poems against Islam and against the Prophet, many of which are still available to read. He kept himself in his ignorance till the time the Prophet secretly made his way towards Mecca which ended in the conquest of the Holy city and the eternal fall of paganism from Ka’aba. While the Prophet was making his way towards Mecca, he came and visited the Holy Prophet and sought forgiveness of the Prophet through the intercession of Hz. Umme Salama (the 2nd most favourite wife after Khadija AS and another cousin of the Prophet, she was a Hashemite too). The Prophet didn’t forgive him for a long time, so much so that whenever he used to show up, the Prophet used to turn his face away from him. When Umm Salama implored on his behalf, the Prophet S very grievingly told her how much his opposition had hurt the Holy Prophet all these years. This kept going on, to the extent that throughout the Meccan March, ASH would show up in the morning and sit himself in front of the tent of the Holy Prophet till the evening in the hope of gaining forgiveness of the Prophet, only to be rejected from redemption. Till the time came that the war of Hunayn happened only few weeks after the conquest of Mecca. Hunayn was fought after the warriors of Taef thought of ambushing the Prophet while he was still in Mecca and hadn’t fully consolidated his control on the city and the vicinities. In the heat of the battle of Hunayn, when all of the Ashab fled, and the Prophet remained shielded by only ten or so warriors of Banu Hashim against the thousands of adversaries, the Prophet noticed an unidentified warrior accompanying him on the side of his horse, his face hidden in the helmet, protecting the holy Prophet valiantly and selflessly from the assaults of the warriors of Taef. When the Prophet asked Abbas, his uncle, who that masked soldier was, the person took his helmet off and immediately kissed the shoe of the Prophet as the Prophet was sitting up high on his horse. Sure enough it was the same Abu Sufyan bin Harith, his cousin... the Prophet forgave him at that moment and he read his Shahada in front of the Prophet while being in the battle. The Hunayn ended and the Prophet returned victorious. This ASH moved to Medina later as the Prophet returned to his city after finishing off with the affairs of Mecca and Taef. He lived for another few years after the demise of the Prophet. In his last days, when he was in his 70s, people found him digging his own grave in the graveyard of Baqi predicting his own death in a few days. Sure enough, soon after he was done digging his own grave, he passed away and was buried there, and was washed and shrouded by the Banu Hashim who had been living in Medina at the time, including the Ahlul Bayt of the Prophet. Contrast this with Abu Lahab, who was the uncle of the Prophet and was one of the sons of Abdul Muttalab. The reason I recounted this story is to make a point that more likely what you meant was that redemption is possible, and we are and remain the same species, and have capability to transform ourselves (inner selves) from a beast to a human and back depending on our aqeeda and actions. Allah knows best. Fateha for ASH.
  2. Commenting on your ‘two species’ categorisation: Maybe what you mean is until the seal on hearts (40:35, 42:24) and much comprehensive seal (45:23) are all set and decided by Allah, along with the transformation that came with (we transformed their hearts and their vision 6:110), they still have chance to flip their inner selves of beastling (for lack of better word) into a submissive self. Once the seal is all decided, then all bets are off and they are destined to their end till some heavenly interjection from Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). Hence a very recommended Dua for the rest of us to be asked during our five salat in Qunoot, besieging Allah, “O’ the converter of the hearths - Ya Muqqalb ul Quloob, strengthen my heart on Your path” I remember a Hadith from the time of the 3rd Imam when he sent Muslim b. Aqeel to Kufa, when Muslim was praying his last Salat in the masjid and the hypocrites fled. He turned and those few who had left behind in the mosques, their faces were of wild animals, hence Muslim knew who and what he was dealing with here. Or the time of the 4th Imam AS when he was in the vicinity of the Holy Ka’aba and a Momin boasted of the number of believers. 4th Imam asked him to look through the gap between his two fingers, on which all he saw was wild animals circumambulating the Holy Ka’aba.
  3. @AbdulKarim313_Austin/Nola Similar lines of thought. Ahsant... [Mission: the Delivery and the Execution Unlike his Message, the Mission of Muhammad was not simple at all; it was one part delivery and one part execution. Delivery of the Prophet’s Mission Delivery part of his Mission was to teach absolute justice on Earth. Absolute justice meant the consistent and complete synchronization of all ‘creatures of free will’ with the ‘Will of God’. Muhammad as the Messenger was to teach how to perfect this absolute synchronization between God and his creatures, at all levels of human experience. Everything else that God had created on this Earth was already in complete synchronization with the God’s will; it was only the creatures of free will, that would time to time, go out of sync with the will of God. Muhammad had to teach them consistency in this synchronization. Execution of the Prophet’s Mission Execution part of Muhammad’s Mission rested on the delegation of God’s authority on Earth. God’s authority could only be delegated to a leader who was perfectly synchronized with the Will of God. This perfect human was to be called the vicegerent of God on Earth. Muhammad, in his lifetime, was the vicegerent or the ‘Khalifa’ of God on Earth. Before him, other Prophets were God’s vicegerents on Earth. After Muhammad, there had to be vicegerents of God too. The dispute about their leadership or the ‘Wilaya’ became the cause of the first and the only ideological division in Muhammad’s community. Every other difference stemmed from this.] Excerpt from the book: Prophet Muhammad (A Young Adult's Guide to the Early History of Islam) https://www.amazon.com/dp/1790469651
  4. While it’s a natural human tendency to be curious about the unseen (Ghaib), I’ve noticed many of us here are curious about wrong types of unseen. There are a few popular unseen that people could be interested in, like God, Imam Mahdi AF, exotic sciences, Angels, Gog-Magog, and Jinns, many here seem to waste lots of their spiritual prowess on wrong kinds of unseen. Our minds get conditioned by what we read, hear, watch, and excessively think about. Those who become way too curious about the wrong types of unseen tend to start seeing things because their minds make them see and hear what they want to, eventually the obsession about those lead to mental problems, anxiety, and other life affecting phobias. This, in addition to the real existence of the unseen creatures that Allah created, and warned us about them of seeing us from a position where we can’t see them, they sometime get unnecessarily attracted by these unseen beings, in this case the curiosity indeed come attempt to kill the cat. This could become an obvious outcome because curiosity becomes mutual sometimes and some of those individuals truly become exposed to the other side, mostly to their own detriment, ending up in physical and spiritual sicknesses. On the other hand, Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and all the good that He has created is easily approachable. It’s not very hard to reach to Allah, as long as we prioritise Him in our lives. Seeking Allah, His pleasure, recognition, and love - through Imam Mahdi AF and through more knowledges, more sciences, as the vehicle or waseela towards Him - is something which is one of the core purposes of the creation of human life. We all are given huge potential but very limited time on this planet, might as well spend it on Allah and for Allah, and achieve all that is good destined for us. It’s something I wanted to let it out by reading all sorts of weird posts on ShiaChat. You don’t want to go on that path which doesn’t go anywhere or worst, may lead to literal hell in this life and worst in what comes next.
  5. Blessings on you all as well. Don’t forget to make Dua for all the destitute and oppressed Muslims in Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, and much of Africa.
  6. There is nothing wrong if humans expressions of faith, love, grief, or religious devotion match. Look at this picture. In front put Ka’aba and consider it Muslim. In front put statue of Buddha and it’s a Buddhist. In front put statue of Ganesh and it’s Hindu. Why it’s only the rites of Azadari of Imam Hussain AS that offend the people that much?
  7. Can’t you pray in an empty classroom? You don’t need a praying area, all you need is a paper towel (napkin etc.) as is or you could put your turba on it, and pray on the bare floor or if it’s carpeted, even better. Other places to pray could be under a tree, in a Muslim teacher’s office (ask him about it), or in a church on or near campus. When I was in college, I asked the Church Admins if I could pray salat at a corner. They were perfectly fine. Depending on your gender, you will need to be smart and careful about your personal safety at all times of when and where you pray your salat. If personal safety is a concern, you could always pray while sitting on your chair in a classroom or in a crowded place. If your personal safety is compromised, you could even pray by hand signs (no need to do ruku etc), or even by the movements of the eyes, or if even that’s not possible, you could pray in your heart with words whispering out.
  8. Wrong. I met Ayatullah Sistani (biggest Marja’ residing in Najaf, Iraq) in person and someone asked about this - discussing this and other things, half of the time he commented on how critical Iraqis contribution was for the peace in Iraq and Syria and how things came together for the true Muslims of ME after his fatwa. The other half was about supporting his fatwa of not offending the Sunnis, which he really felt strongly about. Geopolitically for ME (greater ME), Sistani and Khamenei sounded 100% on the same page.
  9. For various inhibitions, doubts, and over worries, I mostly utilise a different tactic. I find and pick a Hadith and make it my guiding light, or sort of motto whenever I think of one. For example, someone asked about the waswasas druing salat, on which Imam AS recommended to ignore those because those are from Shaytan. The person said how so? Imam replied that ask the person who complains of the waswasas. He himself would say these are from Shaytan. Imam rested the question at that. Another one is doubtfulness of wudhu due to gases. Imam AS said to ignore those doubts till you smell it, because again these are part of the tricks of Shaytan to distract you. Another one is about the istibra, same thing, once done properly, then Imam AS said even if the wetness runs down on the leg, consider your wudhu valid. An interesting one, someone who had OCD about the supposed dirtiness of the private parts. Imam AS casually told him, that if he considered those so abhorrent, then cut them off. On which the person got embarrassed and got his reply. Similar one about the tahara and najasa of the clothes. Rule of thumb, the dryness doesn’t transfer the najasa, and the wetness does transfer it. Comes handy for the OCDs of restroom door knobs najis, mushrik najis, and so on. Like the rest of us, once I read those Hadith, I overcame all of my excessive apprehensions. I always do things with the caveat that anything and everything we humans perform for the sake of God is deficient in its substance and quality. But then I also believe in the Rahma of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and He won’t keep us unrewarded for an iota of good we do, and won’t let us go free for an iota of bad we do, but then for this we have His infinite Maghfira and Afw. End of the day, be a happy camper. Islam is easyyyyyyy..
  10. The way I read special here, was in the way of unique or peculiar. This is definitely not racist ‘special’ as some racists believe or some imaginary ‘exceptional’ as some nations believe.
  11. Thank you for taking your time and jazakAllah kher - I wish I could try one of the above, which sounds really interesting and would totally etch it in the memory, but for the lack of time I would go for the other.
  12. Are there any best practices in memorising Qur'an? I searched the internet and talked to a few Huffaz, all I got were traditional methods, which I can’t adhere to due to the lack of time I could dedicate to it? Have any of you tried any method that worked for you?
  13. OP: I believe your complaint is correct (I assume you are complaining about the divergence between the religion and the people), but looking at it positively, look at the potential. The potential we as individual and as nation hold in reaching the perfection of ‘what Allah intends us to be’ due to the connection (call it recognition, knowing, consideration) of Prophet’s Ahlul Bayt AS is what makes us unique. For the lack of a good example, a rich heir who lost the key to his fortunes; fortunes that belong to him nonetheless.
  14. True.. I sort of regretted it, but ShiaChat anonymity is a true bliss. Besides he could have apprehensions being caught ‘red haded’ on ShiaChat -:)
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