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  1. Yahyayu

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    As-salamu alaykum, New to this forum and wanted to ask a few questions. I'm unsure whether this is the right place. A little about myself before I begin. Alhamdullilah I converted to Islam a while back, with most of my friends/peers/colleagues etc being followers of Ahlus sunnah. So all I've known up until now is Sunni based information on Islam. I was recently speaking to another friend from my past who I did not realise was a follower of the Shia school of thought. He was not aware of my coming to Islam as we had not spoken for a long time. I had only heard about Shia Islam here and there & majority of the time it was negative so I mentioned this to my friend and wanted someone who was actually Shia to tell me about themselves and their following. I was very surprised in how little I actually knew about such major events that happened i.e Karbala, the appointment of successor after the prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h & his family & how it all unfolded. We spoke of more but these are a couple of topics that stuck out. I was so shocked when briefly hearing about the tragic incidents of Karbala but I knew nothing of it. I blamed myself a little but it was just never spoke of previously. I'm now left very confused as I now have conflicted views & due to only ever learning about Islam through a Sunni perspective I've conducted myself in said way. Although it's been an up and down journey, with highs & lows. Would anyone recommend anywhere for me to start? Book wise, in terms of gaining some knowledge on basic things first but through a Shia perspective. I also have other questions that further explain my confusions/conflictions & would be happy to endulge in conversation with an open mind/heart. Jazakallah khair