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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Currently I live in Bangladesh. I am a US citizen. I wanted to know whether it is a good idea to go to the USA for higher education alone. I will be 18 when I go. Is it very difficult for people in the West to stay on the right path and not get influenced by Western ideas. Would it be a better idea to get married and then go ? Also Is a Western education truly worth it ? I know that if there is a possibility of getting deviated then it is haram to go. Would it still be haram if there is no possibility of going astray but also a small chance of improving my religion. Since the past several year my beliefs/faith has increased. However if I feel I ill not be able to further improve my faith once I go to the West would it still be haram ?
  2. I want to mention that I am sure every single importer is using exactly this method and if I don't bribe then I will not be able to compete with my competitors. So how is this fair shouldn't the blame be entirely on those who take the bribe and refuse to decrease the duty unless they are bribed. Also what about the money I have made so far should I give it to charity so that my wealth is halal . Also what about the money which was earned by supposedly haram means ie by bribing what will happen if I make a further profit on it by halal means. So for example I earn 50000 by importing goods (haram) and I do another business on it which is halal and the total profit is 75000 would the extra profit ie 25000 be halal
  3. I wanted to know whether my business is halal. I import goods from China to Bangladesh. Upon arrival in Bangladesh I have to hire a clearing agent to minimize the duty. So for example I import a thing that originally costs 100 per kg and after official duty it comes to 200 per kg. However my clearing agent claims by giving bribes to the local authorities he can reduce the duty so that it would cost me 140 per kg after all costs. Virtually every company which imports these goods gives bribes to reduce the duty. Therefore these goods sell for 150 per kg. Only if I give bribes will I be able to make a profit. Is it halal to give bribes to the local authorities and will the money I earn be halal ?
  4. Is it advisable to marry before graduation or after in the West as a Shia guy. What age does Islam recommend to marry assuming finances is not an issue? Are humans mature enough to select and choose the right partner at 18/19 or should they wait until they are 25?
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