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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You might also be careful doing so due to iran being sanctioned.
  2. What kind of logical approach is this? Let me modify your question and you can answer it the same: "A person lost in a lost part of the world with no access to the internet, he has no access to quran or islam till he dies, will he be able to make it to jannah and be a good Human? Even if he has 0 access to Quran. Even if he never mentions Allah? "
  3. I believe if Marijuana can go under the same category as morphine or codeine in terms of medical use. If your doctor prescribes it as a pain killer, or sleeping aid, or something similar then it might be Halal. Not sure though, but it seems logical that it goes under the same category as other medicines that can be abused as intoxicants. But should definitely be double checked with your respective marja.
  4. When Iranian parents say insha'Allah when asked for something by their child it more often than not means "In your dreams".
  5. How can one determine that though? if the colours from the carmine is completely dissolved and diluted?
  6. Sorry, i meant Locust, though they seem to be the same thing, grasshoppers morph into locust from a fast googling.
  7. I just find the whole gushing of blood explanation strange. To me that sounds like a ruling regarding animals that actually have gushing blood. Insects are not part of animals that have the same cardiovascular system as mammals and others. And as far as i have understood the only insect that is halal is grasshopper if im not mistaken.
  8. Thanks, but the question is, is it gushing of blood while its alive or does it count when its dead?
  9. You and your husband agreed and signed a paper that gives your father the right to divorce on your behalf?
  10. ummm where exactly has Seyed Khamenei said Carmine(E120) is halal? As far as i know only Seyed Sistani says it's halal.
  11. As long as its not unhealthy to get that much larger, or the supplements are not hurtful, and she can cover up properly, then i don't see why it would be haram or makrooh.
  12. The most impactful sentence in the poem is: Bia ta javaanam bede rokh neshaanam Show your face/return whilst im still young
  13. The original is recited by Karimi as sister Hamideeh mentioned
  14. Any person that thinks of themselves as a leader, is not a leader. You'll do fine, and hopefully great inshallah.
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