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  1. It's not as confusing as people tend to make it, if one bothers not to actually over complicate it. 1. If, as quoted that asking anyone other than Allah for help "Do not call onto any beings other than Allah" is wrong at face value, then someone either tell me "Hal min nasir" is made up, or Imam hussein missed this part of the Quran. 2. As someone mentioned earlier, asking someone for help, as in mr or ms X, you are closer to Allah, and you have been given certain elevations by Allah, can you hook me up with this problem I'm having? Is very different than to pray to that person, as in worshipping. You don't worship your doctor when asking for help, nor your teacher, nor your parents but you keep nagging these people for help constantly. 3. Then comes the: well they are alive, you are asking a dead person. The Quran, or should i say Allah, spesifically bothered to mention that the shuhada are not dead, what other reasons would he have in informing us of this as it has zero value to our lives and the message of the Quran...unless it actually knew people will use the dead person card a lot. 4. Using English translated words such as pray, supplication, asking, begging etc are often cause of more confusion than actually helping. 5. The problem arises when people exaggerate and give the masoomeen higher status than what Allah has ordained...which are the Parents, Ulama, and societies fault..the limitations should be taught at a young age.
  2. I would contact Ali to get it up on the boards.
  3. Well, you said empirically.....so yeah, it's the fastest growing religion in the world, I would say that's pretty empirical......
  4. root

    Thoughts 2022

    Moving is one of the worst activities ever. I learn a lot about myself when I move.
  5. Thank God we got to see Ammars deep, professional and unbiased opinions on a very complex, probably british funded rioting in Iran. We would truly be lost without this young master of geopolitics.
  6. IRIB 3 has made a pretty good animation based on the life of Martyr Ibrahim Hadi and his time at the front lines. It is pretty well made, so have a look if such things are of interest.
  7. That's why we have people like you, God's representatives on earth to teach jahils like me.
  8. Thank god for the warning......also it makes a big difference for us jahils that you also declare which country you are from.
  9. This is the best thing i've seen since Star Wars (the original trilogy)
  10. Imam Hussein (عليه السلام) said: "Someone like me will never do bayah with Someone like Yazid." What i've noticed is that many shias don't understand the meaning behind "someone like". Our Imams were veeeery careful with words and there is a reason why he didn't say "I won't do bayah with Yazid" but instead used the word "someone like" for both himself and yazid. What this shows is that imam hussein is talking timeless...we should always recognize the imam husseinis of our time and the yazids of our time and place. The original yazid is dust and dirt now and rotting away in the afterlife....we aren't actually just cursing him..but everone "like" him. The same goes for all other characters that decieved, stole, were hypocrites, faked, scammed and murdered unjustly, specially towards rightful owners of this religion.
  11. Salam, no brother, the random guy is his father, also a famous reciter
  12. Well, the former Iranian president was trained in UK, so wouldn't surprise me. We are just waiting for him to get put infront of a judge.......problem is that he has powerful friends.
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