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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Oh so you are bringing up this issue was to bring us enlightenment? How silly of us not to see your pure intentions. You are so mazloom. You can ask 10 times if you wish, I already answered you, you making this thread had very clear intentions, noone is fooled by your two faced behaviour. You aren't worth trying to prove anything else other than the current threat, as this thread in itself and your opening post is proof enough of your snake like behaviour. Stop making insulting threads like this, then you won't be called out on it. When you pray for rain, you have to deal with the mud. My intention was to point out your two faced behaviour and you flapping about is evidence enough that it worked.
  2. I didn't say you broke the rules, I said you are two faced. On one side of that face you pretend to be an understanding Shia,on the other side you start off by making a thread like this trying to somehow link a revolution that many sacrificed their life for, than many look upon as a holy struggle to some sort of twisted nationalism. I don't need proof, you getting called out on your two faced behaviour is proof enough, creating threads like this ending it with LOL is proof enough, then like your predecessors before you, you go belly up and cry us a river. I'll rather use my socalled position of power to people like you out then watch you call fould and flap about like a fish out of water. Works every time.
  3. I haven't silenced you, I just like pointing out two faced people, they usually yell foul asap, just like you did. Your posts are evidence enough and you answering every single "childish" post I made says more about you than me. Don’t be angry, just try other tactics.
  4. Call it whatever you like, when you act like a snake, don't expect not to be called out. But expect to be talked to the way you deserve to be talked to. And be couragous about it at least, don't go belly up and play victim. I'm not the first to see your patterns. Making threads crying us a river won't work.
  5. I never claimed Hashd was Iranian..........you didn't really get my point. I didn't indicate anything. Putting up such posters is a mistake, or intentionally wrong, whoever does it. But one poster by some idiot mayor or someone in power has nothing to do with the Nizaam. I'm equally critical about such actions as I am about twofaced Shias, nationalistic Shias, sellout Shias etc. Yes, some Iranians are nationalistic, and some Iranians in power are nationalistic too. There isn't really much to discuss, it must be resisted and eradicated. It takes time. What do you mean by highway? We believe if you are not under one banner, in the time of occultation is the wrong way. And we believe that banner is in the hands of WF. It's an opinion and agheeda. It's not forced upon you to believe in it. Didn't expect anything less, how on Earth did you think you can get away with politely suggesting that what I said is just like the billboard? The grass isn't that high for snakes to hide. Try better. My actions here on Shatchat is pointing out a snake when I see one. Thing is, I don't mind people disagreeing with WF or the revolution, it's an opinion which if presented respectfully is honored respectfully. You don't fall out of shiaism or Islam because you don’t believe in the revolution, its aim and goals or WF. Many of our moderators and admins do not agree with WF or the revolution, but they are respectful about it. What I do mind however, is people being hell bent on finding flaws in it, stamping it with false accusations, just for the sake of somehow feeding their on misplaced faith. Thankfully, easy to spot.
  6. Can the followers of Muhammad (p.b.u.h) please clarify how not listening to the Prophet when he says stay put in Uhud and they don't listen is apparently inline with paving the way for Islam and Victory? Oh wait....... If one Muslim, or a group of Muslims do something wrong, that does not make Islam bad. If a personnel from Revolutionary Guard, or Hash-al-Shabi, says or does something stupid, that doesn't make the entire concept flawed, it just means it needs work. We never claimed the revolution has ended, and it's now a perfect Islamic system. We will make mistakes, we will have traitors, we will be blindsided, but the overall goal is to work towards the return. It is foolish to expect reaching the top of the mountain without trials and tribulations along the way. But then again, you already knew this......can't really expect anything else.
  7. You don’t have to tell me brother, tell others that disagree with you.
  8. You have to make the claim first on something you believe was wrong then defend that claim. Noone is taken to court to prove that they didnt commit a crime. I have yet to see someone coming up with something he did that was wrong. I don't believe he is masoom,but thatis different than making wrong decisions. A good leader makes the right calls, then his followers have to follow up(thats where we usually fail)
  9. 1. Yes, general right of Muslims in Muslim lands which are occupied by kuffar, either militarily or economically. 2. You don’t cuddle with the enemy, you resist their enforcement upon you. Hence the word..resistance. 3. Yes, that's usually the case, unless one can't be found,then a council. 4. Ummm..leaders should have authority yes.... 5. Yes, going belly up doesn"t work. By 2020 that should be obvious. 6. No, they are usually just oppressed, often without even knowing how or why. In regards to your paragraph, yes. Imam Ali had a problem with 2 types of Islam, the secular don't get involved in the big social and political Islam of Muawiya, and the radical Islam of Khawarij(whom btw justified everything with the Qur'an). You can call it a dichotomy or trinity or whatever word you please, you like to point this towards Iran, mainly making you the one tribalizing it. Whilst I and many others don't live in the 80z anymore. This has gone beyond Iran and Iranians. We see the effects of Shia revolutionaries in all fields, military, academic, social and political all over from Nigeria were one man under the banner of revolution converted millions of people to Shia(he gave blood and sacrifice), to young men in south Lebanon kicking out occupiers, to Yemen. So yes a very clear dichotomy indeed.
  10. Sometimes things are dichotomies. Sometimes things are right and wrong and no in between. I'm not going to go through the last 1400 years for you to detail the issue you call oversimplified. If you find it oversimplified then good, that was the intention.
  11. Excellent salty argument, keep nipping like this:
  12. Whatever rocks your boat and helps you sleep better at night ;) proof is in the pudding.
  13. Two types of Shias 1. sit at home, say zikr, discuss fiqh and history all day and night.....this is the sort of Islam that noone has a problem with, not even Muawiyah had a problem with this type of Islam, stay in sajda until your head turns blue, or walk around kabah until your head spins. As long as you don't get involved in people robbing you empty. 2. fights for the rights of Muslims, in a resistant and revolutionary way, and for this to happen, you need a government and a good and steadfast leader. And to attain this you will have to give blood, and sacrifice, and you will meet with hardships and traitors and still you have to endure. Simplified version ofc........but in the end, this is how it is, whether it hurts admitting it or not.
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