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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. https://en.mehrnews.com/news/186826/Ayatollah-Fateminia-passes-away-at-76
  2. Title is a bit misleading don't you think? Iran and some Iranian citizens are not the same thing. You have idiots everywhere, Iran is not unique in having a shortage of idiots.
  3. You are absolutely right. I can be wrong about a lot of things with my limited knowledge. Everyone should always doublecheck everything with their marja and the Ulama that are experts within the subject. You are also absolutely right that it was kind of hard to find a clear cut ruling on this. Nontheless, whatever the ruling is, the point was that parents have a responsibility to teach their kids and make them understand early in order for them to have the best possible tools to make the right choices. Have a blessed Ramadan
  4. Fortunately we don't have you as an authority in Islam, but rather Ulama. The only thing you can not put in a marriage contract is hindereance of wajibat or enforcing that which is haram. Getting a second wife is not wajib, nor is it Haram to not get one, so it's perfectly fine to put it in the contract. Financially providing for your kids is wajib, so you can't do that. It's much better to have a dialogue and learn from eachother than throwing a hissyfit.
  5. This should not be a problem in my opinion, it's just lack of proper education and upbringing by parents and local masjids/ulama. Several points to consider: 1. All woman, should be taught at an early age that it is fully within their right to require that the man not getting more than 1 wife before marriage and implementing it within the marriage contract. This goes for Mutah as well. 2. All boys should be taught that if they wish for such a thing, they should be upright before a marriage takes place, if they already know that this is a wish they have. 3. All decent men, won't do anything that he fully knows bothers and torments his wife and family, even if it is within his Islamic rights. If the speed limit is 100, and it is within my right to go the speed limit, I, if I'm decent won't go that fast if my wife and children find it scary, I'll go a speed that they can feel comfortable with. All boys should be taught to be decent and caring by their parents. 4. Woman should understand that there are many woman out there that really don't have any protection or someone to care for them. Their life is tough, and if your husband can and you are comfortable with it, should of course help these woman. Woman more so than men are emotional beings, they need emotional care, they need to feel safe. It's not enough to just give them money and hope for the best. 5. Also, this is a side note. Boys should be brought up to be men, not a bunch of Beta Fruitcakes I see wandering about in this generation. And woman should allow their husbands/children be men, and not suppress their manhood. Taking chances, having courage, providing, swallowing hardships, grinding, not whining, taking the hits and keep going, all these are characteristics that parents should teach their boys, and wives should encourage for their husbands and boys. These are a few principals I think both genders should consider, and also teach their children and next generation the right approach to this issue. Marriage should be harmonious and engaging, not full of jealousy and despair.
  6. We live in the real world, not a fantasy world. There will be wars, and there will be lots of criminals in jail, number of gays will increase and so it will be. Only when a saviour comes will we see things be optimal, until then we will need a solution.
  7. If you look at the statistics of how many men are in jail, get killed in wars and are actually capable of providing for a family there is a huge overpopulation of female vs men. Islam solves this problem by allowing men to have more wives to take care of instead of casting the problem aside like christianity does.
  8. For the sake of argument let's say wife x cleans, takes care of the kids, shows care, treats you well whilst wife y does not. Would you treat them equally or justly? I think the misunderstanding is that equally = justly, which it isn't.
  9. If every minority wanted to be a seperate country then Iraq would be 34 countries and Iran 98.
  10. Many factors: - Russia doesn't want Nato getting closer, would US like it if Russia had bases in Canada? - Russia wants access to the Black Sea, any coastline is good for economy and strategy - Many Ukranians are Russians and want to be part of Russia despite what western media want's you to believe - Gas lines
  11. That's not true. I think that depends on the country. I know of countries that do not cross contaminate, mostly due to vegetarians and not religious reasons.
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