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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Watch this may be this can help
  2. God knowing the fate of a person is not forcing anyone to do sins. Ending everything of a bad person with death is against justice. Suppose a tyrant like yazeed (may Allahs curse be on him) dies and everything ends for him, is it fair? Or he deserves more punishment? Leave the sinners there are huge percentage of good people who do good deeds due to fear from the punishment of hell, There are high chances these people too will leave the path of goodness had death been the end of everything which even a prophet or an imam has to face. Imagine a teacher of a class teaching few students. She out of her knowledge of teaching can guess that few of her students will score good while some of them are going to surely fail the exam. Is it fair on the teacher's part to prevent them from appearing exams just because she knows they are going to fail?. Letting them to appear for exam and letting them try there best is justice.
  3. How can anyone compare an ibadah (Majilise e aza) with a bidah (Taraweeh)? This so called aalim is more of a political person, He speaks more politics than deen. These kind of Pseudo scholars are a bigger fitnah for Shias than any outsiders.
  4. If he gives a motivation lecture or talks about amaal then it's ok to listen but I myself won't do it. But if he speaks on aqaed then please avoid it.
  5. Inna lillahe wa inna ilayhe rajeoon. May Allah give patience to your entire family.
  6. There is consensus among the schools that the 'iddah of a widow who is not pregnant is four months and ten days. And those among you who die and leave behind wives, (these wives) should keep themselves waiting for four months and ten days. (Quran 2:234) This is the case when she is sure of not being pregnant. But if she has a doubt she is bound to wait until delivery or attainment of certainty that she is not pregnant And as for pregnant women, their term shall end with delivery. (65:4) the meaning will be that the 'iddah of a widow who is not pregnant, or is pregnant but delivers within four months and ten days, is four months and ten days; and that of a widow who delivers after four months and ten days is until the time of her delivery.
  7. Imam reappears that's the only wish I have. My sins might be too much that I cant be one of them. Once the Imam reappears we won't see the cry of oppressed and orphans. Oppressive rulers will no longer rule this world, Peace and tranquility will prevail everywhere. I wish I could see that time Allahumma ajille waliyekal faraj wajalna min ansaaarehi wa aaawaanehi wa shiyateka wa la tajalna min aadaaayeka.
  8. Q) How do Emirati babies cry? A) "uae uae..."
  9. They are not qaari, we can't expect them to recite like an experienced Qur'an reciter. Do you expect every scholar to recite Qur'an like Abdul Basit? Ulemas expertise are in fiqh and furu e deen, you can go and read there books on fiqh and try to find some mistakes, If you get any then post here and we will discuss.
  10. Humans don't have control over any weapon. Be it a simple gun if fell in wrong hands can be a problem. Weapons are created to kill, Be it a gun, missiles, nuclear weapon or a bio weapon.
  11. I have been in Shia chat from last 10 years I guess. I have used many different user id and have seen lots of people here. Sometimes I was banned other times I forgot my own credentials. Respect and prayers for people who created this and looking after it.
  12. There are no narrations which states that sufiyani would hide his real beliefs or deceive. He will do lots of killing, There is narration which states he will issue an order to kill everyone with names of Ali, fatema and other Imams of the ahlebait. He is just like Yazid may Allah's curse be upon him and his followers. He is an open enemy and a killer of believers When it comes to Dajjal, he is a deceiver. He will be taking the Imaan of believers, I have not come across a ahadith where it mentions that he will do rampage killing. He would be having all the weapons of deceiving like music and so on. He is a deceiver So, a deceiver is a bigger enemy than an open enemy. Then Dajjal > Sufyani Shaitan is the most experienced one, he deceives and he uses killers to kill believers. He is part of both Sufyani and Dajjal. Then he is the biggest enemy So Iblees > Dajjal > Sufyani. As far as Sufyani is considered we have already seen a child version of it in Syria and Iraq. May be they group up and come with more power having a backing of dajjal in future. Western powers are constantly interested in looting resources of Middle East. They are the only figure who deceive. They loot, kill people but there media shows they are for peace. There version suits the figure of dajjal mentioned in ahadith. But that said Allah knows the best. Sufyani and dajjal will go in hand go hand. To raise Sufyani you will definitely see his movement has a backing of dajjal. So both will be at the same time but Allah knows the best.
  13. I have an Ismaili friend and according to him they refer to Shia ithna ashari books for ahadith, Any hadith narrated from holy Prophet s.aw.s till Imam e Jafar e Sadiq (عليه السلام). You will find nahjul balagah in most of there homes.
  14. Live in the current day don't worry about the past or future Imagine these 24 hours are the last, live it to the full.
  15. Wasalaam, Nice to hear that! I have also started the same along with my friends online. Reciting Ziarat e aashura e aale yaseen
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