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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have no issue discussing this privately, but I’m not allowed by the website to send PM’s. my solution to the matter is to just eat my anger and tolerate them. I see no other choice in the near future. I am in community college, transferring to business school in 1-2 semesters.
  2. If you don’t mind, would you mind sharing where you had your procedure and your surgeon? It seems difficult to find the right surgeon in my state — since you have good results, I’d also want him/her to perform on me.
  3. What kind of insurance is that? I don't think insurance in the US covers cosmetic surgeries. But if your dentist recommended it I'm guessing that your case was approved. I have basic healthcare insurance, but not dental/orthodontic.
  4. I live in the United States. Everything you say is correct. But with people like this, it is only force and violence that they will understand. Their ignorance and incompetence is truly extraordinary. They are a laughingstock in their own community, their own relatives look down on them. They blame me for "turning out this way". It is their own failures and their own lack of self-responsibility and willingness to reflect on themselves that has dragged me into hell with them. They can roast and burn, but I will have nothing to do with them. They can't even file their taxes properly, are constantly losing important documents, can't keep anything in decent working condition -- this is how disorganized and weak they are. They keep bringing sickness and disease everywhere they go, be it physical or in any other capacity. They are surely the most worthless people Allah has ever created. It is baffling that Allah would seal me in with them. Im not Jesus Christ. Since Allah is Wise, there must be a reason for all His actions. But for this--there is nothing but regret.
  5. I can’t access the ebook version? The link is bad. also, it seems there’s no option for the kindle version on amazon. id rather read it as a PDF.
  6. This is a foolish and illogical assumption. have you done anything which renders you apostate, kafir, or fasiq? If not, then make sincere will to stop fighting Allah. If you have, then make sincere will to return to Imaan. Apologize and seek forgiveness fro whomever you’ve hurt; for example,your parents. secondly, know that it is an honor to receive tests, since it is an opportunity to gain rewards and status. Your sins are also exported. It’s a double benefit being given to you. If you are pleased with divine decree, you receive gifts and forgiveness. If you are displeased, divine decree will still occur and you will have strained your relationship with Allah. but, without knowledge and insight, all the above is useless. So, make sure you are acting to the highest degree of knowledge and self honesty. Do not be content with ignorance, you hate it in others for simple matters. See how an angel stationed for you would feel when he sees it coming from you. Someone on this forum called me a narcissist for wanting an improvement in my situation, but I knew that there was no basis or logic in the accusation, further, it became clear the accused had bitterness and made other comments which annihilated the credibility of her speech. If you don’t care or accept, it is very much a sign of a dark and hard heart. A cold heart which the Prophet Muhammad (عليه السلام) has warned us of. People of such hearts do not die Muslim, so it is important to get to the root cause of what is causing emotional turbulence. Do do some self psychoanalysis. Without self honesty, there is no logic. Find the root cause, see what you can do about it. If there is anything out of your control, do your best to increase your capacity and power. If it is far away and needed immediately, submit with full humility before Allah. Usually, the cause of such displeasure is jealousy or hatred of some kind, which causes degradation in ones’ opinion of Allah and destroys the Light in the body very quickly. I realize it is very easy to mouth off in regards to someone else’s problems, so if I was totally off the mark, I apologize. After all, I might not have the slightest idea what you’re going through; though this was a sincere attempt. Beware, the devils are closely watching you and will exploit whatever they can to drag you into hell with them. You must never be fearful or lazy when solving problems. Sometimes, they will bother you with arrogant and ignorant kuffar being sent against you. Sometimes they may know when a divine test is coming, so they try to lull you to sleep. I hopr ops you found this useful. Best wishes. Ws.
  7. I am assuming you had a Lefort osteotomy II procedure? I would like to have the same some day -- its pretty expensive.
  8. I am 23 years old, a part time student and part time employed. I cannot leave the house for some years.
  9. Clarification: To be clear, the confrontation with my mother was in regards to her telling me that it was not my food that was being consumed. I check the trash bin and it turned out it was indeed of my personal supply. I then told her that she was lying to me. I stared at her with rage, even the desire to inflict physical and emotional wounds. This joke of a family is making me feel that Allah doesn't give two cents about me -- throwing away my entire imaan for the sake of such an infuriating person.
  10. Salam to you all I live with parents who are part of a deviant sect of the Shia. I also have a kafir sibling, and a younger brother whom I am attempting to guide towards the school of Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام) and independent thought. I am despairing in this religion. I am despairing in Allah. My anger with Allah and the Prophet himself is reaching the boiling point. My family is constantly making my anger comparable to nuclear fire. They do not respect my wishes, nor do they keep a veritably Islamic household. They are constantly listening to haram and najis Bollywood dramas, constantly testing me by declaring me to be a wrong-doer, and then saying I have rudeness and behavioral issues (I admit that I am at fault at times.) The issue: Kafir eats food I bought SPECIFICALLY for myself. I have made it clear to them no one is to touch it. This rule is being violated constantly. I have also asked them to stop playing music. If they cannot stop music cold-turkey, then at least tone it down to things which aren't loud and obscene. Other violations: Being disrespectful of my private space. Disregarding my requests for a clean home, basic hygiene, etc. When I ask them to stop, they just turn around and criticize me. They are right too, but they are never willing to admit fault. Now, I have disrespected my parents. I told my mother that she is a dishonest person and a coward, and I spoke to her with great anger. I wanted to slap her across the face, until she cried. It was only the Hadith of Imam Jafar Sadiq flashing in my head at the last moment that I was able to keep my anger down. "Accursed, Accursed is the one who hits his parents!" Being a young man, I know I should have kept my anger in check, and should not have been bothered so much by the petty kafir disrespecting my requests, but the situation is not simple, and I have no time to type out lengthy explanation of why I ask my family members to abide by my requests. I know this is not a normal reaction, but I am so God darned tired of this. According to the Hadith and Qur'an, I am basically an apostate now since I have looked at my mother in anger. This means I have committed Aq Al Walidayn. I have committed it many times, but I have always apologized for it and made up. This time, I have no intention of allowing the incompetence of my family members to run uncorrected. My anger with Allah too is now at breaking point. If I am a kafir now my self, then why the hell did I bother to obey Him and the Imam? Since my salah is no longer accepted nor my other deeds, I am basically guaranteed hellfire. What the hell am I supposed to do? Should I escalate it to physical violence? I am physically capable, but I don't want to get the police involved. I am tired of being disregarded, especially when I am the one who should be listened to! Or should I leave Islam altogether, since there is now no hope of attaining paradise. This is a serious question. I hope an alim or scholar or somebody can provide me with a solid course of action. I am hotter than the sun right now. I am angry with Allah and want to know why He is forcing me to respect such worthless creatures!
  11. Salams, I’m studying to be an accountant. I really respect and enjoy the work. I also see it as useful for starting my own business or firm in the future. I ask in light of the Hadith of Muslim 1580, where Rasulullah, (sawa) curses the payer of interest, the consumer of interest, and the one who writes it down and considers them all alike. I am not yet employed in accounting and have taken two accounting courses thus far. I have tried visiting websites and sending emails to some Marja’s but I have not been able to receive anything. I suspect my isp is blocking Iranian email traffic. I have tried leader.ir as well without any luck. According most Sunni websites, their rulings indicate that most of the functions of the job are halal, but recording interest expenses on the ledger and books seems to be the one thing that cannot be tolerated under any circumstance. Honestly, I am quite distressed as I have put in so much time and effort into this degree plan, only to find out that I have been pursuing something which may essentially prove my damnation in the akhira. I hope someone will be able to refer me to a scholar or kindly contact a marja on my behalf. I have tried the maraji’ websites but the rulings are inconclusive or not related to accounting. Some were not useful at all. Lastly, if the world financial model revolves around riba’ and usury/interest/exploitative practices, then why should I be prohibited in doing something relatively minor? How are any of us sure that our Deen is safe, our imaan not useless? How do I know I am not cursed by Allah? All money today is essentially haram, everything we do only keeps an oppressive and unjust system alive. How can I be disbarred from a relatively harmless function? Example: My family needs credit cards and mortgage for the house; otherwise we would be homeless and destitute. My father cannot keep working long hours for meager pay like he has been these many years. I am age 22 and I consider myself as the only hope for retaining my families’ assets. My getting a decent salaried job in a timely manner is crucial for us not going into real poverty. I have no other skills and changing my degree program will be financially burdensome. I really saw this as my last hope for living a better life and escaping these bullshint current circumstances. Therefore, I would be most appreciative of the community for helping me arrive at a final decision - leave accounting and attempt to transfer into another degree program, or continue and get out later in the future with the hope of finding halal sustenance instead. I apologize for the lengthy and emotional post. Thank you, Wasalam.
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