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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. How many does of the vaccine have you already had?
  2. It’s alright brother. We simply have to ask ourselves: Is Allah going to approve of my life on Qiyamat? We can not allow ourselves to be willingly ignorant and not consider other viewpoints—that is jahilliya and brings us away from Allah’s mercy.
  3. “A mRNA entering my body can change the activity of enzymes, cause upregulation or down regulation of receptors, alter the activity at neuronal synapses, modify the function or hormones, give me cancer, give me diabetes” -starlight According to this scholar, the conspiracy theorist is one who 1. Lives in Isolation 2. Thinks he’s perfect and sinless 3. Is in despair and believes he’s doing as Allah has commanded him. Does that not sound like our Imam? This scholar declares that Germany is the best country in Europe if not the world. Does he also know that Germany has the largest LGBT community in Europe? Then he says we must all follow Covid mandates set by the governments. Then he says we must all connect with everyone, don’t isolate, open our homes to everyone. So what about the social distancing and lockdown laws? This scholar is all over the place. He says don’t be suspicious then he says but be suspicious of the enemy but not like conspiracy theorist but like normal people who are suspicious? indeed. Allah will not change a people until they change what is within themselves. so we will continue to see the Muslims all over the world being butchered, being convinced to become atheists, agnostic, some even decide to become Christians or Jews, Zoroastrians, etc. ShiaChat is a nexus for the Shia communities in the west. It’s very open and since it is shia, it is a target for surveillance. The purpose of this forum is to discuss science, religion, politics, world events, life. Why are we shut down and attacked for questioning? This is not how our Prophet would have acted. this means whoever becomies an administrator or a mod is given certain responsibilities, mainly to tow the line/ official narrative. Note, readers, how in previous threads it was always the mods and ignorant people who attacked anyone who even dared to question the efficacy of the vaccine, it’s contents, it’s purposes beyond COVID, the situation within and around COVID and the effects on the minds of people, etc. what you are seeing is mass-psychosis. A state of being disconnected from reality. is it healthy to think about your actions and how they will effect you? for example, when in the office or dealing with the governing board, you’re ready to wage war and get your points across. You’ll think carefully about everything and the effects of your words and actions down the road. but when it comes to this vaccine which alters the inner workings of your cells?
  4. Salam brother. thanks for the kind words. May you be included with the Imam’s helpers and companions. I was thinking we should start a chat room or discord server where we can talk about preparing for Imam Mahdi in a practical way, away from trolls et al. a discussion area focused on serious issues and serious replies, no mutah and “is masturbation halal” threads or “how to make biryani”. In my view, preferring a society without the Imam is lunacy.
  5. Israeli needs a population of chosen ones. The vaccine they are taking will have different effects than the other populations. Keep in mind that we are being set up for an era of bio-hacking. Just like the boom in personal computing/Web apps/hardware, we are going to see “gene shops” open up left and right in the coming decades. Think designer babies. Enhanced humans, if not super humans. They're overriding the Imami operating system (the one Allah gave us originally) and building a Sufyani operating system on top of it. It will kill off the useless and unimportant, and the survivors will be rewarded with access to upgrades of all kinds. Remember, they are being groomed to be excellent employees and servants of the Sufyani/Messiach. The others are lesser beings who overpopulate the earth.
  6. Huh. But you also said mRNA alterations can also give/induce in a person diabetes, cancer, etc? Ajeeb Che bhai. Wossup wit it sista? Brothers and Sisters: You are all urged to seriously question whether this COVID vaccine is truly in your best interests. Look at the bigger picture. Dystopian, authoritarian world building towards governing one’s mind and body increasing around the dunya? Check. Media hysteria, beyond the usual? Check. A conspiracy (not a conspiracy theory, mind you) to change the workings of your cells, to inject into you something the US Mjlitary/DARPA, has had keen interest in developing for literal possession ops not requiring the surgical installation of brain chips?Check. An attempt by the usual suspects to promote and keep up the status quo of a Sufyani society? Check. Governments who are staffed by, and working with private individuals aiming for global depopulation and authoritarianism, along with the destruction of whatever remnants of Islam exist today? Check. Said governments suddenly lockdown to “halt the spread” of virus less lethal than the common flu? (the aim was to actually destroy the economies and push people further into poverty, to keep prices high, and to prevent the circulation of goods and services to whatever degree) Check. said government now suddenly cares about you and wants you to get vaccinated to do anything? Check. Dear reader, you cannot seriously take this now that you also see how conveniently things happen one after the other. They are not mere byproducts of a hasty response. they were calculated objectives achieved with calculated responses. What will you tell Allah on Qiyamat when asked about what you did when the kuffar tried to allow Dajjal to speak directly to them?
  7. Salam brother. I think of Gog and Magog as a separate issue. It is rather difficult to extrapolate what they really are—they’re described as hairy creatures that live behind an iron barker which is maintained by Allah. Now, the Quran says the barrier was constructed by Zhul Qarnain. Who is Zhul Qarnain? I remember reading in a hadith a long time ago, that he was killed twice by his community, after they struck him on two sides of his head after calling them to Islam. I also wouldn’t take Sunni’s too seriously. They love those who murdered Ahlul Bayt. As for Imran: he’s a got an idea of what’s going on. Israel will in fact the be the ruling state of the world. It is already on the “subtle” part of things. US Congress just floated a proposition for unconditional aid and “Full Support” to the genocidal Zionist entity. The Sufyani will rule from that place. The major satanic cults all have gathering places there. Lucifer oriented groups, Masonic groups, Jabulonic groups, Apollo worshippers, all of them. Its Mecca for them. Masjid Al Aqsa is being undermined by them, in regards to Nabi Sulayman (عليه السلام). How and why is there so much support, Nay, unconditional obedience to the whims of Tel Aviv, in Washington DC? The military arm of Israel, who and what? The economic hit man of Israel, who and what? Why is Europe more or less united with Israel? Why are the other countries becoming less prosperous, less prestigious, while Israeli science, technology, stocks, leaders, are becoming more and more prestigious and prosperous? Why is Israel becoming a more desirable place to live? The Shia can already see this. It’s the rest of the world that does not see. Secularism dumbs people down. Perhaps you can expand more on the issue of Gog and Magog brother. How will they relate to Imam and the 313?
  8. You yourself are a troll. Now you posit that the anti 313 could in fact be 313 only after you humiliated yourself by worshipping Bill Gates, one your idols. it’s true that some of the anti 313 will switch sides when the time comes, but you won’t, for obvious reasons. I don’t think your shares of Microsoft or participation in Eugenicist circlejerks will lead you to where you think you’re going, unless it’s hell. as for the Ummayad version of Islam. You’re right—you would know, as you’re on it. Several centuries of Ummayad and Abbasid rule have done a wonder of destroying those who claim to love Aale Muhammad, attempts at whitewashing themselves have succeeded, as you come back time and again to defend them. Even though you say you will be gone for months at a time. Now you defend a Sufyani society, particularly its Shia segment, some of whom believe in secularism, while others say they are not hypocrites, and are willing to let kuffar inject their babies with bioweapons designed to give the big boys control over a populace’s bodies. thank you for admitting you are one of them. It is clear you’re on payroll for those who are surveilling SC. I wonder if they offer retirement accounts and tax exemptions? FSA’s? Controlled opposition is a useful tool, but they are also useful for acquiring more information. Some truth does have to be shared with the public after all. Inshallah, things will be made clear before Qiyamat, and on this very thread. As I said before, dear reader, the poster I am quoting has a mission: to keep people away from the imam by mis-directing the attention on threads intended to provide clarity for those who wish to have more information on the situation. The authorities on this site don’t like this as it rocks the boat. Their feathers are ruffled because they’re already established within an oppressive system and don’t really want to know. Because, if they did know, they would be culpable for not taking action. Taking action means to change, and this is something people have resisted for as long as Bani Adam has been on this Earth. even Iblis doesn’t like change. He didn’t want to listen to Allah, and most people don’t want to either. lets make it clear. Said Iblis: I will lay in wait for them and cause them to disobey you. Allah: Over the righteous you have no power. As for the rest, I will throw you and your followers into hell. let’s reflect on this conversation between one of the (formerly) greatest and most successful creations of Allah, who had a fragile ego just like us (which led to him going into hell on his own volition), and the Almighty, Divine being, our Lord, Allah. Lets talk. Let’s analyze world events through the highest perspective possible. Let’s reflect. Don’t let your fasting be only hunger and thirst. Let’s advance together towards our Imam.
  9. Khamenei is the chosen successor of the first leader of the revolution. He is the one who used the system and did something for Aale Muhammad with it. It is not perfect, but it has brought the affair of the Imam to the forefront to millions of people. Sistani surrendered Iraq to the pope, who is an agent of Iblis. It’s clear he won’t use his status to fight against a future incursion by foreign invaders again. Politics is used to pollute religion in the secular world. Not that it doesn’t happen in theocracies, but to think that we should follow in the footsteps of atheist and pagan societies is an insane proposition. They only gained their technological advantages over the muslim world after muslim empires were no longer a major threat. now you will say that the clergy of muslim states were the reason they fell into decadence and waste, but can you really argue they were for Islam to begin with? You can not dismiss allegations of the highest ranks of, for example, the Ottoman leadership being highly degreed freemasons. Some may have even been part of other Luciferian cults. It does not appear so far fetched that kuffar poss as Muslims, intentionally use the deen in an incompetent and outwardly unwieldy manner, destroy the image in the minds of the gullible public, then popularize secularism after decades of misery in a so-called Islam state. Additionally, you assume Islam is currently being destroyed. It is already destroyed as of Karbala. Imam’s sacrifice saved the message for those who wish to be sincere and will take action for their imam. Islam cannot and will not exist in this world. Everyone already worships Iblis. Iran is only a blip on the Ummayad screen. To take away power from the religious heads and turn it into a secular state is to strip the last line of defense for the Imam—which is already in the process of occurring. With COVID hysteria, with other major tests, with the reality of this society we live in. They don’t talk about it. Or they don’t know about it. It’s all the same, over and over—it’s understandable that they’re not going to come out directly and talk about it when it comes to those who do know; but for the the majority, they don’t know or don’t care. The European wars of religion are constant reminders of the image of Christianity being butchered, a false paganized religion would obviously be used as a tool for such an aim as to incline the middle and upper classes with the idea of separation of church and state. If you’re a Shia or a Muslim of any kind, to believe in secularism is a laughable character flaw at best, fatal error in ones imaan at best. the vaccine is a tool of control. It’s a bioweapon in and of itself, apart from the viral issue. Khamenei has to play the game as well.
  10. I believe that the global events that have taken place in the last 12 months are of significance for us and has brought the return of our imam even closer. Inshallah That hour only Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) knows but he has given us the sings and here let us discuss the deeper meanings of this greatest conspiracy of all times. Let us theorise, discuss, speculate, bring forth arguments for and against as Shias how all this may lead to the return of al mahdi . Let’s put everything together. So far, we’ve covered the vaccine. It’s time to put things into perspective for the shia regarding the return of the Imam. First we asked if Imam Mahdi and the 313 will take the vaccine. The majority of responders dodged the question. then we asked if Imam (عليه السلام) will wear a face mask, stand 6 feet apart and support a health passport mandate. The question was again met with attempts to sabotage conversation by certain authorities. now, we’re going to put everything together for you all. let’s get really deep. Let’s speculate, theorize, discuss. Let’s analyze, think, and argue: how will these recent events bring forth the return of our awaited Imam Mahdi (عليه السلام). What if there is a greater plot that we are not being told by our governments our leaders and the media? Even bigger then the craziest conspiracy theorists will not believe themselves like Icke or Jones rolling their eyes and saying now that’s the mother of all conspiracies? And what is that mother of all conspiracies? COVID19 Dajjal - AI Vaccine Mask Social distancing Reset
  11. Did you just discredit Khamenei for leading the Iranian nation? And did you just disregard his truthful statement regarding the separation of church and state? and did you just say the vaccine is good? despite continuously increasing rates of mortalities, infections, side effects, RNA alterations, it’s relations with sadistic military black operations, and its use in literal bodily possession utility? he who believes in that politics and faith should be separate understands neither. there is no politics without faith. What affects your relationship with Allah is often society itself as the biggest cause. please clarify your statement—what side effects of what exactly are you talking about?
  12. Did kuffar have dominion over the world? No. Your comparison to our Nabi as is incorrect. He DID have relations with unbelievers, but were they his masters? No. He did not depend on them. Further, he created a state that led to our deen becoming dominant over the religions. Now, you will say we are dependent on kuffar. That is correct. They DO have global dominion, except over the Imam as. You're incorrectly identifying our calling out of the mass hysteria and the near-enforcement of the Ibleesi drug as a conspiracy theory, when it actually a conspiracy against the Imam (عليه السلام). A long continuation of their war against Allah.
  13. Our duas are with you and your husband. have you noticed anything unusual? grown extra limbs, for example? anyone else taken it? let us wait and see the results of this human experiment. time will tell. All will be revealed as Allah promised.
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