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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Mashallah brother, thank you for the videos. Gave me a new appreciation for the Qur'an.
  2. Mashallah friend, I am glad you feel the same way. At least you were willing to hear my view. The important thing is that the Imam could rise tomorrow if we were ready. He (عليه السلام) would not have to have waited over a thousand years. I am weak, but when I think about the Imam I can't help but to feel anxious. The problem is none of us really see that this world system is not the only one. We think in terms of what secularism has taught us. Duas and patience are useless if we don't take practical steps to prepare for the Imam. None of us has the right to complain of a lack of resources or knowledge, or even leaders. We have everything.
  3. I see this as Allah inflaming the doubts you have, so that they may be brought to the forefront of your attention. this is where He wants you to investigate the most. this is where he wants you to study, to observe, to meditate, and to practice. practice self emotional regulation. practice psychological conditioning. master the books and teachers of logic. this is a test, don't feel as if Allah dislikes you. have a positive opinion of Him. He has made it clear in many places that He cares for us and watches over us. He is al Wadud: the Affectionate, the Loving. this life is the preclude to the adventure. prepare for it the best you can. love of dunya and love of akhira don't mix. they diminish each other. increase knowledge of the spiritual matters, like barzakh. read light within me. and it is commendable that you are doing this! Ziarat Ashura and tahajjud are extremely, extremely important. keep doing this, at least for 40 days and nights. include dua ahad. perform nawafil of magrib. the atheists are on deceit and conjecture. don't let them impact you emotionally. just use them to become more intelligent and see what they are arguing. draw attention to this: those who want to stay at home will want to invest energy in staying at home, whereas we are being told to constantly keep moving, constantly growing, moving forward. life is adventure, so prepare for its requirements.
  4. salam brother, yes, the servants of the anti 313 would be people we can see today: George Soros and the like. Maybe Soros is one step under on their ladder, but without doubt we can see the signs and symbolism. it is important to learn what these political announcements have as meanings as for 313, I believe Ayatullah Khomeini (r) was a servant or middle-man of a major Shia family or member of the 313. it is most certain that ibis has his elites. There are Hadiths which mention that iblis has a literal empire in the higher world. the Muslim jinn may well be treated like the Rohingya, Palestinians, Central African, Congolese, Indian Muslims today. We must use every opportunity we can to train English speakers to spread Farsi, to spread Shiism, to grow our communities in Africa, to uplift the world. this is part of winning the battle for Islam: hearts and minds. By the way, have you noticed the crusades never ended? This time, they have all of Palestine as a beachhead into the Muslim world. They have intensified Muslim on Muslim warfare on every front: religious, family level, even down to taxi cabs where a cab driver beheaded a 6 year old boy for being a Shia. We have to be kind to each other and our families. we should not merely see each other as "other"
  5. From an obscure Hadith, I remember that one of the Aimmah told said in this Hadith that we died somewhere, and then we came here. maybe it was a continuous series of tests where we were more than the ordinary humans that we are today. in any case, the argument of Allah is firm: We chose to come here, to this dunya. The ayah of taking witness against our own souls is proof.
  6. Thanks for this book. I am going to print it page for page. Sadly, I don’t know how to give the money to the publisher. The criteria for companions and enemies is very conveniently organized. jazakallah khair.
  7. When I was in elementary school, I had a feeling like I already knew everything. It was a vague feeling. Like I have already witnessed everything, beginning to end. All of history. I had these notions in my quiet moments. once, my father was teaching my younger sibling Surah al Kauthar. When he was reaching the end of the Surah, I spoke the last two words automatically. I know for a fact that I didn’t know that surah, yet I knew the ending of it. Like they just literally came out. that also struck me, it puzzles me to this day.
  8. I heard she has the power to stop parliament from sitting?
  9. There are many people who are placed in the loins of the disbelievers. They are the deposits of Allah. Them being descended from the enemies should not matter as far as allegiance. Those who cry for Hussain can still mock him. Thus, not everyone who cries for him is really going to heaven.
  10. Salam aleikum, Fascinating post brother. Thanks for this. I also had the idea that there are interesting parallels between the good and evil people. There is a good tree (Nabi Muhammad+Ahlul Bayt) and an evil tree mentioned in some of the riwayaat, to serve as a basic example. 14 satans, and 12 of them being rulers and leaders. Doesn’t Iblis also have his own 313? In some really seedy sites, there are mentions of a council of three hundred, where 13 are the very highest. Of that 13 there is a supreme leader among them. He is known by a vulgar title that I won’t repeat here, but you get the point. And it would seem that there are various families within them and their affiliates competing with one another. I wish the ulema would speak about this. I have to turn to the disbelievers for knowledge. ”and the disbelievers seem united, but they are not united” This, when it comes to the fact that the Sufyani and Dajjal are the biggest helpers and supporters of Iblis, especially when it comes to their organizing is interesting. so, who is the Muslim bin Aqil (عليه السلام) of our time? Imam Mahdi is the Hussain [as], so where is Muslim bin Aqil? like you, I am convinced that we are not really on Imam Hussain’s side.
  11. Where can I find more information on this user? I’d like to read more of his comments.
  12. What are we supposed to do? I.e, if I’m in prison and I am forced to make guns for a kafir army against Muslims. If I refuse, there is only death. And no, I’ll never lose hope in Allah. But this life is a serious responsibility. How is the Imam going to rise if the Shia aren’t going to help him? If there are 313 companions, then the Imam would have risen. Out of 1.6 billion, not even 313 are useful to the Imam for the rising. What is the point of going to masjid, doing namaz, sending out aqiqa invitations, talking about cristiano ronaldo’s latest bicycle kick while at the masjid, etc, Aren’t we all just living useless or mediocre lives when it comes to Allah? Why is there no ambition within the ummah? why is there no talk on this? Why should the ulema fear being branded as lunatics? Imam Ali said to dive into the depths until we reach the truth, no? The very first reply reply to my post was mocking and sarcasm, traits which are denounced by the Imams and go against basic akhlaq. Instead of being helpful, this happens.
  13. I sleep on the floor. My back has improved, but my appetite has gone up noticeably. Probably new muscle mass from the change.
  14. Salam I have been thinking about a number of things. Firstly, why does no scholar talk about several very important subjects? Ill list a few: 1. Fiat Currency: it is common knowledge at this point in time that it is a worthless piece of paper, perhaps a legal fiction accepted as a token or somesuch. Isn't this satanic? How does the Qur'an approve of us using this currency? Didn't the Ahlul Bayt warn us against this? 1A. Since this is haram, why is no one moving to destroy it and to return to a fair and equitable exchange backed by gold and silver? Why is there silence and lack of explanations on these major secular inventions? Is not gold and silver God's money, as many like to say? 2. Corporations: These are ubiquitous. Are corporations tolerated in Islam? If so, why? Who owns these corporations? As far I know about naming conventions in terms of "legal entities" and other constructs, most, if not all corporations are owned by the state. Who and what is the state? Is the state also owned by somebody? How do we know Iblis does or does not own the state? 2A. Corporations follow particular identification methods. They are usually like this: SMITH, JOHN, JOHN SMITH, or John Smith. Since corporations are "dead" and fictional legal entities, and since we are essentially corporations, how are we to react to this? What is the action required of us to fulfill our obligations to Allah, the Prophet, and Ahlul Bayt in light of this? This is a serious issue for me. Note: Explanation of 2A -- We are all incorporated at birth by the state. We are issued a birth certificate which creates a legal entity bearing our legal names. This is why ID's name you as such, is it not? e.g. YAZID, MUAWIYAH, and not Yazid son of Muawiyah (L). Isn't this in direct opposition to the Qur'an? It refers to people by certain manners. The Prophet also called people by Fulan bin Fulan, etc. Why would this be allowable in Islam? 2B. Corporate Ownership: if my above reasoning is correct, who owns us? As established in 2A, we are essentially legal fictions that are owned by other people. Don't our deeds get accredited to them? What happens to our salah? What happens to our life in the akhira as a result of this? Birth Certificate: It is a financial instrument which can be bought and sold. I have noticed that the English language is perfect for conducting commerce and contractual communications. It's like there's a kind of trick built in. 3. Riba, Evil: The dollar is quite literally fueled by blood spilling and conquest of the kuffar. How is it allowable to even interact with this global system? It is quite literally a war against Islam. I mean, I can say I am a Muslim, yet my tax dollars pay the salaries of evil people and help them keep up a system which is inherently and quite simply evil. Aren't I a munafiq/kafir/fasiq at this point? 4. Culmination: Since we spend every day of our lives working for a system which is inimical to Allah and His Messenger, are we not also enemies of Allah? How can we just sit and not do anything about this knowledge? so, I ask: Why won't anyone speak up about this? I learned this while trying to open up a business. I was also intrigued why I was referred to in all capitals in letters. This is not a conspiracy "theory". it is factual information. try to understand. Note: It has been several weeks since I posted a topic which has not been approved. why is it not being approved? I understand mods have a lot of things to do, but it shouldn't take this long.
  15. There are many subjects that non Muslims speak of in length which have helped me think of Hadiths and spirituality in a more real and logical sense. specifically higher dimensions and the beings there.
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