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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks sister, I really appreciate your kind positive advice. The problem is that I myself don't want to marry her while I am in this state of health.I want to be completely healthy , and be working full time before I want to marry her.
  2. Salaam , my illness is bipolar disorder and with another unusual illness that is part of it or maybe not I am sure yet. which affects my thinking, coordination , speech , eyes , focus , heart and overall normal state of mind , heart.
  3. Asalamunalaikum dear brothers and sisters. I am in now in a situation where I really can not decide for my good. On side is my health problems which is has been happening to me for the past several years. On the other side is my pending marriage. I am engaged to this girl for sometime now and she is living overseas. I am feeling very weak in my heart most the time about responsibilities of marriage , at the same time unable to work and the medication I am taking for my illness is always suppresses my mood, feeling depressed, low and anxious about my future and unable to think clearly. And now I am thinking to myself how can normal person be happy and continue living with me if my condition is like this most of the time. So my question is that can I be excused from not getting married until I gain complete health and confidence in my self. Or should I go on get married and hope that all of these will go away after I get married. In Sha Allah. Thanks everyone I hope answer this with a positive attitude and advice ,may Allah reward you endlessly ameen.
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