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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I absolutely agree with Rachel here. You have to be sure about what you want. So if you're picky about certain things, then that's a good thing because you know what you want. You will know when you find the right person for you. Everything happens when the time is right, & with the right person. I say this because the last thing you would want, is to be with someone you're unsure about. So if you end up not liking the guy after the third or forth meeting, then that's your decision, & your decision alone. You can't force yourself to feel a certain way. It's not natural & it's very unhealthy. Don't let your parents or any outside influences pressure you to be with someone. If YOU don't like someone, then that's YOUR decision. You can't force it upon yourself to like someone. The last thing you want is for you to end up in a disaster of a marriage because you were influenced by others to be with that person. So if gets to the third or however many meetings & you don't like the guy, then so be it. Your parents must accept it. Don't let it be a problem for you to back off because its only going to make matters worse later on. You may have to get uncomfortable telling your parents that you don't want him, but that temporary discomfort will save you 1000x the more discomfort later on when you find you can't stand being with the wrong person. Keep doing you. You are YOU. You're not anyone else. Don't let anyone think for you. Don't let anyone influence you. I mean yes, don't get me wrong, its good to get other people's opinions & perspectives. But ultimately, you know yourself better than anyone else. And you know what you want. Don't let others decide for you. Respect their opinions, hear them out, but don't let them influence your decision when you're not 100% about it. Keep going about your way. You will be fine. Everything happens when the time is right. And remember, every guy has to slay a few dragons to find their true Princess :). So clearly your future husband is still slaying his dragons, on his way to finding you :).
  2. Don't worry. I feel the same way as you when it comes to marriage believe me. Everyone is different. Certain people prefer some things over others, and that's just natural. So wanting to be with someone who's attractive, and someone that you're attracted to is totally fine. I agree with you 110% because I"m the same way. I hold the same standards for myself as you do, in wanting to be with someone attractive as well. The reason I say this is because again, its totally natural. You are your own person & you shouldn't compromise your values because of other people's perspectives. Its better to be with someone you're sure about than to compromise your values to be with someone you may be unsure about/someone who your family or friends or whoever, see as 'suitable' for you. But this isn't about what your family or friends or whoever wants. YOU have to make sure that you know what you want, and you clearly do. Therefore, its better to wait until the right person comes along because believe me, you do not want a disaster of a marriage because you married someone you're unsure about. Do not compromise your values because there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be with someone you find attractive. Other people may not care so much about looks. But that's other people. That's not you. You're you. You're different than other people. Not everyone thinks the same or holds the same values as you. So keep doing you. Everything happens when the time is right. So for yourself, keep praying & making dua, & you will find just the right person you're looking for. Keep doing you.
  3. Thank you guys all for your responses. I really appreciate you all. @Moalfas @starlight @eThErEaL @hasanhh @layman @Mahdavist @MartyS Thank you for your input. But I'm assuming you haven't heard of Imam Hussain & his sacrifice. Many blessings brother.
  4. Do you guys ever get spiritual highs? I mean like a euphoric, out of this world, heavenly, kind of hard to describe state of feeling. A feeling of such calm, serenity, & blissfulness. I've only ever had a small taste of this spiritual high a handful of times in my life, & I've been feeling like this recently. I swear this high has like a sweetness to it. It can be described as a sweetness of faith. You get this very strong God consciousness & remembrance of Him that feels just so beautiful. Its been making me try my best to stay away from the smallest of sins & any kind of sin because I don't want this feeling to go away. It feels like God is just giving me a tiny glimpse of what it could feel like when you're close to Him & it makes me want to chase that nearness & feeling more & more because it feels so good & it gives you so much hope. Its a feeling & state that's hard to describe but I think most of you know what I mean. This state of being is just so amazing to me & I just want to chase this feeling, spiritual high, & nearness to God as much as I can. I've only ever really felt like this a few times over the past few years. And each time that I felt like this, this feeling went away rather quickly because of my actions & so on. So this time around, I want to keep this feeling as much as I can, & see if anyone would like to help me in coming to know of any spiritual remedies & advice that would help me in achieving & keeping these spiritual highs for as long as I can. Thank you guys.
  5. Have you ever just wanted to make dua to Allah & plead for His help, but then you just stop yourself from doing so because you start to think to yourself that your problems are so minuscule, compared to that of those of the less fortunate. Those who are living in poverty, those living in war torn countries & so on & so on. And so you just don't make any dua to Allah because you start to think about others who are less fortunate than you & what they're going through, & those people who have it way worse than you. Like, my worst days is someone else's best days. Its like a feeling of shame that you feel, when you come to God with your 1st world problems when there are others who are having it way worse. Do you ever just feel ashamed to ask God for His help knowing others are suffering much worse than you?
  6. Thank you both for sharing. I appreciate you both. What you girls have said have really helped me ponder. Thank you again. @Ruqaya101 @3wliya_maryam
  7. My post is for anyone who can relate. I’m just curious to know if other people have felt the same way or similarly. I’m not really going through anything major alhamd. But I don't know, I’ve just been feeling some type of way lately & I wanted to vent a little bit. Do you ever feel overwhelmed sometimes, sinful, some what procrastinating your prayers, & your entire spiritual life just off, usually because of a lot of sinning? And that sinning stemming from giving into your desires? Do you ever feel like its so difficult to control your desires & your sinning? Do you ever feel like that when you look deep down into yourself, that you realize you’re so vulnerable to sin & you easily give into sin like its almost normal, and you start feeling kind of sorry for yourself? Especially when you know you can be flying high in spirituality & have the opportunity to get much much closer to your Lord? Do you ever just sit there in the presence of your Lord, during prayer time, & you just cry & cry? And when you do cry, do you find yourself not knowing what to say to your Lord because there is so much commotion going on in your head, that you just don’t know what to say? So instead, you just let your silence become your dua? I have found myself doing this a lot lately. I just sit there in the presence of Allah on my prayer mat & not really say anything but just cry. Sometimes my dua is complete silence because I can’t articulate what’s deep within my heart. Praise be to the One who understands the language of the heart.
  8. اللّهُمّ صَلّ عَلَى مُحَمّدٍ وَآلِ مُحَمّدٍ
  9. Lol brother you’re just hella infatuated right now. Let me make one thing clear. You’re not the only guy she’s talking to. Girls have many options & many guys talking to them. If a girl really wants you, she would make it known. In terms of texting & in person, just know that girls are one way in text, but can be different in person, especially hijabis lol. Also, if you really like her, she’s probably noticing all the things you’re doing to try & impress her. Girls know when a guy is trying & when he’s trying too hard. So she’s probably noticed all that you’re doing because again, girls know these things, & they probably have other guys doing the same things as you & trying to impress them as well or whatever. Hijabis are a total different ball game my friend. Lastly, if you really like her, then just ask her to hang out or whatever (Halal intentions only of course). Be straight up with her. Don’t beat around the bush. Or you can just indirectly ask her if she even hangs out with guys, by saying something like ‘so do you hang out with guys or would baba get mad lol’. You’ll know what she’s down for by the answer she gives to that. Anyhow, if you guys continue talking, just be chill. Be cool. Be a G. Try not to try so hard lol. Take care & good luck
  10. Who has a higher status in the eyes of God, an Imam of Ahlul Bayt, or a Prophet of God & why? And by Prophet, I mean all Prophets other than Rasool Allah.
  11. Honestly brother you're literally overthinking things. You're creating scenarios in your head that don't exist by the constant overthinking. Believe me, marriage will happen when the time is right. You will find someone when the time is right. Its all about timing. You will know once you're ready. I feel like your soul mate will come along one day when you least expect it. And also keep in mind that you attract into your life things & people that are of the same energy & frequencies that you are transmitting. So if you want to marry someone with amazing qualities; then you yourself must strive to be like the person you want to marry. Take care brother & Inshallah things will work out for you.
  12. Upon further research; I'm not sure about Iran's chances. This is an unwinnable war. I know my sentiment earlier was much different; but as of right now, I don't think Iran has even the slightest chance of coming out victorious in the scenario of a war. I'm not anti Iran. I'm just stating what I see. First of all, let's be real here. Anything America touches, turns into destruction. All they do & know is annihilation. How can one logically even think Iran could win against the power house that the United States is? Anybody that ends up in a confrontation with America ends up being the loser & their country decimated. The U.S. is just one country away from taking out 7 countries, like retired American Commander General Wesley Clark had mentioned. The last country being Iran. Iran will put up a good fight for sure. But in the end, America always has their way. They have brought Iran to their knees & are just squeezing them even more until its the right time to strike. America's military might is practically endless. America has nuclear weapons. Iran does not. That said; let's look at the recent events with the seizure of the British tanker. I personally think that the U.K sent an empty tanker on purpose, so that when the next ships go through with oil & important stuff on it, Iran won't seize them because they have already seized this recent one. Iran isn't going to just keep seizing every ship. Also another very important fact I would like to point out, is that Israel test piloted their new stealth F35 figher jet. They literally violated Iranian airspace, flew into Tehran, took pictures of their air defense systems, their underground bunkers & important areas. They did all this undetected by Iranian air defense systems. Everyone is praising the Iranian military might for downing an American drone, but yet Israel went undetected through their country. Here is the link to the article. https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/iranian-commander-kept-secret-israeli-f-35-stealth-fighters-had-violated-Iran-airspace With all that being said, Iran is overpowered by the opposition's military. You have basically everyone against Iran. And as you can see by recent events, if war were to break out, then it is most likely that the U.K and their allies will be taking the hits for a while, instead of America. You can hear the drums of war. They're squeezing Iran. Eventually, Iran will be weak enough for them to strike. It seems as though they're going to destroy Iran from the inside. They want Iran to be like another Syria. They want chaos. They want a civil war. Iran doesn't have many cards to play. And whatever America wants, they always get. Anything America gets their hands on, turns into destruction. Iran is just the last piece of their puzzle. Please do share your guys' thoughts. Ya Mahdi.
  13. I find it hard to believe they can manage to overthrow the Iranian government.They already went through a revolution 40 years ago; & Imam Khomenei's mission was divine. I find it hard to believe the government will collapse. The Iranian nation & leadership have strong faith for the most part. Also; I'm sure that the Iranian leadership has thought of every scenario & outcome; and I'm sure they are aware of their opposition's plans & wishes. Allah has their back. Anyone who puts their trust in Allah; then He will take care of them. For 40 years they've tried to defeat the Iranian nation, & they have failed. The Iranian nation's strength is rooted mainly due to trust in divine assistance. So I don't believe one bit that God will allow for the Iranian nation to fall. "They plan; while Allah also plans. And Allah is the best of planners." I don't think U.S will attack anytime soon. I do believe war is inevitable. But it won't happen anytime soon. The U.S. knows that Iran would wreak havoc upon holy hell across the Middle East; & cause global disruption if they attacked. Get ready for $200, $300, $400, $500 barrels of oil if the U.S. attacked Iran. Also; it puts their allies in the Middle East at unnecessary risk. No one would be safe. That being said, is it just me; or does this whole situation/tension between the US & Iran remind you of Imam Mahdi's reappearance as things get worse and worse? May God hasten his reappearance.
  14. https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2019/06/21/599022/Iran-US-Trump-strikes-intrusive-drone-IRGC Wow. & to think the tensions have escalated to such a level. I personally believe these are just intimidation tactics used by the Trump administration though.
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