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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I find myself coming on here from time to time just to vent for some reason. So here I am. Today I committed what I feel is a major sin. It’s a sin that pertains to a certain lifestyle I gave up a while ago. I haven’t committed this sin for over 3 years & I was convinced that I was done with that lifestyle & that I was done sinning in that way. What I learned is to never underestimate the devil, as he always has ways of deceiving you & getting you to do things you never thought you would do ever again. After I got home from committing that sin, I’ve just be
  2. Does anyone else here get spiritually emotional when talking to God? Sometimes I find myself on my prayer mat just crying & crying out to God in dua. And when I say cry, I’m literally balling with tears dripping down. Sometimes I’m just feeling down & bit emotional because that’s just life. And then I find myself crying & crying out to God in sincere need. I don’t do this often, but it does happen from time to time. I’m not entirely sure what I’m trying to get at right now but I just wanted to vent a bit & the idea of coming on here & talking about it po
  3. I have fallen down a path of so much sin & neglect since the last few days of Ramadan up until now. I was sinning while fasting & I continue to do so. It's just so awful. My nasty anxiety issues have given me such brain fog that I can't think right one bit. I'm just not myself. I know God is most forgiving & merciful, but I can't stop thinking to myself that I don't deserve to be asking for anything from God because I keep disobeying Him in such awful ways. My sins are up to my neck and beyond. It's so bad. How do you guys cope with such stress, anxiety, & just blat
  4. I have a good friend (Sunni) who doesn't pray. He's in his mid twenties. He's made 1 or 2 prayers in his entire adulthood probably. He was never religious. Over the years, he didn't know if he believed in God or not. He just never tried or put any effort into anything spiritual or religious. He's just living life & that's it. Over the years I've always talked to him about God & spirituality & all that. I never gave up on him. I knew he could believe. I always worked on him & I never gave up. I've made so much dua for his guidance as well. He needs this guidance. His father
  5. I've been so confused about this Dajjal concept lately. Because it was only recently within the past few years, that I heard Sayed Ammar Nakshawani say in a lecture that the 'Dajjal' is just a system of corruption. Meaning the corrupt system of society we live in today & so on. Which means the Dajjal is not an actual person/creature/figure. So it's like what are we supposed to believe these days. Sunnis say Dajjal is a creature/person/figure. Shias say that as well. Now our scholars are also saying the Dajjal is just the corrupt system. Too much information got me too confused.
  6. All bias aside. What do you guys think about this? How do you guys reckon Iran will deal with all this International & major economic pressure? Not going to lie, I was a bit taken back by all the people who showed up to this speech & to see the amount of passionate supporters the Supreme Leader has. Maybe because I’m from the West & don’t see the Iranian side of things or whatever. But either way, what’s next? Let’s try to be as unbiased as we can. How much longer can Iranians cope under all this economic pressure? I know that the only way there c
  7. Go make wudhu. Perform a 2 rakkah prayer. Then have a conversation with God. Cry your heart out to Him if you have to. He knows what you're going through obviously, but He loves it when you speak to Him. Let him know all your worries, thoughts, problems, whatever is going through your head. All while asking for His help. He's always there for you. Also, watch these videos. May Allah increase your patience & help you get through these trials.
  8. Lol I hear you & agree with you. But just as there are Muslim men who act upon their desires & so on; there are also Muslim women who do the same & act on their desires as well as I'm sure you may already know. Not all of them are innocent lol. You’d be surprised. They're just more low key about it for obvious reasons. So it goes both ways
  9. Now the question arises; Why on Earth would Iran allow aircraft to be flying in and out the same night missiles were fired at US bases? The safer & more logical thing to have done would be to wait at least 24 hours & at least wait to see what the US’ response would be. This disaster could have been easily avoidable had they waited at least 24 hours as a precaution before allowing aircraft to leave or fly in. Sad sad sad.
  10. Lol & you believe what Trump says at face value? How many lies has he he told since becoming President again? There's a game being played behind the scenes with much bigger powers & guys we probably have never heard about. Trump, like the rest of the previous Presidents, is just a pawn in this whole scheme. Obviously he does what he wants, but they're all following an agenda. And in my honest opinion, Trump doesn't not want a war. It seems as though to me that he's taking his time with this whole Iran/war issue. They have to wait until all the cards are right, before they can beg
  11. This sentence right here has been my thoughts exactly since forever. This is the absolute truth. If they know they're going down, they'll try to take everyone down with them. Habibi, keep in mind. According to Islam, nuclear weapons are Haram. So Imam Mahdi would not do something Haram as he is infallible. Keep in mind that Imam Mahdi's knowledge is way more advanced than any human being alive today. He has Divine knowledge & remember, if all knowledge in its entirety was to be divided into 28 parts, the human civilization up until this point, has only known 2 out of 28 parts
  12. Listen to Hussain Faisal's latmiyat. They're amazing. This guy's voice is unreal. I've replaced my music habits with a lot of his latmiyat. Mind you, I still have a ways to go but this guy is awesome.
  13. I agree with this statement. While no doubt Iran would inflict heavy damage, it would also invite the inevitable collapse of the regime in Tehran. Now the question that always comes to my mind is, what will be Iran's status during the reappearance of the Imam? Will their government still be around? Or would they have already collapsed. It's hard to say. But then again, God promises victory to those who strive in His path, & Iran claims to be striving in God's way. Because again, the Muslims will all be tested heavily during those times. Now do those tests involve an absolute des
  14. I also happen to agree with this answer as well. To each their own. Everyone is different. But I just find that the excitement in me decreases when she's all over me so quickly & so easily. You gotta find the right balance.
  15. Salam sistaaa, Ok so I’m going to give you the straight up truth & spill out all our secrets to you. Btw I’m 24 years old & I live in the West so I can give you solid advice. Firstly, based off experience, we tend to like the girl wayyy more & want her wayyy more when she’s not all over us. So don’t show complete interest right away & don’t throw yourself at the man. Absolutely yes be mysterious, yes play the chase game, yes play a little bit hard to get. But don’t over-do it. Don’t play toooo hard to get because eventually a guy will just lose inte
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